1. 🤣🤣🤣The experts get a slow mo introduction sans the vaseline.

    Whoa, some of the female contestants are sporting some serious fillers.

  2. What amazing outcomes from last season,experts?? The wife swapping?
    “Bo-Glam Sarah” is matched with Telv. Have they learnt nothing? Pairing someone from the Victoria with someone from WA is not going to work. The rationale for pairing these two? He has kids and she wants them. Experts, she wants her own biological child not play step-mom.

  3. Dean (Mumma’s Boy) from NSW is matched with Tracey (Implants + Botox) from WA. Nope, can’t see this one working. Next!!

  4. Dean is so not happy with the ‘secret daughter’. Guess Tracey has had too much botox that she can no longer read emotions in others.

    • Mean Dean needs to lose that Hitler haircut, too. The secret daughter will be too much for his gorilla like personality to cope with.

  5. Apparently Dean’s feelings are hurt because people don’t like his attitude towards women. ffs.
    I enjoyed Season 1 and the novelty, but this season is looking to emulate the appallingness of last season. It’s playing off some people’s desperation.
    I don’t love public humiliation for fun.

    • That dress and what she had to fill it was like car crash television. I couldn’t look away. She was so loud and obnoxious to his mute stunned mullet response at the bridal table.
      Opposites attract, I don’t think so !

    • She was as loud as a lawn mower or woodchipper on a weekend when you are trying to take a nap. Too raucous….and omg …wedding thongs. Wedding platform thongs. Classy.

    • What is the politically correct word for this one? Pretty sure it isn’t “Sooooeeee”.
      It’s not just her size but that she acts like she has been put out to feed.

    • Just watched this bit on telly. Oh my gawd, she’s rough. She has the grace of drunken bikie. No, the drunken bikie might have more grace. And the ‘hubbby’ says, “We must have been matched for a reason”. Yes. TV gold.

  6. Oh oh. When Sean said he was imagining Princess Fiona….now Sean take “love’s true kiss”.
    On the other hand, she is clapping her hands eagerly in the seal clap like she is ready to eat him.
    The only thing I hate about this is Princess Fiona’s children being hurt by sm comments and teased by kids at school. I don’t know that Princess Fiona weighed that up.

  7. I have been catching up on some MAFS this morning. I take back what I said, those kids are used to being embarrassed. Fiona needs to settle down on the man zeal.

  8. Patrick the walking cliche. Don’t know what was worse. Moping in the cemetery bitching about the ex or getting Mommy Dearest to sought through your washing.

    • Charlene seems nice but like you observed….the volume….

      More importantly at this stage, Patrick and Charlene seem to be into each other and that the main thing, right???

      Davinia is there to boost her profile and has made no bones about “stealing” someone’s “husband” if there is someone better at the communal dinner.

      • Davina seems snooty and plastic, as do some of her friends. The tradie ‘husband’ reminds me of Luke from last year, who was just like, “Give me candy. I have no knowledge of tooth decay”. He is immature. As for her, it seems the reason the guys in her life only want one thing. She looks like she only offers one thing. She seems spoilt, shallow and mean, but her mum seems lovely. He should have married the mum.

  9. Juz, I will agree with that Davina isn’t nice but OMG Ryan!!!! His behaviour was so bad that I was thinking that dinner was staged. How could he say that he didn’t know what he did wrong after carrying on so rudely. It’s like he is doing it intentionally. I could even overlook the previous guy having dinner with his cap on. At least he ate with his mouth closed.
    Sarah needs to scrape off half of her make up. Alicia is so pretty.
    Charmane did a bait and switch on her guy; acted all silly, then complained when he tried to match her behaviour.
    And there is no way Jo isn’t a set-up. If she didn’t agree to it, then it’s a cruel act by producers. She is outrageously dreadful.

  10. If they do a Gail switch like last year, they might put Davina with Joe’s guy. Oh Joe, “Don’t say, “I’m packin’ my dacks” when trying to bring the romance. Is she a set-up????

  11. I think it’s been mentioned before but watching last night all I could think about was how truly, sincerely, awful the women with the botox and fillers looked. Especially Davina (whose botox, lip fillers and line fillers has really distorted her face) and that other one who is married to the macho dude – what the hell is wrong with her upper lip. I think she’s had some sort of filler ABOVE her lip line. Every time i see those two I get this anger that starts to boil in my stomach. I hate that beauty has become so ugly.

  12. I was channel surfing late last night, and I caught a brief clip of the repeat first episode.

    They had a shot of Sarah (the ex Amazing Race contestant), and while the three experts (ie, the incompetent dickheads) talk about how Sarah is a woman “who’s comfortable in her own skin” (a direct quote), we have a photo of someone who’s not only wearing so much make-up she was probably in danger of tipping forward, but who’d obviously had visible cosmetic procedures (lip filler, botox, etc).

    Someone comfortable in their own skin, eh?

    At that point, I just turned it off. What’s the point?

    • Her skin and a mask, Windsong. Were they hinting that she is a man? Anyhoo, male or female, when people call Sarah deep, they are referring to her foundation and lipstick. The good thing is, and I am serious, after the show, she can wash it off and go about town and literally no one will recognize her.

      You could plant strawberries on her face.

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