I’m a Celeb – contestants named

Chat here for I’m a Celeb, which starts tonight on Ten.
So far we have confirmed Bernard Tomic, actress Kerry Armstrong (that was the SeaChange clue) and former AFL player Josh Gibson.
Guess Bernie is trying to show we’re all wrong and he’s just a regular guy.

It begins …
Shannon Noll. He should be pretty cruisy with the physical challenges.
Tiffany aka “I Think We’re Alone Now” singer from 80s/90s. So NOT Paulini or Ricki-Lee, as the “one name” clue had us all thinking.
Jackie Gillies from Desperate Housewives does not stop talking. I can tell Nollsy is already trying not to roll his eyes when she mentions she’s a psychic. Does this mean we’ll get husband Ben (from Silverchair) as well?
Tiffany has that polite American thing going on where she pretends to know who people are.
Poor Tiff is first up to have to make a giant leap off a bridge into the river below, where kayaks await. After initial nerves she gets on with it – it’s a big leap that no doubt looks smaller on TV.
For the girls, clambering into the kayaks seems even trickier than the jump. It’s Nollsy to the rescue. So he IS chivalrous – that whole getting thrown out of a strip club in Adelaide business was just a misunderstanding.

Next up, in the pouring rain, is the previously announced former AFL player Josh Gibson, dressed all in hipster white and a panama hat to wade through the mud, where he kindly carries Peter Rowsthorn(aka Brett from Kath & Kim) from the car to safety.

Pete knows who “Gibbo” is because he’s from Melbourne.
Josh also carries Simone, who was a finalist on Next Top Model (I have a vague recollection) a few years back and has now gone on to model internationally. She’s excited to see “Brettie” but can barely walk in her tottering heels.
Team Nollsy finishes their kayak trip and collects their Celeb uniforms.
Then it’s Team Pete’s turn to go backwards on a flying fox, stepping backwards blindly off a ledge.
Simone seems to step off without hesitation and I learn now that Channel 10 does not bleep out the “shits” and regret letting Mr Almost 6 stay up on his last day of school holidays.

More arrivals
As we knew, it’s Kerry Armstrong, best known as Heather Jelly from SeaChange and many Australian films.
And then tennis player Bernard Tomic arrives. It’s not raining so it must have been filmed at a different time. I kind of would have liked to see BT slogging through the mud to see how he handled it.
Comedian Fiona O’Loughlin arrives. This should be fun. I was thrown off the scent by her having some shows at the Adelaide Fringe Festival but I guess that’s not until the show ends. Kerry has to tell BT who Fiona is (and it’s a given he does not know Kerry is).
A chopper lands with some commando types and BT starts freaking out at the thought of skydiving.
Kerry tells a comforting story about some actors whose heads were chopped off by helicopter blades.

Teams Nollsy and Pete meet up on the ground and watch the skydivers land. Kerry is first and serenely leaps out.Everyone on the ground recognises BT and wonders why he’s in the jungle instead of rolling around in his millions. Up in the chopper they’ve left Fiona until last as they know she’s packing death.

BT keeps chewing on some straw, yokel style – is he having nicotine withdrawal?
JMo and Chris arrive for a quick chat and already there’s a Kath & Kim reference “I fell it in my waters”. I look forward to seeing if she can sneak in “baby cheeses” and “veneer of monogamy”. Card-onnay and look at moi are givens.

Who else will enter?
So, we’ll get at least two late arrivals and they must relate to these clues:
“Two celebrities in the middle of Australia’s biggest feud. This Australian duo are used to clashing in real life.” Surely it has to be one of Jackie’s feuding Housewives?
And we need: “A world champion. This sporting superstar has a strong social conscience.”
Is this the same person they are teasing as “camp leader”.

First challenge
They all have to test their “jungle skills” over three rounds. First up is a spin on the ole “stick your hand in the box of unknown stuff. Kerry and Simone are handed gloves to wear. Shannon is first and can’t see what it is but it’s scorpions. He has to thread a key on a string to go through Tiffs box She got frogs. Jackie got the cutest little hedgehogs and looks hilariously intense doing it. Josh gets some kind of African ant. Peter gets a bearded dragon.Simone a frog, Kerry cupcakes and jelly, Fiona baby crocs and BT a “striking snake” which does indeed give him a little nip.
BT is unable to complete the task in time, despite much encouragement from everyone and specific instructions from the hosts. I wish they’d given him the cupcakes. A medic checks out his bitten hand.
Next they lie on a giant Wheel of Fortune and have stuff poured on them if they get questions wrong. They did this last year, right? The celebs get everything from elephant poo to chicken intestines poured on them.
(I’ve just realised Simone has been cast because all the ex-Bachelor contestants have been snapped up for Bachie in Paradise, so no Laurina or Keira types this year. I don’t remember Simone being diva-ish on Top Model, though.)
The third part of the challenge is to crawl through a pitch black tunnel filled with leftover Halloween decorations to grab a letter to spell the word Celebrity within nine minutes, while a giant fan blows water at them.
Fiona’s five kids must be cracking up right now.

They arrive at camp and Pete reveals he smuggled in a frisbee taped to his back. He also dolls out chewed up portions of gum. Other contraband includes Simone’s makeup. After some shenanigans with “modesty smocks” for getting changed it’s revealed celeb No. 10 is camp leader and gets to sleep in a fancy bed.
**More to come***
(Sidenote: Gogglebox returns on Wednesday so if you missed the show tonight you can just watch it and get the two-minute highlights package.)
Kerry directs the cooking action and does a little blessing before they eat. Jackie tells Tiff she needs to release the psychic energy she’s absorbed by going to the toilet all the time. She then does a kind of psychic cleansing of the camp with a leaf while a stunned Fiona watches.

The camp leader is revealed and it’s one of the names that was thrown around earlier: Anthony Mundine.
He goes into the camp itself tomorrow. Hmm, who is he going to rub the wrong way first? Jackie or Fi?

So, what are your thoughts? Ok cast – fine to dip in and out of?



  1. I guess Ch 10 thought, ” this guy Tomic used the word “retard” derisively in a public forum, let’s sign him up”. Fail.

      • Yeah – as it screened the night of the Australian Open final he clearly wasn’t all that motivated to be a tennis player. Maybe he will be better at this alternate career choice of minor celebrity who goes to envelope opening events.

  2. I have to say if these are three they have released early today to get some hype for tonight (ie generally speaking I would imagine these three are going to be the most well known of the cast) then I don’t hold out much hope for the rest! Hopefully a few surprises.

  3. I’ll watch tonight to see who goes in but i won’t be watching on a regular basis – too much happening on every channel🎶

  4. So, we are three people in and … who the hell are these people? And could they be more annoying? OMG, it took me 10 minutes to recognise Nollsy. Okay, maybe slightly less annoying. But that so-called phychic woman definitely has to go. I think I’m going to Netflix.

  5. Okay. I hung around. Its not so bad. 🙂I think I might in it for the long haul. And some of these people could be interesting.

  6. Baby Crocodiles’ jaws were tied together……but it’s been okay so far.

    No Angry Anderson. You beauty.

  7. I just tuned in mid-way – so missed the intros of just who these “celebrities” are – I literally recognise no-one except Kerry Armstrong.

  8. In the past seasons I have known except maybe one or two celebs, this season, I have no idea!
    Hoping it gets better!

  9. Had the bomb after my long weekend house guests left, so I will catch up tomorrow. I don’t like Fiona butI will keep an open mind. People can surprise you when you see them on IAC.

  10. Well I like most of them. Don’t know the footballer, the real housewife or the model. Be interesting to see how Tomic behaves.
    I wish Pricey had been on this year with the psychic, his reaction would have been hilarious. I’m fascinated by psychics so will be interested to see what predictions she makes.
    So Anthony Mundine is the celebrity in a feud with someone. Is it someone already there or is it someone still to come on?
    So who’s Fiona o’Loughlin married to? The clue said she had married into one of Australia’s most famous families. I love Fiona, I think she will be great.
    I’m so disappointed the footballer wasn’t Warwick Capper.

  11. Anthony Mundine as Camp Leader? Fail. A real punch below the belt for viewers. He punched Danny Green when he wasn’t looking. That’s what Ch 10 call a legend.

    Say, is this ” I’m Another Sporting Boof~ Get Me Out Of Here”?

  12. Well my predictions were way off! I thought it was going to be Jason Akermanis and Rickie-Lea.
    I was watching the tennis and missed the show, but wanted to say I don’t think it matters at ALL if he celebrities are z grade. Some of my favourite moments were watching people pretend to be in awe of someone that they have never heard of before!
    Watching Federer instead of the show – gracious, talented, charming (the anti-Tomic) – made me wonder even more about Tomic’s motives. Will be fascinating to see if he can maintain even a veneer of congeniality. I’m betting no, but will be keen to see it unfold!

    Who was the author with the gossip past?

    • Yeah I’m hopeless at guessing from the clues given. I thought the footballer would be Warwick Capper.
      Yeah good question about the author. Maybe someone still to go in?
      Be interesting to see how Tomic behaves. I used to like Jo Beth Taylor & was shocked at what a bitch she was. Same with Anthony Callea, so maybe we’re expecting Tomic to be an arsehole & he will be nice.

      • Me, too on the Jo Beth one ( I always loathed Anthony Callea – remembering him being ungracious and snarky on that “talent” show). Hideous woman. She was as much a disappointment as Steve Price was lovely.
        Maybe that’s the joy of this show. I am feeling in agreement with everyone.

  13. I, too, am anti-Mundine. I think he’s a narcissistic boofhead. It would be nice if he could prove me wrong, like some previous contestants (Steve Price comes to mind) but I am not holding my breath.
    Fiona has disappointed me so far. She is very funny but she doesn’t seem up for much. What did she think she was signing up for?
    But I am loving some of these complete strangers that I have never seen or heard of before.
    Except for that so called psychic woman who is going to drive me to complete distraction. See that crap at the beginning? “I am getting the name James”, says
    fame-seeking nobody. “My father’s name was James”, says gullible victim. “I see your father. He is here with me”. “What rot”, says collective tv audience, with much more accuracy.

    • I think Fiona needed some time to recover from jumping out of a helicopter. I would have sworn more than she did, and also shat myself, if I’d had to do that.
      Maybe she is physically unfit, or has a bad back, because she seemed to have a lot of trouble entering and crawling through the tunnel.

  14. We are still missing the World Champ, Loudmouth TV and the author revealing tabloid secrets…
    Vyle Sandilands revealed this morning that Danny Green is going in. So he would be the other half of the feud.
    Not a fan of Mundine at all… he will have to do AT LOT to change that!
    The psychic woman is going to annoy me too! And I’m pretty sure she is cold reading isn’t she? Just throwing a few common things out there and hoping they are gullible enough to take the bait?

    • Agree re the “psychic” -she’s going to remain in inverted commas because I think she’s a fake. And she’s cold reading. Why does she get the name but not the relationship? are the ghosts too shy too reveal all?
      or maybe the connection is more trunk calls than digital? and if her parents aren’t dead then are they gifted with bi-location? Shouldn’t we be asking about that particular talent instead of some dipstick who thinks she has a line to dead people or people living across the globe?

      In any event the “psychic'” lost me when she barked at Shannon not to talk to her while she was getting ready to jump, however a few minutes earlier she was running her mouth to the first person who jumped about what to do, how to do it and what to think about.

      A real know it all – apparently she’s not only about to conjure ghosts and living people on the other side of the world, but she also is able to advise people how to jump and blindly manoeuvre around a striking snake. Full of advice no one wants to hear. Only time she’ll be quiet is when she’s in the loo pissing the ghosts away.

      Sheesh, and this is only the first episode.

      • I vote we put all “psychics” in inverted commas.
        She is deeply annoying and can’t shut the hell up, hey?

        • She’s so “psychic” she’ll not predict the savaging she’ll get online. Empty vessels make the most noise, saith the Bible. Shallow brooks are the noisiest says Dr .Phil. This “psychic” hasn’t got many bells and whistles. I don’t see a bright future for her. It’s Africa~ I expected maybe a witch doctor~ not a bitch doctor.

    • Although the token pretty young thang is very pretty, and seems like a lot of fun. Up for anything and not afraid to express an opinion. Shame he’s a footballer. *throws herself on the ground laughing 😂 *. No, seriously, I did mean that international model I have never heard of.

    • That’s going to make it difficult for theseemingly boring model to shine. No peer group. She might find it difficult without fb and twitter.

      • I liked that she asked Mundine if he escaped from the net in the 1950s, due to his sexist attitude. Although he is obviously stirring the pot extra hard for the cameras

  15. I watched almost the entire show last night. The ever-running mouth of the “psychic”, soon to be joined by the ever-running mouth of Anthony Mundine, will keep me from watching any more I think. Plus I don’t enjoy the whole tone of the show. I know it’s reality tv, the people know what they’re in for, blah blah, but I think this show is mean and degrading. Dropping elephant crap and other disgusting things on people’s faces is just nasty, and not amusing or entertaining to me.

    • Von I agree that the tone of the show is skewed to degrade more than anything – something I dont enjoy seeking because, well, I’m a human being.
      The upside down goggle thing was just cruel.

      My take on Mundine is that I see that his approach is more about creating a persona or putting on a show. So I can take what he says with a grain of salt and just enjoy where he is taking it. So far so good.

      I do change channels when the gross food thing is on. Makes me hurl.

  16. Without having seen much, I will hazzard a guess that Fiona will need to be the centre of attention. In the past she has come across as unpleasant.
    I don’t know who Bernard Tomic is, but if everyone hates him, I might like him.It might just be that he is hated for not conforming.
    Kerry Armstrong seems nice, I love the Kath & Kim guy.
    So it will be interesting to see where my likes and dislikes land after watching a few episodes.

    • That was just the challenge last night, and I’m not the biggest Tomic fan but it didn’t look fun.
      The crap about him Chris and Julia saying he was leaving last night was just to ensure everyone tunes in again tonight. Eagle eyes viewers would have sussed out that the ‘footage’ of him in the tok toki right at the end of the show asking to speak to producers or whatever, was from right after he came back from the challenge the night before and not live as Chris said it was. He had been seen ‘live in camp’ earlier in the episode looking happy as larry (in a different outfit – and with a rain soaked hat on).

      The only suggestion I had read is that he was a short stay contract so its all just manufactured drama. I am curious as to what they would have done had he made the AusOpen and got to the latter rounds.

      • I stopped watching before that hit – there’s just too much happening this week! Did I read he had an injury anyway and was not match fit – aside from his seeming lack of passion for tennis

  17. With school holidays and child minding still on, I have slowed down on my viewing but I did manage tonight’s episode. I took away from it; I probably won’t warm to Mundine, and Jackie was really annoying with her councilling of Tomic. Tomic took a beating; first when most of the campers got on his case about tennis, then when he hadtowear the upside down glasses. Whose stupid idea was it to make him wear glasses that would make him seriously ill?
    I warmed a bit to Fiona. Nolls will probably get out first because he’s too quiet.
    I love that the campers sneak in contraband and I think if they are smart enough to get it in, they should be allowed to keep it.
    I am not minding model girl. She’s had some personality.

  18. I like Bernard Tomic more than I thought I would but he is a man-child. His parents have a lot to answer for.
    My guess is that his father made him do the show in the hope of getting sponsorship deals. I would imagine he is supporting his entire family. And I don’t care how many houses he owns, they are a bit like cars: the maintenance and running costs can be more than the upfront costs. Plus that Ferrari. If he doesn’t get an income stream soon, he will be bankrupt in 5 years.
    I think he may have been genuinely sick, and that psychic woman bleating in his ear would not have helped, but he is being paid to be there and to quote those immortal words, “Suck it up, buttercup”.

  19. Fun line of the night goes to Fiona after watching ModerlGirl give up her contraband, concealer, lipgloss, mascara, [etc][etc]etc.

    Fiona: Wow so you’re not really beautiful.

  20. Bretty is going to do great to camera pieces – his commentary on Tomic was fantastic. “All Australia wants to dump on him, so we’re doing it on behalf of everyone”. He has a great sense of humour and isn’t afraid to have a laugh at himeself. Excellent.
    Model girl seems like a good egg actually. Kerry appears to be pretty rational and sweet – still in great nick too and downplaying her time in the US with quite a lot of modesty. Josh Gibson, who I thought was a total moron while he was playing against us (LOL) seems pretty good – continuing the tradition of casting AFL players who appear dodgy but are actually fine on closer inspection.

    I really wish he could have continued with the conversation with Tomic instead of getting overshadowed by “psychic” Jackie. He was saying some interesting “wake up to yourself and stop blaming everyone else” comments. But he got talked over by Jackie. I am pretty confident I am going to continue disliking her! She’s so damned annoying and in your face and can’t let anyone else have a moment in the limelight.
    I thought Fiona was quite kind to Tomic, who clearly was distressed – I came around to her. Plus, the makeup line was solid gold.
    Mundine hasn’t yet done anything to alter my opinion that he’s a tool.

    • I also forgot the magic moment when Mundine slagged off Greene for ages, saying he was a dick and arrogant and not what you think. Then Bretty (*) said he had met him a few times and found Greene a pretty good guy and totally hung Mundine out to dry. Mundine didn’t know how to react so just shut up. It was excellent.

      *I am sure I will be able to call him Peter Real Soon Now.

  21. Don’t you think Mundine is stirring?
    Brussel, I love that you used the term, ” a good egg”.
    To Tomic, Mundine had said “sleep on it”, and Tomic and Jackie agreed that was the solution, yet still Jackie had to go on and on. A good tucker trial for Jackie will simply be to shut up for 5 minutes.

    • I just read a bit about it online –
      Some are questioning whether Ten should have cast him as he seems not to be in a good headspace

    • Is it Channel 10’s responsibility?
      Or Is it Tomic’s manager who must have fielded the original request, or his Mum and Dad, or any of that support team he said he had around him and who I bet have been discussing his mental health for some time. Or is it the reponsibililty of the 25 year old fully-fledged grown-up adult human being who ultimately made the final decision to take the money to go into the jungle.
      And I betcha it was a pretty penny.
      Seriously, I appreciate that he was not in a good place, and good on him for recognising that he should leave, but it looks like this has been a long time coming. It can’t suddenly be the responsibility of the corporation that offered him a job.

      • I agree. I am more sorry than ever that Tomic didn’t get to hear josh Gibson’s “take responsibility for yourself” speech instead of Jackie’s annoying stack of cliches.
        I am sorry that he didn’t have a childhood and isn’t happy – but really- stop blaming everyone and own up and take responsibility. I think he actually can’t function alone and all this ‘surrounded by people’ and ‘3000 texts when he got out’ stuff is indicating he needs a lot of attention.
        Lleyton’s comments were really interesting- basically saying ‘we can’t have done more for him but it’s up to him’.

      • I still just feel sorry for him. Sometimes people just break. And if he’s not capable of making good decisions, which people who are broken mentally are not, then maybe at least someone close to him should’ve insisted “no” for the whole jungle thing.

  22. To me, it looks like a planned exit for Tomic. Now they can bring in Danny Green (which has been rumoured long ago)

    • I thought that originally, however, Chris and Julia announced he had left on The Project, not even waiting until the episode. If it was a ratings grab, they would have dragged it out for the entire episode.

      • Wasn’t that the blonde girl? I thought she said that the producers said it in her ear, then the comedian said something like, ” Don’t give it away” to which she more or less replied, “Don’t blame me. The producers told me in my earpiece”.
        Anyway, it’s a fail to give a spoiler right before a show.

  23. Jackie is going to win this …and they will give her a meddle.

    She smells like someone who gets their rocks off on there being a lame duck so she can play the role of rescuer. Like she is really se retly glad someone is injured so she can carry them to the sick bay.

  24. I kind of blame that cruel upside down goggles they had him wear. It wasn’t necessary, wasn’t fun to watch and the producers deserve to have Tomic leave. I dont think he came across as a brat at all. I wish him the best.
    I didn’t watch most of last night since it involved eat stomach churning things. But that chick from MAFS was ridiculous. Moving over to that thread.

  25. Not following sport, I am completely ignorant of Tomic., other than being told he plays tennis. It takes balls to stay in the jungle, but it kind of takes balls to make up your own mind to go. Sometimes you just go to a party and think, this party is rubbish but I am to scared to be the first to go.
    Maybe Tomic just meant that he reviewed and decided he just wasn’t desperate enough career wise to take a gig where you eat ostrich anus, and get a face full of elephant poo.
    Anyhow it’s no biggie. I am guessing he wouldn’t have lasted long either way.
    Oo look. He is on the news playing tennis. Now I know who he is.

    • If they said you don’t get a cent if you don’t stay for 2 weeks means he is not there for the money and he just couldn’t stay in that environment anymore.

      Hope the short stint really clear his head about what he want to do with his life. I hope he can become a better player.

    • ” This party is rubbish but I am too scared to be the first to go ” ~ a bit like life itself, really.

  26. There is the piker theory…he didn’t have the balls to stay, or the loser theory…he didn’t have the balls to go.
    Either way he is a tennis player so I am guessing he has balls. Perhaps seeing them upside down was too much.

  27. I was presuming it was the “piker” theory. He says he doesn’t like playing tennis but still does it because it is “what he does”. There have been many games where after playing well for a while, he just suddenly checks out, and throws the game. His exit from the jungle looked just like that. It got a bit hard and he wasn’t enjoying it, so he’s outta there.

    But behind all that, there are obviously big problems that make him react like that all the time. I thought it was key that he couldn’t cope with having time to hear his own thoughts. That’s a hard thing for everyone, but it is the way to deepen your understanding of yourself. Bernard thought he had “found himself” after three days, but the real finding would have come if he could have stayed and reached the point where he had heard the thoughts in his head and made peace with them.

    Such a pity that Jackie sabotaged his self-growth. If Bernard had just been there with Josh, Mundine, Kerry, Fiona and Peter, they would have helped him over this crisis and to a better place. With Jackie’s help, he has once again piked out on the hard stuff, which was the self-analysis, not the challenges.

    • Carrie Bickmore interviewed him for the Project the other night. From some of the earlier footage they showed of him he really loved tennis until about his mid teens. Something seemed to change then, maybe he was put under more pressure to succeed as he got older from his parents or coach. Or maybe he started to put more pressure on himself. I guess that could explain why his attitude changed & he became a bit of a brat.

    • agree with the Jackie thing. She seems to hijack every drama which is unhelpful because all she does is repeat cliches. A person in distress can see through that BS. In any event, it’s about listening to the person not having the person listen to you – you’re not the one in distress.

      Some “psychic”.

  28. The Project just interviewed him again. He was all over the place. He has a very perculiar turn of phrase, like he has been media trained to within an inch of his life but it is mechanical.
    Of the least perculiar things that he said, he said that he was mentally strong. That he wouldn’t be able to play tennis at the elite level if he wasn’t. And he wasn’t depressed before he came in but he didn’t like being alone with his thoughts.
    It was hard to say whether it was a really bad PR snow job or whether he doesn’t hear how flakey his thinking is.

  29. How hilarious was Simone massaging Josh with her feet holding onto Pete? He felt like a 3rd wheel.
    That challenge tonight would have to be the easiest in the show’s history. No eating gross food, no having gross stuff or bugs poured onto you, no dangling off a high thing in the sky. Just running up that thing & ducking the ‘boulders’.
    Man I hope Danny Green is made camp leader next week & makes Mundine do the dishes. Why no chores board this year? Can’t wait to see Mundine’s reaction when he walks in on Sunday.

    • I understand why you might need to move, but I am a Face stalker not a Facebook user, unless it is a closed group. And I would imagine you don’t want a closed group.

      • I know you won’t be the only person in that situation, Bobi. Don’t worry – I won’t be making any changes in a hurry

    • I’m the same as Bobi, if you are going to move to FB, i would prefer a closed group rather than a “like” page. My family and friends don’t need to see all my posts about all the TV shows I watch!

      • That’s a really good point Erin. I am anon on ttv so I can make comments I won’t make on farcebook because of my workplace. I would have to clean it up.

    • I can’t make a decision without my Nonna……but first instinct is I’d sooner pay or die than use Facebook.

    • I keep telling myself to give fb the flick. I post my lunch….and pictures of kittens.
      What I like about a tv blog is that it is a tv blog….and no kittens …..well puppies and pottery maybe. I prefer here over farcebook.

    • Please don’t move. I love this group and it would go out of my life.
      Occasionally I look at FB without being a member, and the layout of the comments area is very inferior to what we have here. The vitriol is also terrible, but I assume that wouldn’t happen if our lovely people were there.
      Please stay independent.

  30. I loved the one liners from Fiona and Peter tonight. Blink and you missed them but they were comedy nuggets. Naturally funny without trying hard. Whereas that footy player and Shannon Nolls are naturally nice. I think the footy player has a good shot at winning.
    Bullshirt about the make up. I am seeing mascara and lippy.
    The only celeb I really don’t like is Jackie. She’s a pain in the bum. Not a Tiffany fan , and I am wondering how much these celebs might be milking back stories and crying on cue.
    I’d love it if Peter won, but the public would go the footy player I am guessing.

    • For some reason before I saw Fiona in the jungle I had an idea I didn’t like her. I have no idea where I got that idea, I have been loving her in the jungle! She is hilarious! I’d like to see Peter and Fiona to the last week at least! I like Josh (the footy player), we have barely seen Shannon, not a fan of Jackie making sure she is part of everyones storyline, am not warming to Tiffany or Simone really, am finding Mundine really hard to understand when he talks so not really sure if i like him or not. Kerry seems lovely.

      The only thing is its a vote to save, rather than a vote to evict, harder to keep the ones you like when its a vote to save.

    • I, too, remember disliking Fiona. I think at her most drunk stage she became bitter and nasty, rather than funny. She seems to have her mojo back. And she is refreshingly direct.

      • I only saw her have a go at the Erwin children. You don’t attack kids. That may have been the booze, but either way I said I was going into the Jungle with an open mind.
        Josh and Nolls seem like really sweet natured guys.

        • Nollsy was ejected drunk and arrested outside the Crazy Horse strip club in Adelaide just last year.

          Good there’s no booze in the jungle.

          • LOL. Producers will have to take all scraps away so that the celebs don’t start a fermentation plant.

            I belly laughed when Fiona said she would marry Peter and he responded, “Probably not a couple of years ago when he would have had to haul her out of the gutter”. It’s Fiona’s kind of ratbag humour so that’s OK. It’s not funny when I say it, but Pete’s got the delivery. I wonder if I could book him for a party.

          • Nollsy’s been done for DUI , too, but it’s okay , he has the Southern Cross tattooed on his chest. The full package. He wasn’t singing to those cops sitting on top of him.

            “I’m Shannon Noll. lemme back inta Crazy Horse!” he was heard to be gibbering.

            That Crazy Horse is a world famous club, mind you. Popular with international rock bands apres gig.

          • Dave, he made headlines in NSW a year or two after he was on Idol due to a shambolic performance as the headliner of the annual races’ entertainment. Many in the crowd thought he was drunk. I think there was some excuse of cold medication affecting his actions

        • I remember now, he was telling the crowd he “had a party in his pants”

          Guess he meant a keg party.

          “Cold medication” ~ the beer was too cold.

  31. I love Peter – see, I can call him Peter and not Bretty. He is fantastic- funny and a real good sport. I do like Josh- never liked him when he played against us but now he seems pretty good.
    Tomic is all over the shop- now accusing tennis aus of corruption. Mate- I am quite sure tennis Australia would have loved you to make it as a top 10 player.
    It’s so hard to see so much talent not capitalised on. But it’s pretty hard to see a human being unravel in front of you. Not comfortable tv watching.

    • Yeah, I listened to the interview with Tomic last night on the Project as well, and yeah, there’s definitely something off about him. How he speaks, it’s mechanical but also very disjointed, like he’s doing what’s been programmed to do, but he’s not doing it all that well.

      Some famous ex-tennis player (who I don’t know, because I don’t follow tennis, like, at all) said in an interview that Tennis Australia teaches children how to play tennis, which is great and all, but it doesn’t teach them how to actually live (or deal with any kind of off-court stress). Which is why I keep coming back to just feeling bad for the kid. Sure, he keeps making bad decisions, but is he even *capable* of making good ones? Like, what is his mental state? At this point, if I actually knew him personally, I’d be a little concerned, absolutely.

    • See, I don’t have a problem with Tennis Australia only teaching tennis. It’s not their job to be substitute parents.
      And can you imagine the uproar if they tried to get between the parents and that pay-cheque? I wonder if his issue with Tennis Australia is something to do with that.
      It’s a bit like the Elena Dokic situation. Dad was an abusive thug, and when he was confronted, they all left Australia and her problems became worse.
      I don’t have an answer btw. There’s a fine line between nurturing a talent and exploiting your child – and I’m not going to call it.

    • Psychic readings, Kerry Armstrong’s psychic “healings”; not my cup of camomille tea. But hey, as long as you’re not David Koresh or enslaving women and children, go for it. I’d prefer a beer with Nolls or a punch up with Mundine. Well maybe not really. I’d prefer a laugh with Peter because humour is the best medicine.

  32. Speaking of confiscating make up, remember in high school when the headmistress made you remove your nail polish????? I just found this….

  33. I just showed Woolif, and he said, “What? What is it?” That’s sad.
    Then after close inspection, he asked seriously, “Why do that?”
    I suppose there is an answer to his question but I’m not modern enough to know it.
    I suppose the other hand has a bum.

    (See Juz, I couldn’t put that on fb).

    • I am over Matty J.
      Sad, innit. I liked him so much on his original season but I see now why whatshername didn’t pick him. Funny what extra exposure and less editing will show you.

    • I suppose campers that are having trouble sleeping in the jungle can always ask to hear Matty’s life story and they’ll soon be nodding off.

      • I would usually think that about a psychic reading, but that woman is such fingernails on a blackboard that I would find it difficult to nod off while she was chainsawing in your ear.

  34. I hope they leave Matty and Laura in the jungle long enough so they can redeem themselves. No scripts. But then a grown man choosing to be called Matty over Matt is a red flag.

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