1. Oh my God, those burps coming out of Danny Green were hilarious. That food looked disgusting.
    Tomorrow’s challenge looks interesting.

  2. I didn’t enjoy the first part of tonight’s ep. The hostility coming from Mundine just felt awkward and uncomfortable. I just want the dust to settle so they lose the tension.

    I am still loving Fiona and Peter….I mean Brenda and Ron.

    Who do we predict first out? I’m going Tiffany.

  3. I’m going Tiffany also- she’s a non event. Not very Interesting at all. Tried to manufacture some interest by teaming her with the oxygen theid psychic and STILL couldn’t get a vaguely warming back story or interesting tale.

    Brenda and Ron – unfortunately separated from Kylie during lap band surgery time- are on the other hand, truly fabulous. Loving them sick.
    I really don’t enjoy food challenges. The Indiana jones one was way better. I tune out during food as we have seen the whole – shove something gross down your mouth and chuck routine – way too many times.

    Not loving the Green- Mundine story. Mundine just seems to be, how can I say this kindly- dumb. Danny Green looks way more articulate and savvy, so it’s a bit like shooting fish in a barrel to take pot shots at Mundine, who can only trot out his mantras of being the Man. Could get very uncomfortable viewing.

  4. Yep, agree Tiffany to go first.
    Also agree, loving Brenda and Ron (and Fiona and Peter).
    I always have to remember to make sure I’ve eaten dinner well before the food challenges!
    Despite what Danny said when Fi and Peter asked him about his relationship with Mundine, i think their rivalry has been amped up to be more than it actually is. I don’t think they will be besties by the end, but I don’t think we will see as much drama as producers are hoping for either.
    I watched last nights episode in delay so FF’ed half of it.

  5. Did anyone think the producers are being too reckless with their health. 6 snake bites for Tomic and those horrible glasses that would make anyone ill, then take two highly competitive men and get them to gorge as much garbage and offal as they can in 5 or ten minutes.
    6 snake bites might be OK if the snake is harmless but what if the person had a reacton as ppl can die from bee stings. I wonder who their health and safety inspectors are.

    • I thought it was cruel and not enjoyable. There is a meaness this year from the producers. Probably suffering from the dreaded “we gotta be bigger this year guys” syndrome.
      That and running out of ideas how to be entertaining.

  6. I tuned out of last nights ep. I didn’t want to see the Mundine/Green stare off.
    I think that it’s all a bit of a joke for Danny, but Mundine isn’t clever enough to have a sense of humour. And I suspect that the producers will set up situations to try and make something happen. Bleh!
    Maybe I’ll give it a week.

  7. So Mundine instead of being pi**ed at Green, it’s possible Mundine was just pi**ed off at producers for setting him up by staging a face off. He can get his revenge by not taking the bait. Maybe he won’t think of that. I think that’s what I might do. I’d be a gentleman. 😊

  8. It’s a no-brainer for Tiffany to go first. She’s a non starter. How did they not get Simone and the eyebrow? She does that so well.
    Mundine looked a bit jelly when Josh was telling about his high life as a footy player. Mundine is weird; both arrogant and insecure at the same time. Fiona is stealing the show. She looks like she is loving this. She, Peter and Josh are my favourites followed by Nolls. Peter and Fiona are so good at their side commentaries on people.
    I must have become accustomed to Julia’s strange and very random poses and affectations.

  9. They seem to get along better this year compared to previous seasons. There’s no bitching & nastiness. They used to fight about the cooking. Someone would make a suggestion & it would turn into all out war. Last night Kerry was giving tips & no one carried on about it.

  10. Tiffany was barely in last nights episode, people won’t vote if they don’t see her. I’m sure she will be first out.
    Really not enjoying this turning into the Green and Mundine show. I saw a preview for tonight something about having to choose sides. Again I will say any rivalry they have will be in producers heads.
    Love that Brenda and Ron have adopted Raul!
    I don’t mind Nollsie but I can’t always understand what he says!
    I liked the trial, i was worried about the quicksand liquid but it looked like it wasn’t as deep as last year. Can’t believe a few of them went in with barefeet. Anyways was a good team effort, but they sooo need to work on their poker faces and the “lets pretend we didn’t get any stars” thing is getting old!

  11. My theory is that Tiffany is in a bad place and, rather than have another “celebrity” call time (which would be such a bad look), the producers are hiding her to make sure that she is eliminated as part of the process of natural attrition.

    • I will agree with that too. The producers wld know that no air time is death. I am enjoying how down to earth Simone is. It’s silly really to fall for the belief that model or pretty = boring princess.

  12. Hey gice, happy new year to you all. I wasn’t going to post because life is so busy and I’ve just caught up with last 2 episodes. I really thought NAH!!!! not going to watch anymore with Mundine in there and then they brought in THE GREEN MACHINE how could I not watch give me time and I’ll catch up with everybody’s posts and I’ll follow you along the “JOURNEY” Go Danny 👍👍👍also loving Fiona I’m a big fan.

  13. Fiona spoke for me on Mundine. He’s insecure as all hell, and thick as a brick, which is probably why he behaves like a wa*ker.

    • Yeah more Ron and Brenda show and less Mundine v Green for me.
      Totally on board the fade out Tiffany so she goes naturally on Sunday theory.

      • Me too. Fiona and Peter are fantastic. I could watch their show all day. I was neutral about her before but have really enjoyed her in this show- painfully honest and realistic about her demons and a delight around camp.

        I really don’t buy the ‘feud’ but Mundine’s stupid platitude-laden speech and failure to reflect leaves me cold. He is not someone I care about in the slightest.
        Simone is continuing to be a good egg and josh is really good. Can’t get too fussed either way by Shannon.

  14. Jackie is a bossy boots, but I do love when she calls out Mundine on his crap. It seems poor Simone and Jackie copped thehardest job. Shame on the producers not allowing Kerry and Tiffany to pitch in and help them, especially as they have to do night and day shifts.

  15. It seemed that Kerry was baiting Danny last night. He implied that he already knew she held the opposite view and didn’t want to get into it, and be told he was wrong.

    • Annoys me when people won’t accept that others do not want to debate any further. Clearly they have opposite views and that’s what I celebrate as Australia, a place we can be who we want and don’t need to hurt each other, one way or another, because we have different beliefs. I saw her on something years ago and she came across really angry and not accepting that others have views that differ from hers.

    • That’s right – i thought they’d been on before
      Im not watching too busy flicking between the other two😂

    • That was just a prank they played on the celebs wasn’t it?
      Pretty sure Bert has been unwell, doubt they would go anyways.

    • Just going from a promo for this show I saw this morning. I don’t think it’s a prank but will be relieved if so.

    • Apparently at times the celebs can hear Chris and Julia rehearsing the show in the tree house. Naturally they all try to listen in to see what they can find out… So last night they showed a clip of Julia and Chris shouting that Bert and Patti would be coming to visit to see what would happen. Then later in the show when Chris and Julia went into camp to announce who would be doing the trial, they told them it was prank.

  16. Wow, Chris is such a sweetheart. What a lovely thing to do. That challenge was ridiculous. It was impossible to hit those targets.
    Those snacks would have to be the most boring ever. Apart from Peter & Fiona.
    There’s a lot of hate for Kerry on twitter. People are saying really nasty stuff about her.

    • I think Kerry is nailing her own coffin. First she is a better actress than Nicole Kidman, now she is Alex Perry’s muse. I am guessing that might be why she is getting haters. Mind you, she isn’t the only one praising themselves in there.

      Still loving Fiona. She is trying to suck it up but she is funny when she lets rip. Fiona, Peter and Josh for top 3, with Nolls number 4. Fiona only has to look at the camera and she is funny.

      • Totally with your top 3 Daisy. Love Fiona and Pete. I could watch them all night. Josh is great.
        Fiona’s reaction to the “I know Alex perry better than you” debate was pure gold.

      • Yeah, i thought Kerry was a bit of a sweetheart at the start, but now I’m not so sure.

        Brenda, Ron and Raul for top 3!

  17. Just in case you hadn’t gathered, I am tuning in tonight. This is great for ratings. And I’m a little bit excited.
    And then we can all go back to being irritated by the psychic, but very, very quietly so no one hears, she’s growing on me.

    • Jackie is a pain when she is being mystical, and great when she stands up to Mundine. I loved last night when she claimed to be able to guess the number of stars but refused to use her psychic powers. I guess she can only use them for noble causes.

  18. I caved. I started to watch this episode but found it a little repetitive. And then I had to take e dog for a walk and so missed the much anticipated exit.
    I am guessing by the reaction of the remaining campers that it all turned into a bit of a fizzer. Barely a ripple.

  19. Gee, Mundine had his opportunity to outplay Danny Green and he was a scaredy cat?
    Did a waambulance come and collect him. Is it a coincidence that this happens days after Danny Green goes in? Afterall Anthony didn’t have to do any jobs and he got to sleep on silk pillows.

  20. Aw, that hippo was so cute. And where did Simone get that toy hippo from? Was that her luxury item or did she get it when she was with the hippo?
    So the first 3 seasons no one leaves, this season 2 people leave within the first 2 weeks.

    • Lola, Fiona might surprise you. I didn’t like her before but she is really naturaally funny and a great team mate for Peter. They are getting each other through it when there is bs. Also, who knew Nolls was so nice?
      That’s the thing about IAC. You change all or most of your preconcieved ideas. It doesn’t even matter if you didn’t know them at all before.
      The only one I think they got wrong was Tiffany. She doesn’t say much and when she does, it’s boring.

    • Hey! On second thoughts, you might be right. I think Peter and Fiona are carrying the show. Oh, and Jackie in a very, very annoying way. The others are mostly nice but snooze. It will probably pick up once Kerry Armstrong starts another story on how great she was. Poor thing.

  21. Just like Tomic, Mundine says “I came here to show Australia the real me”. Congratulations, you both succeeded.

    They certainly drew the whole thing out, and then it was an anticlimax. He should have been on a high after such a great performance in the viper challenge, which makes me suspicious that there was a specific contract – it just didn’t make sense otherwise.

    • They drew it out, especially when we all knew he was going, completely different to when Tomic left.
      I thought Mundine would have had an interview with Chris and Julia in the tree house but obviously not. I liked Danny’s little chat to the others afterwards kinda explaining his side of the story or “feud”.
      Elsewhere lots of people are saying Mundine only does something if there is $$$$ for him. He is probably starting to realise there is no hope of a rematch with Green, so no financial incentive for him to waste another 4 weeks in there.

      • Oh year, the post interview. He must have refused. There can be bo no other reason. The thing that gets me is that he had it easier than most others, including other seasons. He had the big silk bed, and no work to do, and yet het still piked. For someone who fights so hard to be known as a winner……

      • Yeah I wondered about that too. I thought he would be interviewed by Julia & Chris like Tomic was. He wasn’t on the Project either, though they said he was on a plane.

  22. I have a new theory (yes, I know 💁).
    These elite sports people live overprotected, controlled bubble lives. They have no concept of normal lives, let alone a life where everyday has some small struggle.
    I don’t think they have been taught resilience, or stoicism, or simply the ability to keep things in perspective. I think they can’t cope when left to their own devices.
    I could be wrong.
    But then I don’t understand how they could not have known what they signed up for. It’s not like it’s a secret.

    • I think that is true of the sports people in solo sports such as boxing and tennis, they struggled because they are used to calling the shots. If they wanted a break, they pull out of the tournament and they aren’t letting letting anyone down but themselves. Notice the footy players and cricketers and people from team sports, understand that it isn’t just them, if they pull out they let the whole team down.

        • And what is going to happen to the special generation? Those who have been taught they are special from childhood? It sounded good on paper.

    • I know, it’s the 4th season, plus it’s been on in the UK for years. When they were approached all they had to do was watch previous seasons to get an idea what to expect before agreeing to go on.

    • Just read an article claiming the show would get “boring” now, but I agree with you, Daisy. Less Mundine and rivalry talk and a lot more of Peter and Fiona will be a huge improvement.

    • Alot of people weren’t fans of the show turning into the Mundine v Green show.
      They could do a whole episodes of just The Ron and Brenda Show / Fiona and John and I would be happy!

    • They’ve known each other for 17-18 years.
      They first met in person in the boxing ring (literally).
      The 2nd fight was supposed to happen much sooner than it did (took 10 years), but Mundine wanted to go to USA etc, basically it was him who delayed it. Even then Danny thought that was too long to wait.
      There is no hope of a 3rd match, Danny ain’t interested AT ALL.
      Danny doesn’t hate him, and does respect him but Mundine doesn’t respect Danny’s career and what he has done. Danny says they each wouldn’t have had the careers they had without each other. He does acknowledge how generous Mundine is.
      Anyone else who saw it, did i miss anything?!

    • My impression; Danny has moved on and thinks Mundine should do the same. And yeah, he should stop disrespecting Danny’s career.

    • Thanks.
      I kinda like Danny Green.
      Early days I know, and the tide can turn at the flick of a switch, but he seems to be a well-considered, balanced sort.

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