• Oh. I thought they were just visitors. To, like, break the boredom. Theirs, not ours. Happy for it to be otherwise. I am assuming they are a ‘couple’.

    • Oh, I’ve just assumed, they are full on intruders?
      They are Vicki from Geordie shore and Paul Burrell of royal tabloid fame. Pretty sure they aren’t a couple but both have competed on UK version of I’m a celeb.

  1. Just coming into so – Peter or Fiona for the win. When Peter started dissing Jackie he put himself on the podium for me!

    • Yep, I am loving Fiona and Peter, but I like Joshua and Danny. Simone lost me when she was precious about Danny waking her to collect wood.

      • Yep – she is now behaving more precious and whiny and more as I thought a model would be behave. Josh is fabulous too – so kind and reasonable.
        We are AFL fans in our house and my daughter made the observation that the AFL players like Barry Hall, Josh, and even Fev have been very good value. But the NRL represented by Mundine (were there others?) were deeply ordinary.

        • Sarah, who won the modelling show that starred Naomi Campbell, was on Survivor and she was pretty hardy. No sign of princess at all.

          • Daisy I listened to a podcast with her and the host asked a question I’d put on Facebook, which was to ask if her knees were ok. Remember how banged up she looked on Survivor? She replied she still has scars. Came across very down to earth and intelligent

  2. There is absolutely no way I would go up in a hot air balloon let alone jump out of one.
    Not much of a surprise that Tiffany went, we didn’t see much of her. But she & Nolsy should record that song when he comes out.

    • How great was Fiona on the jump. A show girl all the way through; “This is my best side”. I love a funny girl. Or guy.

  3. I wasn’t comfortable about Jackie ‘channeling’ Charlotte Dawson given that Charlotte would have family that might either be watching or hear about it. I didn’t feel that was very ethical or considerate on Jackie’s part.

    • I thought the producers should have edited it out. Too soon. Too inappropriate.
      I don’t think it was Jackie’s issue assuming ‘she’s for reals’. If not, she would just say it was Simone who decided it was Charlotte Dawson.
      I knew someone who said she was psychic (talked to the dead). She believed it, and made her living from it. In my more sceptical moments, I think she just said what was front of brain and took her filter off. Easy to hit the mark when there are only 7 stories in the world.

    • I hated that. I am deeply skeptical to begin with, but that did not feel right at all and too distressing when it was about such sad circumstances surrounding Charlotte Dawson’s death.

      Overall, I am definitely with Peter – Jackie is damned annoying and I for one will not be attending her shine it up tour, which i have just inadvertently plugged. bugger. I just looked it up (now that will be on my search history – bugger again). Tickets start at $99 and go up to $200 for front row meet & greet. YIKES. There’s a lot of money in this stuff.

    • Yes, so many Clairvoyants and still no one finds Sarah Spiers or the Beaumont children. “But wait someone is trying to speak to you. It’s a J, do you know anyone starting with J? James, John, Jesus?”

  4. Think I’m gonna like Vicki and paul! Seem friendly and willing to give it a go.
    I do love hearing royal secrets but I will tire of it if it’s he only thing Paul talks about!

    • I think it will be his only conversation. The only thing he has – he seems like a fame whore to me.
      And I tell you all- if Jackie communes with a dead woman – Dinah, Dina, maybe Diana- I’m OUT.

      • Jackie could really score some brownie points with Australia if she can contact Harold Holt. What happened to Phar Lap? Hanging Rock? Jackie’s not giving us much.

        • She can talk the talk but can’t predict anything. There were three psychic/psychobabblers; Tiffany, Jackie and Kerry.
          It’s a wonder Jackie hasn’t prepared for Paul and whoever that other intruder is.

  5. I haven’t been watching this year but was surprised to see that Paul Burrell has gone in to the camp. He has made a fortune from Princess Di stories – how true they are who knows. He’s a nasty piece of work milking his connection with the Royal Family for what he can. In touch with the Queen? I doubt it!

  6. He was on Studio 10 this morning talking transgender issues.
    I think he’s this year’s token gay.
    I won’t mind if thats where the conversations go. It could be quite interesting. I wonder how Nollsy feels about the subject? I suspect that the rest of the camp is more enlightened.
    If he talks royal family, he’ll be out in a television minute.

  7. We’ve obviously all heard of Paul Burrell but has anyone ever heard of this Vicki chick? Couldn’t they have found someone we would actually know? It was hilarious when she scared the shit out of Paul & he nearly dropped his cup of tea.

    • I’m much preferring her to fame-whore Burrell so far. That was indeed excellent when she scared him..
      I thought the whole cliche of the butler having to have tea in cups sooooo tired and boring – and bang on cue he mentioned no cucumber sandwiches or cake or something. YAWN.

      In the past I have found it really doesn’t matter much who the people are, so I’m totally relaxed about never having seen her before and having literally NO CLUE who she is.

    • I had no idea who Freddie Flintoff was at the start and a week in i thought he was hilarious and a well deserved winner.
      So agreed, i don’t think it matters if you know them or not.

    • I think it’s more about putting some poms in so they can sell the show to England. It doesn’t matter that we don’t know them.

  8. Vicky won the UK Celeb and Paul was second on another season, I think. I also don’t know who she is but the same was true for Gaz in Hell’s Kitchen Australia and he turned out to be entertaining – it’s the cheeky chappy accent that’s so disarming

    • Wah? I call them plates or crockery. Maybe it’s a WA thing. Crockery and cutlery. But you can also say knives and forks.

      • In the land of fine china where I’ve worked in the past crockery is a no no word. Cutlery is cutlery, also cutelry as some say!! I did read once that young Prince George once asked where his Daddy was. Duchess Kate said that he was in China so George promptly went to the china cupboard to look!

  9. Just mentioning, I am over these eating challenges.
    I don’t mind the physical challenges, or the question in boxes, but once you’ve seen one celebrity gag, you’ve seen them all gag. Boring as.

  10. Lastnight’s challenge where Josh and Vicky had to grab stars that were flushed was way to difficult. Even if it was just water, they couldn’t catch them at that speed. Also if either of them still have a maggot or beetle in a crevice, and it grows in there, that will be serious trouble.

  11. That world’s end is ridiculous. Don’t know why they have to put those flags so far away. I know they don’t want to make it too easy, but they don’t need to make it impossible. Climbing up that thing is hard enough, they could at least put the flags in reach & the wind didn’t help. Poor Paul, so bloody close.
    I can’t wait till the end when they read the news to & tell them what’s been happening while they’ve been away & they hear all the Barnaby Joyce shenanigans.

    • That was tough. Vicky did very well for someone with not long arms. My fave bit was Simone misreading the note and telling the camp they were eating lion, instead of loin.

      • Oh my God, that was hilarious. The looks on their faces. Pretty sure it would be illegal to eat lion as they are protected.

  12. My interest is waning. I don’t know why but I feel a bit ripped off having two poms who have already won for England. I might warm to them but I want to see our guys and I want Fiona and Peter to win.

    • I like Vicky, very much losing interest in Paul. I mean i love a good royal story but i kinda feel like Fiona ” Should you be telling me this?! But do go on…” Of course I am convinced most if not all of the stories are well embellished…

    • Oh the fact that she “heard” two words and then totally mistook everything he said drove me mad!! KInda hoping she goes this week!

      • My other peeve is that having totally got hold of the wrong end of the stick (props to Chris and Julia for that edifying demo) and without any possible cause she PERSISTED with her outraged anguish and her ‘gotta stick up for myself’ shtick which was totally misplaced.

        She is unable to accept the fact that it’s NOT all about her – and that a random conversation might not have actually been directed toward her. in any way My favourite bit was her completely misquoting Danny Green with utter conviction and thanks to the magic of television we knew she was utterly, utterly wrong. Ironically, her ridiculous over the top paranoid performance will almost certainly guarantee that future mutterings about her WILL be deeply unflattering.
        I assume that Ben’s royalties from Silverchair are being dumped into a ‘save Jackie’ fund so that this little outing and test of popularity doesn’t humiliate her. Which is a crappy conspiracy theory 🙁 and one that I hope is incorrect, as I can definitely do without her on my TV.

  13. I usually snooze at the warm and fuzzy “notes from loved ones” but Fiona brought real tears and a smile to my face tonight with her letter and news of becoming a grandmother.

  14. Awwwh. I flicked away for a moment and didn’t come back. And I was looking forward to the letters from home. I love ❤️ a good cry.

  15. Yes, people. If Fiona’s letter brought a tear to my eye, (and I can’t recall the last time I cried-it might have been in the 90s), it would touch any heart. As I said I had a smile too. And honestly, I ususally go, “Bugger, letters from home ep”, or “Fork, a visit from loved ones”.

  16. Paul just guaranteed he will be up for every trial due to his reaction to tonight’s
    Mine shaft challenge. He had a great crack at it but gave almost as dramatic a reaction as Keira did in her season

    • I felt sorry for him but I still couldn’t stop laughing. All those things they kept pouring over him. They should be able to wear gloves when putting their hands into containers holding snakes & things. Telling the snake he was nice. So funny. Then he found that bug crawling on him walking back to camp.

      • Just as well he had not seen he snake bite Tomic. Worms and baby crocs would not bother me but snakes and spiders are a no go

    • There’s a recap somewhere but I can’t find it. Something to do with Kerry’s objection to the word elimination (or was it eviction).
      I think she’s so hungry that she’s gone a little loopy, but the good thing is that I now know the real definition of ‘hangry’.

    • She felt that people as dignified as they were shouldn’t be evicted or eliminated from the jungle. I think you lose any dignity you had when you agree to go to the jungle! And as they all quite rightly pointed out, its the term the show uses…
      I think she approached the whole thing completely wrong. If she did it more jokingly and less serious… like “don’t ya reckon eviction is such a harsh term…”
      And of course Jackie had to put her two cents in!

  17. Me too, Carole. I was laghing at Paul while think “Fork that was the worst ever”. He looked like he was in shock afterward, and I thought he might have a heart attack.

    Don’t Jackie, and even more so Kerry know anything about men? They would rather stab a scorpion in their eye than discuss the fine details of a little sookie la la problem, that is no problem. (Woolif just knows to pretend to listen and nod, “Yes Dear”, then go outside and prune something.
    But bring on the campfights. They are more fun than the trials.

  18. So now there a ne dilemma. I so wanted Jackie to go (she’s like nails down a blackboard to me) but Kerry is starting to get in my nerves and I think I need her to go first.
    No wonder women have a reputation for being petty. It’s because we are.

  19. I wouldn’t call Roxy and what’shisname dysfunctional. They have issues but nowhere in the same league as Lisa and David. There is absolutely something wrong there. Bizarre people.
    I am sure there are others but they don’t readily come to mind. There were some odd people on The Block. Wrong network?

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