More I’m a Celeb Clues

Hmm, who is our queen of standup? Fiona O’Loughlin? Kitty Flanagan? Both have shows at Adelaide Fringe in late February. Last year the I’m a Celeb grand finale was mid-March. I can’t see Judith Lucy doing it (although that would be great TV) and Denise Scott is at Adelaide Fringe on Feb 25. Perhaps one of the regular guests from Have you Been Paying Attention?
The Princess clue I guess refers to a Bachelorette type. Does the tree change clue reference a Sea Change actor? Maybe Kevin Harrington? Or some Home and Away type?



    • Guess what I bought tickets to 24 hours ago, before the news broke! And I saw the show in 2014 relating to the allegations. I imagine the mood at the theatre on Wed will be somewhat more restrained than the usual Rocky Horror crowd

      • Doctor Blake production has been temporarily suspended as well.

        McLachlan was caught in a real time warp.

          • I saw it at the Drive In in the 70’s.

            Craig MacLachlan’s gone to ground, probably in Transylvannia. Keeping us in suspenders, boom boom.

            No refunds on tickets for tonight’s opening and subsequent shows. Vampires.

          • From my understanding, if you removed all the sexual content from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you’d be left with nothing more than the end credits.

            I suppose that’s not really an option.

          • Censored Rocky Horror Show plot:

            Brad and Janet getting the flat tire.

            Walk to Fankenfurter’s.

            Meatloaf on motor bike.

            End credits. Total running time~ 8 mins.

          • Maybe Craig heard, “Toucha toucha touch me, I wanna feel dirty”. I can’t explain the popularity of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now which is it, offensive or brilliant musical comedy.

  1. My guess is John Howard (the actor not the politican for the the tree change clue… was in SeaChange and a show called Always Greener before that that was about making a tree change from the city.
    I’ve read elsewhere that the Tv Star is Vicky Pattison from Geordie Shore.
    Queen of Comedy, I immediately thought Kitty Flannagan but now I see thats unlikely, so my guess is a Ch 10 HYBPA / The Project regular that has no commitments during that time!

  2. Oh yeah, drive in in the 70s; very sexually inappropriate behaviour , on and off the screen. American teen movies in the 70s were a lot of bare boobs and bums. Now it’s all on someone’s fb page.
    Don’t google me…my fb is kittens, puppies and pottery. Well…no kittens.

  3. Crimes can really stuff up a career. Remember Winona Ryder; a tiny part in Black Swan. She is back on deck years later with Stranger Things but could have been doing so much more in her youthful years. BTW; Winona is/was the only me member of the Stranger Things cast who refuses interviews and show promotion. Everyone else does a lot of promo.

  4. ‘Two feuding celebrities: Two celebrities in the middle of Australia’s biggest feud will be heading into the jungle….. This Australian duo are used to clashing in real life’

    Telegraph speculates they are Anthony Mundine and Danny Green

  5. Oh, I don’t think I’ll be watching much beyond seeing who goes in, as a matter of interest of course! The thought of Mundine and his behaviour really turns my stomach although I believe Greene is a gentleman. Not sure why they call it Celebrity as all those suggested are really on the D list.

  6. Ricky Lee makes sense. What about Angry Anderson? I bet they wish they hd Paulini now so they could all goss about her crime. I usually don’t know the sport’s people, unless they are big celebs. And what about Sam Frost. Has anyone said her yet? She would jump at it.

      • Oh please, no….

        Always lamenting about how close he is but he hasn’t seen William or Harry since their mum died. That guy would sell his own mother for publicity.

      • lol, Von, I never know how much people like to be ‘spoiled’ or read into the clues, but i suppose if you are coming to a site like this to chat about the show you know what you could be walking into.
        So here goes:
        All of this just based on what i’m reading from a few “gossip” jornos on socials and people with waaaayyyyyy too much time on their hands over at the Behind Big Brother forums… last year BBB got at least half of them right so they obviously know all the right places to check!
        Mark Philippoussis is the tennis star but was playing and exhibition match in Melbourne last night (Wednesday night) and is apparently playing again on Friday. Supposedly filming in South Africa starts on Friday.. of course we all know they often have intruders and people who don’t go in until a couple of days later (Kris and Tzip last year) however those people don’t usually have ‘clues’ attached to them.

        Iconic Aussie Comedian: This much-loved comedian married into one of Australia’s most famous families.
        This is Peter Rawsthorne, he of Kath and Kim fame, his character married Kim. The people at BBB tweaked the audio on a video they have put up of the people with this clue so BB are pretty confident they have it right. This one is also ‘confirmed’ by Peter Ford a gossip jorno.

        TV Star: This loveable princess knows how to keep it real. Pretty sure it is Jackie Gillies from the Real Housewives of Melbourne. Apparently last season She said to Lydia once, “Do you want to keep this real, Lydia? Let’s keep this real”. Also ‘confirmed’ by Peter Ford.

        Peter also ‘confirms’ Fiona O’Loughlin, for this clue, Australia’s Stand Up Queen: This queen of comedy has a lot to talk about and is sure to liven up the camp, i think?! And to be honest this one surprises me as apparently her health isn’t great. (a heart attach or two last year).

        AFL Champion: This premiership-winning player is known for their hair-raising play and is ready to make a move. 3 premierships.
        Most are convinced this is Jason Akermanis of Brisbane Lions and then Western Bulldogs a few are also suggesting Josh Gibson (North Melbourne and then Hawthorn).

        Pop Sensation: This 80s star, known only by their first name, went multi-platinum. Suggestions are Martika, I have no idea who that is, apparently a rock chick from the 80s (a tad before my time!)

        That leaves these clues… which honestly are quite broad and could be anyone!
        Feuding Celebrities: This Aussie duo are used to clashing in real life, but what will happen when they live together?
        Loudmouth TV Star: This controversial star is sure to have Australia talking and she is a beauty you’re sure to love.
        Hot Model: This Australian blonde bombshell is big in the US.
        ​Aussie Rocker: This Australian legend has had album and single sales in excess of one million. 3 #1 singles.
        World Champion: This sporting superstar has a strong social conscience.
        Iconic Aussie Actor: This famous Australian actor is ready for a tree change.
        Best Selling Author: This person has exposed many tabloid secrets over the years, and the Royal Family knows this person’s name.​

        • Thanks, Erin. I only know of Peter Rawsthorne and Fiona O’Laughlin, and have sort of heard of Akermanis. And, like you, have no idea who Martika is, and the 80’s is definitely not before my time. I’ll flip over to Ten during ads on whatever show I will be watching.

  7. Angry Anderson hasn’t had any #1 hits (I don’t think). Although he might be part of the feud. He is a divisive kind of guy. I hope it’s not him. It’s not the sort of tv I want to watch.

    • These are the kind of hits Angry Anderson excels at:

      “Rose Tattoo’s 1981 tour of Europe included an appearance at the Reading Festival, where Anderson repeatedly head butted the amp stacks until his scalp started bleeding”

  8. Just watching the Australia Day concert on ch10 and they showed a clip of Chris and Julia mucking about the camp. I noticed one of the camp beds is a double. Maybe there is an actual couple going in?

    • Wasn’t that mouthy woman a couple of seasons ago – Charlotte something – from Geordie Shore? Maybe the others from that show are less annoying :).

      • Wouldn’t she be busy helping Andrew pack up his mansion so they can move to the “cottage”?

        But, yes, she’s open for anything that pays her. I’m surprised she doesn’t have an OnlyFans site yet.

        I was confused at previous comments until I noticed the dates on them.

        • I get confused at some of the Royal gossip, and I know that the Royals are not allowed to comment so that makes it extra fun.
          Like the story that Harry and Meaghan have been evicted from Frogmore but then there is another story that they sublet to Beatrice many years ago so 🤷‍♀️.
          How can you be evicted from somewhere you are not living anyway? But it makes a good story.
          And Andrew may be being asked to move but there is not a chance in whatever that he will be unsupported. Just think of the consequences if he was left to fend for himself. It just wouldn’t happen.
          Besides, who would look after the corgis?

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