MKR starts tonight

Chat here for My Kitchen Rules.
(I will be late to the party as I have to drag a kid to karate, so please be descriptive in your comments. I want to know who I am meant to hate but will end up loving because they can actually cook.)
What will be the “buzz” dish of the season? Parfait? Panna cotta? Sous vide stuff? Pickled anything? Smoke?



  1. oh Please, I watch the tennis and it was damned near ruined by the constant ads for MKR.

    Returns to chanting my mantra: “Stay strong and don’t get sucked into the miserable vortex that delivers so little pleasure and so much annoyance”

  2. I might tune in but I watched most of MKR NZ and, unfortunately, the judges were Pete and Manu. Don’t know if I can deal with a double dose of them. At least NZ was a streamlined version. Fewer contestants and no MKR headquarters/kitchen. They cooked in their homes (or whatever homes were selected for them) and then various venues. Did not make it to the last few episodes. It was BORING!

  3. Hello all! Longtime lurker, new poster and looking forward to this year’s season because I can actually watch it live (instead of catching up on Plus 7 due to formerly working nightshifts).

  4. Why do Pete and Manu aff aircuts designed to make zem lewk as yong as pussybowl?

    Maybe this year one of us will actually find a MKR ingredient at Coles.

    I’m eating peaches straight off the tree. Who needs cooks, and bad bogan cooks talking out of their arses at that?

    It’s a culinary train crash hard to look away from. I salute anyone with the guts to watch it. Hello, Big H.

    • Thanks Big H and welcome to Talking Tv

      I stopped watching two seasons ago when it became all about the faux drama from Tatts and Braces (remember those two)?
      But I am intrigued by a team being kicked out -or from what the ads show so please everyone let me know when that happens.

    • What happened to “good honest, home cooking”. Got a restaurant, but.

      I’ll want to vomit when the inspirational nonnas are inevitably rolled out.

      • We didn’t hear any nonnas being dug up to inspire our teams, but the two boys were totally cooking for their mother who taught them everything they knew.

        They also made the cardinal sin of cooking with love. I’m sure everybody would still rather they cooked with ingredients and utensils.

        • They also “put their heritage on a plate”.~ what they’ve been gnocchin’ out at the restaurant by rote.

  5. Well, I missed the first hour because my internet feed seems to be coming from Sydney (I’m in Brisbane). Silly me has now seen the little location button on bottom right of screen, so tomorrow I’ll watch whole episode.
    So far. What’s with those plastic sisters? Instant dislike! Goat – yum. No sauce – yuck. Panacotta is so 2016 guys!

  6. Spoiler alert, they’re all awful.

    The sad thing is, the two plastic sisters aren’t even the worst. The girl wearing the red-top has already done The Thing where she’s confessed to not stomaching certain food, which is great since she applied to come on a cooking show, and these two teams — who have known each other for an hour, at this point — are already insulting each other.

    Is it me, or has this been the most awkward hour of television in history?

    None of these teams look like they actually want to be there.

  7. The Italians are making ricotta gnocchi with Gorgonzola soz. Pretty easy but as Manu says, keep it simple and do it well. Main is a goat braise – yum – best way to cook it. Dessert is white choc panna cotta with plums. Also fairly simple but we’ve seen worse.

  8. Ten mins in and my fave is the girl who was impressed by the use of real tomatoes as decorations because they are expensive

      • Platypussy.

        I wanted to call her ” *uck face”…..because obviously some incompetent surgeon has *ucked with it.

        I think I’ve seen her on Botched before.

  9. Why pick the dating couple when he can’t cook. Never eaten pannacotta but going into a cooking show. Big fail.

  10. I wasn’t very impressed.

    Too many teams were on display. And the only memorable people were the obnoxious, awful ones, the kinds of people you would definitely not invite to a dinner party. Nobody looked relaxed or comfortable in front of a camera, and it gave me the impression that channel 7 were holding their families hostage. Even the editing seemed off. We’d have half a conversation, then cut to another stilted half-conversation, then quickly cut to another stilted half-conversation.

    I don’t remember a damn thing about the food, and I can barely even remember Pete and Manu being there (aside from the usual, incredibly-forced pawing over how good-looking Manu is, which is getting increasingly creepy every year). But I can definitely remember the lady who paid far too much for some incredibly-bad plastic surgery.

    This was ghastly. Nobody was likeable or interesting enough to actually invest in. And they’re actually advertising the drama and rubbish right from the get-go, so at least they’re not even pretending to have any integrity this year?

    I can’t imagine that I’ll be watching this for too much longer.

  11. The brothers have over reduced the soz for the goat, so have to add water to it. Some people at the table are freaking out at the thought of eating goat. Sigh

  12. Several teams are playing the rig the scores gam. Hipster hat dude and his partner give a 7. Wannabe villain girls 5, guy who can’t cook 6, glasses mates 6, down to earth waitresses 6, Viet mum’s 6, Duck Face 5

  13. Judges’ scores
    Entree Pete 7, Manu 7
    Main Manu 7, Pete 8
    Dessert Pete 8, Manu 9
    Total 87. A decent start.
    Tomorrow night Hipster Hat cooks

  14. I’ve watched every season and to me the voice over this year is the worst. It sounds all too murican agro. I think this will end it for me. And the playing up of obnoxious contestants that need to be disciplined.

  15. I wasn’t going to watch but I did although I fast forwarded through parts. Bad plastic surgery ladies were very distracting. Guy who can’t cook…why is he there? Brothers who are part of a family restaurant business…why are they there?
    Rude lady in red dress…why is she there?
    Ok…why are any of them there and why did I watch? Hate teasers….mansion and new elimination process. Have a feeling this season is going to be VERY long unless they eliminate the bottom 2 or 3 after this round which would be great. Maybe they will eliminate the bottom 4 and that would be even better.

    • Yep – even someone who adores the snark – like me – can’t hack it in the show. I am remaining “true to myself” and NOT watching. So far, so good!

      • I’ve forgiven the show for it’s more tedious excesses in the past, but last night was not only vile, it was just bad television. There were too many people onscreen, and none of whom received much focus (and the ones who did were the awful ones). The voice-over guy sounded strange, even the editing was strange. I’m not gonna put myself through that again, it was just foul.

  16. Catching up on the encore here. Christ, there is not one team sitting there that I can get on board with yet. The waitresses are too dorky for my liking, as are the hipster couple. The older blokes are awkward af, hmmm. MKR has lost a bit of its shine in recent years. But I have to say the most annoying this about this show is the judges. The awkward stroll to the door upon arrival buttoning/unbuttoning the jackets, Pete pulling on his sleeves. They may as well shoot it once and use stock footage. Same with the judges tasting footage. Pete wondering if the answer is on the ceiling. It’s as if he’s trying way to hard NOT to look at the camera.

    Italians did ok, but the first team up is always fairly good. If it’s terrible viewers tune out, and they save the best scores for the later rounds.

    EDIT: Kinda dig that bloke that says he cant cook.

  17. Hi guys! Can’t believe I’m watching again, but here I am.
    I liked the boys and they seemed to know their way around the kitchen. The guest scores were quite low, which doesn’t give me much hope. Beside the boys I liked the waitresses (like the Runway-Girls last year, dumb, but at least not evil), hipster hat guy seemed nice and the old dudes.
    The duckfaces are plain rude (and fugly), but I’m sensing the gangsta girl in red (WHAT HELL KIND OF HELLISH CLIP WAS THAT? WHY WEREN’T THEY STANDING AROUND A BURNING GARBAGE CAN?) as the real b**ch.

    I’m glad you’re still here.

    • Hi Rhubarbara, I want to see more of the Vietnamese mums. We know one all-female team from NSW gets kicked out of the comp for poor behaviour at the contestant hotel. Could be Team Duckface. Only the contestants from this current round are listed on the MKR site so we’ll have to wait and see.

      • Other all girl team from NSW are the Russians. Also no Tasmanian team in this round and the team got kicked off soon. So the Tasmania altercation could be another team.

        Maybe 2 teams got kicked off.

      • Sorry Juz. Actually there are 4 female teams in Gp 2!! Promo only shown the Russians. We didn’t see the Chinese siblings or the Jordanian girls.

  18. The script writers need new ideas. So predictable. We have seen enough of the SWEET young and old teams who talk themselves up end up crashing. Still remember the 2 Indian girls

  19. I think it says bad things about the casting department that the most likeable and interesting competitor, on the cooking show, is the guy who admits he has zero actual cooking skill (I don’t eat much pâté, but I at least know what it is).

  20. I only paid attention to a little bit of the show last night, just enough to start to sort of dislike the filler-faced women and the mouthy woman who “couldn’t stomach” something. Tonight I’m more attentive. Don’t think I can watch this season. Who are these people? Why are they changing into their good clothes before they cook? Who does that? Hat dude dons a white jacket and then starts cutting up gooshy, bloody chicken livers. The guests are waiting while chicken livers cook, get pulverised and boozified, cool and set. And bread gets made. Come on. I call bullshit.

    I did expect the bitchiness and obnoxious comments to start early this season, and unfortunately that is the case. Since bitchy is the name of the game…ladies with the augmented lips, your enlarged lips look bad enough without you adding glossy, iridescent lipstick to the picture. Hat dude, stop rolling up your sleeves because you have no guns to show off. And take your fucking hat off, idiot.

    Some of the contestants seem relatively normal, so I will probably check in to the show now and again. But MKR has got off to a really lousy start. That’s not really a surprise after last year, but still kind of disappointing since I used to enjoy a chance to sit and watch a sort-of cooking show that required no brain power to watch, and didn’t irritate the hell out of me. *blows very loud raspberry*

  21. One would think after the last 10 years of the tv food revolution our belove country of “amatah” cooks would improve and there would be a better pool for MKR to choose from… another year of skills stepping backwards awaits…

  22. I must be a masochist to have watched this again.
    Is the hat glued to that guy’s head, is he trying to hide bald patches or is he an alien hiding his antennae?
    What is with changing clothes before starting to cook?
    I’m wondering if the couple with the guy who can’t cook tried out for a different show and the “powers that be” decided to cast them in MKR. Just doesn’t make sense that they would be on a cooking show.
    The Italian brothers aren’t just part of a family restaurant business but also own a food truck. They shouldn’t be on the show.
    This group of contestants is so blah and just the same old sh*t. Maybe the next group will be better. 😉 LOL

  23. Agree it is pretty stupid to have the team cooking for the night dressed to the 9s.
    They are busy cooking. Looking forward when the loud Lebanese girl cook. The producers dressed them horribly.

  24. Okay, I am already over the show after 2 episodes. What a horrible cast so far. I actually couldn’t stomach watching it whenever the loud rude chick and her blondie friend were on. Or those plastics. Why on earth would you do something like that to your face? Whyyyyyyyyyy? Her cheeks are looking like they implanted tennis balls in there. The sausages aka lips? That must be so painful. And why do plastic surgery victims always use super glossy lipstick? Whyyyyyy? So many questions… And none are about the food so far.^^

  25. Why so few comments on this thread??? I missed everyones sassyness around these parts! Finally settling in for the live episode. I can’t with the hair on these two. I actually hope they are cringing at home watching themselves. Everything about this instant restaurant so far is embarrassing… 😀

    • Remember, with daylight savings, the QLD viewers are an hour behind everyone else.

      Plus, there just really hasn’t been a lot to talk about. In two episodes, nobody’s really stood out (because they’re trying to focus on too many people at once), no food had stood out, and the teams all seem pretty loathsome (except for the guy who doesn’t even know what pâté is).

      I read an interview with Manu, today. He said that he and Pete put up with the forced drama (drama means ratings, and that means he and Pete have a job. You can’t really disagree with that much) but Manu admitted there are times when he just hasn’t wanted to be there. And sometimes you can see it. Like, if you just look at Pete or Manu’s face, or the general irritation in their expressions, you can tell that some nights, they just don’t want to be there.

      • So, new judges next year I guess. Always a bad idea trashing the hand that feeds you. No one cares that you are telling the truth and the people reading it share your position. Bad it’s not good PR if the main judge says negative stuff.

    • I’m too behind on my TV watching! Wish they wouldn’t time every new show in the air to start the same week school goes back!

    • New Year’s resolution was to not be so emotionally involved in tv shows. Keeping the resolution by not watching much and not ever recording missed shows. Just as addicted to Talkingtv, though!

      Planning a wedding takes away a lot of tv time, too.

  26. I’ve been cringing for the past 30 mins. These two have no idea what they’re doing. (And I was waiting for Juz to start a new thread for tonight instead of adding onto the previous 2 eps).

  27. Chargrill prawns in a pan!

    Need to watch on mute.Rachel’s voice is doing my head in. I actually dislike this team more than duck beaks.

    • Hi LP! Me too, these two are the worst team from this bunch. I can’t believe these two stuffed up a 3 ingredient entree. Lolz. I can get on board with the duckfaces because I watch far too much Real Housewives that I no longer notice peoples face surgeries 😀

    • I do feel like our nicknames are slipping. I think we can do better than duck beaks :).

      I like the Plastics, myself. Funny thing is, there’s some photos doing the rounds of social media today … and both sisters were actually quite pretty and attractive (before a plastic surgeon went to town on their faces). I can’t imagine why people do it to themselves, you know?

      • Windsong, it’s only 530 here, so I am breathlessly waiting for the start in WA in a couple of hours time. I had a quick look on facebook, and someone referred to the Plastics as the Grouper Sisters. I usually am more likely to pick on someones personality before their physical looks, but it’s really difficult to refrain from looks-snark with these two. It doesn’t help that they’re not likeable either.. Damn, only three episodes in and I’m already in mean and nasty mode.

        Those two cooking tonight should have spent less time on getting braids in their hair and more on planning the food prep. Count much, ladies?

  28. Can’t believe I’m writing this on my 3 yr old s iiPad as mr 5 broke my phone tonight. This follows 5 iPads in 5 months. He is on the autism spectrum, but I’m so furious I can’t speak. Stupidly I declined insurance. As of tomorrow no iPads for anyone, it’s going to be tough as he communicates through it.
    Fortunately he is asleep so I can watch Mkr on my old tv, in peace.
    I did judge a book by its cover. Until roula braided her hair I thought she may be good in the kitchen. My lord. Young Rachael is much brighter and more sensible, despite acting stupid in previous rounds Piss of roula you fake. I see bottom of board no worries

    • Oh no. My Mr 5 smashed an iPad screen as we were about to board a plane for an overseas trip. Sooo annoying! And expensive

  29. Doh – what a beginners’ mistake for the brownies. If you must make more than one batch USE THE SAME SIZE PAN for identical cooking conditions.
    BTW why didn’t they just cut it 4×4 for 16 serves?

    • Something doesn’t make sense. That was a big pan. You definitely can get 16 pcs. Also how can the smaller pan is undercooked?

  30. No good for me at the moment but would it be easier to make this a Facebook page. I’m not very tech savvy so currently I’m just googling taking tv, commenting etc. can’t see who likes your comments .

    • I have been actually looking at that Jazzman as it would save me on web hosting. I will have to do a survey for everyone to see if they would move to Facebook

  31. Just gonna say it, right from the get go, just to get it out of the way. The hair, girls. What the hell?

    Roula: We want to show everyone who we are!

    Well, girls, I think we’ve got that one all figured out.

    The fact they couldn’t even finish setting up a truly-hideous instant restaurant, without shouting at each other, makes me think that this isn’t going to be a stress-free night in the kitchen.

  32. When the girls starting rapping, I hit the “mute” button. There are some things I just refuse to subject myself to.

    Are these two actually even living people? Or are they just a bad dream we’re all having?

    • And they’re cooking the “salmons”. In the oven at “150 or 200” just a 50 degree difference no biggie!

  33. Pete: “Roula and Rachel have been very opinionated around the dinner table.”

    Annoying, Pete. The word is annoying.

  34. Hi Everyone.
    Agree with general consensus. Just can’t believe that no one on here has mentioned the proliferation of orange badly applied make up this year.

  35. Hipster says the brownies “look like a cow pat”, while he’s got one sitting on his head, masquerading as a hat.

  36. At the halfway point, and I’m just gonna verbalise it, because I think the rest of us are thinking it.

    These two girls have absolutely no idea how to cook, do they? They’re this year’s team who are all about how cooking is their life and food means the world to them … and neither of them have ever stepped foot into a kitchen before in their lives, have they?

  37. Looks as though we all are finally getting into stride with the snide and cutting comments. Come on, TTV people, we can do this.

  38. Wait. Are they just trying to poison the sisters?

    I mean, the sisters are more plastic than organic, at this point. I don’t think poison would work on them, you know? I think they’re probably gonna have to think a bit more creatively there.

  39. Hi Juz, I love this site and appreciate everyone who comments on it. Please don’t move it to Facebook, I would be devastated if I lose you.
    Thank you

    • Hi Bobi. Thanks so much for asking. All good – just pondering options. Just want this week to be over so I can have a moment to myself and set up some new threads!!

  40. Those two are about as gangsta as Tony Abbott, but more annoying. They were clueless in the kitchen. They didn’t know how to use the food processor, didn’t know to empty the food out before trying to change blades, cleaned prawns the most inefficient way possible, couldn’t work out portions, couldn’t even whip cream without taking it two-thirds of the way to butter. I was vacillating between wanting to beat them about the head with a rolling pin, and being embarrassed for them with their public display of the most incompetent, inept, and unskilled cooking performance I have seen in a long time. I couldn’t look away. Unbelievable.

  41. I’ve gotta say, I laughed a LOT when watching. Given, that probably isn’t the reaction editors expected, but whatevs.
    “What went wrong with the brownies?” – “They forgot to turn the oven on”. The plastics are fun, but seem to cross a line sometimes.

    So, when I was younger I was very much into hip hop, but I’ve never forgotten that I’m actually a white(ish) chick. Looks like this got lost on the two gangsta-girls. The blond one is so young, she’s just running along with the crap ruler sets up. Actually I’ve heard ruler’s parents regretted their name-choice. Should have made it “dictator”. 😀
    Char-grilled prawns in a pan. Oh my. Making all the fuss about crispy skin and then putting the “soz” on it. Oh my. Putting caramel sauce over a brownie so it is not so sweet. Ohhhhhhhhh my.
    Everybody seems to love Matty, but even though he seems like a decent guy, I’m super annoyed by his total lack of knowledge. I could give Katie (Demie?) from last year a pass for that since she was really young, but dude’s old enough to have tasted more than just Burger King and Macces.

  42. FYI, gice, I have set up separate posts for each night of MKR next week, so if you are behind on your watching (like me) you can easily go back and read comments later

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