• I’m there too.
        I met survivor through the Australian one, but I now LOVE them and enjoy both. I liked the Australian one much more than the US one, but I guess some seasons are better than others.

        • Have you watched any of the old series, BS? Cagayan is definitely worth a look – it has a lot of fun and frustrating characters so not as slow moving as some recent US seasons

  1. Simone has impossibly pale skin for some one surviving the jungle without a wide brimmed hat and scarf. Just saying. I can’t hang out the washing without said items.

  2. If what they are showing us is the best footage they have, I hate to see what is left on the cutting room floor!
    Glad to see David go, will be interesting to see Lisa without him.

  3. Oh my God, Paul’s face when the snakes were crawling all over him. So funny.
    That joke was so mean, letting them think they were getting burgers & shakes. They were so excited I felt so sorry for them, but still couldn’t stop laughing. The girl’s were so pissed off, but poor Paul just looked so disappointed. But wow, they got them back good.

  4. Why put someone in the show who NO ONE likes, not even the comperes? It strikes me as mean. I am glad he has gone because there was so much malice, deserved or otherwise.

    • I really think the Oldfields were a mistake.
      Just not interesting enough in their own right – I guess they thought that after the success of Steve Price growing from right wing shock jock to right wing shock jock with some humanity that David Oldfield would be a good idea. FAIL.
      Also the way they conduct their marriage is definitely something that is uncomfortable to watch.
      The only thing I have found insightful was Lisa speaking about alcohol and her decision to stop drinking. But I still don’t care for her much either.
      I have a nagging feeling that even this show has jumped the reality tv shark, which is disappointing.
      I am ON team survivor though!

  5. Seeing the crew examine Lisa’s ears for bugs, possibly eggs or larvae, reminded me of an episode of Black Mirror S1, where reality tv had been taken too far.

  6. How could they forget the penguin toy? It was the best thing out of all of them. Chris telling Paul not to freak out as it will attract them more. WELL YOU’D BE FREAKING OUT WITH A FUCKING SNAKE AROUND YOUR FACE.
    Those cheeky guys having a pirate party & having to keep it secret. Bit hard to hide when you come back to camp drunk.
    How many times does poor Simone have to do the gross food challenge? She gets picked nearly every week. Give the poor girl a break.

  7. It was a bit of a meh episode. Bored silly watching those items go past.
    Came back to watch the treasure hunt and jungle radio (of course).
    We must be at about the half way mark – still getting rid of the uninteresting people but settling in with the favs.
    Am I the only one that thinks Shannon is a waste of entertainment space? Why does Australia love him so much?

    • I edited out all of Julia and Bondi Vet and zoomed through the tucker task, and Pirate party. I feel like since the “popularity line-up” some of them are ‘trying’ to be funny. Obviously not Shannon. Simone is being herself, if that makes sense, like how would I know.

    • We are in the 5th week, so someone will go on Sunday, then at least someone every night next week, before the finale around the 11th / 12th of March, I’m pretty sure… that is based on past year timings anyways.
      Agree, a meh episode. I continue to question, what are the leaving on the cutting room floor… are they not getting the campmates interacting like in past seasons, so they have to make up silly secret parties and such?!
      I did think the leopard whistle thing was funny! haha!
      Lots of people seem to think Vicky is acting a bit, I don’t think so, but I do think Danny is…
      I would probably enjoy watching Shannon a bit more if i could understand what he was saying.

  8. Only about 12 episodes left.
    Very soon there will be one going home every episode.
    John Edward said he won’t be eating any horrible things. He is on a cleansing diet at the moment! Good luck! Maybe another prima donna

    • When Fiona realised she’d stuffed up she should have given it to someone who knew what they were doing to fix it. But it was funny. But poor Pete. And why didn’t they shave Paul’s beard while they were doing his hair?

      • Oh no, its only a man’s hair. I was would have been like Fiona, killed myself laughing, but she has a celvic floor muscles. I would have wet myself laughing.
        On the other hand, no one would do that to Simone or Vicky.

    • I think shaven looked better than before!
      pretty meh episode again. Jungle Radio good.
      I liked the way that Josh and Simone are now outed and are getting their touchy-feely behaviour passed off as a joke. Kind of a good strategy.
      Josh’s face when Simone said he was like a brother was hilarious. Um, your “brother” is really into you Simone and quite devo that you were saying that. . .

      We are not seeing much of Josh lately – I wonder why?

        • I did wonder whether Simone was doing that line as it was not long after the revelations of Vicky’s sex on Geordie Shore error. Simone is not an idiot and is probably trying to play cool.
          I think she does like Josh though.

      • So glad I’m not the only one seeing the jungle romance. The folks over at BBB think it’s the producers clutching at straws… but even after being friend zoned, Josh seemed to be very interested in her radio session! Might not be rumble in the jungle, but I bet they will be dating once back in Oz.

  9. The problem for Josh and Simone is that even if it is just a mental/friendly connection, no one will believe it so if they do catch up at the pub for a drink, it will be “Oooooo”. The media will be all over it.
    Having said that, I think Josh seems to be crushing on her.

    • Quite a few months, I think. Wasn’t she engaged to someone else while she was in the jungle and i think he had just split from his wife.

    • How did I miss that? Are they still together? I remember that he was going through a divorce (painful to watch) and she had an affair with someone that I can’t recall.
      Or are they all blending into one?

    • Yeah, they have a kid together, who would be a few months old now.
      She had an affair with an NRL player, I think… Beau what’s his name, he is on NRL footy show (can you tell I’m a Melbourne and no idea about NRL?!)

  10. “Who had someone who died in a car accident? In a tunnel?” Could I have predicted that. Geez Luiz. What a load of garbage.

    • Could not agree more. Totally team Julia with this one.
      Lots of ppl on Twitter are saying the stuff he mentions re Diana, can be found in the inquest documents.
      The Charlotte stuff was pretty general and easy to make up as was Shannon’s reading.

    • How funny was Vicky with Fi… when talking about what he fraudster had said…
      ‘I’m sensing a spotlight’
      the show is called ‘I’m a celebrity’ the clue is in the name….

      • Well there are cameras and spotlights on them. I haven’t come to tonight’s show yet but I am sensing bullshirt. If I was ever going to believe in psychic ability, Jackie has cured me. “I am not going to use my powers for this task”. She should have really because she has flunked all of the other tasks. She should have bloody well reached in to her magic bag.

  11. The psychic stuff was woeful. Mad props to Bobi for the great picture- straight up perfect!

    What a fabulous challenge – actually exciting to watch, not deeply unpleasant and mean- suspenseful and sayisfying! More like that please.

    Jungle radio tonight was not as revelatory as other nights – purely because Josh is so disclipined that he gave exactly what he intended and nothing else.
    Kind of a measured dose of not too much but interesting enough to not be totally boring. As a swans fan I was interested in the buddy story and as a watcher of Simone and josh I thought he played the single discussion rather well. he is def keen on her and I don’t think her not interested stance is very plausible.

    Seeing less of Jackie has been excellent. But a nasty challenge sees her back In the spotlight. Yawn.i guess mr Jackie is getting ready to tip more silverchair royalties in the cause of not allowing her to be evicted.

  12. I only saw the bit where no-one would play with Vicky. So after a dignified quiet sob in private Danny Green told her she was overreacting. Yep, that sure fixed it, Danny

    • The Doctor and Julia’s take on Danny after that convo was a little bit hilarious (probably because we’ve all been there. And Vicki dealt with it with dignity.
      In fact, the two hosts were funny tonight. They can be funny.

  13. I know most of you are sceptics but I was blown away by that. I’ve been interested in John Edwards for years & he’s the real deal. Can’t wait to see what he reveals about Fiona tomorrow.
    Poor Vicki, I felt so sorry for her. They were so mean to her. THEY were the ones who over reacted.

    • We won’t tease you Carole, it’s mostly that Jacky has such an annoying personality that makes us want to take the p***. You get a hall pass. 😊

      • Scary to say but Jackie is growing on me. Maybe it’s because she has relaxed combined with less air time. It will be sad to see her go tonight, but then she will have seen that coming.

  14. I agree Carole! He’s American so it’s not a stretch to think he has any idea of who Paul Burrell is. Even if, by some chance, he recognised him, there’s no way he could have known about the specific little details. Will be tuning in tomorrow night to see if he can shock some of the others with random facts.

      • I do that… burst out of nowhere… like a time traveller. haha Thank you for the welcome back Daisy. It’s been way too long.

  15. I finally liked Vicky tonight. She was at her most real. Maybe Chris and Julia should organize a game of Sardines for the next Tucker trial. I like the way Vicky responded to being teary. I also liked Danny Green’s new book.
    Mind you, I’m with the boys on not wanting to play sardines.

    • Yeah it sounded like a silly game, but she just wanted to relieve the boredom. And for all they knew it could have been a secret challenge which would have earned them a yummy snack. They should know by now if anyone is acting strangely to just go along with it & ask no questions just in case.

      • I thought Danny was out of line initially and I was pleased he tried to fix it by saying they needed to talk and he didn’t want anyone to cry.
        But he then made it worse. I felt bad for Vicki.

      • Thzt wzs the bit I didn’t understand, Carole. If they think something is a secret challenge, why would you say something? Wouldn’t you just shut up and do it?

  16. I just have to say Jackie said she knew JE was coming but she was as surprised as the rest when the crate opened.
    I love Shannon Nolls response, “Bluddy ‘ell, ya think yer god enuff mediums, an another one pops up”.

    And btw, Danny Green flying for that final star was impressive. Anyone notice Fiona was psychic? She was the one who guessed, I mean predicted the number of stars. OK. No more psychic jokes from me. Just call me a filthy unbeliever.
    I might believe in ghosts though…but I don’t want to see any.

    • Oh yeah same here, I believe in ghosts but definitely don’t want to see one, I’d freak out.

    • I forgot to note at the time, but Julia literally jumping the shark was GREAT! I love it when they have a good laugh at themselves.

  17. Paul: “I never told anyone that story”. Now THAT I find hard to believe. The guy has squeezed out every detail he can. He’s a professional blabbermouth. It’s how he makes a living and achieved celebrity.

    This is no reflection or comment on JE, on whom I will shut up out of respect to fellow commenters. Anyhow, I was busy eating cake when he was on, and no, that’s not symbolic, nor was I channeling Marie Antoinette….or waaas I?

  18. It would have been the situation and stress that made Vicky cry when only Simone wanted to play hidey, but when she gets back to her mates in England they might “av a larf” every time she suggests a game that they don’t want to play. I liked her after last night. I saw her being real and she was strong the way she handled herself, not blaming others.

  19. I love both Vicky and Paul. Best intruders ever! Most welcomed too! I read Paul’s book about Diana and I think he’s been so misjudged about it. Sure he’s made money from it but I have no doubt that Diana wouldn’t have had a problem with him doing it. (not that I’ve communicated with her to confirm that) 🙂

  20. Lisa was funny. I think if we had had more time to see her, she would have stayed longer. Even staged Peter and Fiona are really funny.

    So who’s next? Shannon? Simone? I like both of them.

  21. The wedding was hilarious, especially when she ‘cheated’ with Danny.
    Poor Jackie, that challenge looked horrendous.
    Not much of a surprise that Lisa went. She looked pretty happy to go.

    • I was warming to her, inspite of the bad cosmetic surgery. She was quick witted. I would have rather it had been the butler.

  22. I was warming to Lisa, too. I wonder if she will leave David; it seems like a pretty disfunctional relationship but there are two kiddies and a comfortable lifestyle.
    My vote is for Shannon to go. There isn’t much there. No original singing, no original thought, no contribution: bit of a dum-dum. He doesn’t talk about himself much and he doesn’t seem to talk to anyone else.
    And to top it off, and make it really personal, he has an odd face. Am I the only one that thinks that wide eyed look is startling – but not as much fun as Lisa’s eyebrows?
    After that, I like everyone equally and I will be happy with the winner. Maybe it should come down to the charity.
    I think Danny’s charity probably edges out the others for me. One-punch is such an awful thing but you kind of get the feeling that it could be reduced to almost nil if you could get into the… psycy, phychy, sichy… brain of young 😵 lads. Something that can be fixed.

    • Lisa and David have been bad mouthing each other for months. They also talked about divorce for months and month. Mr LP was surprised that they are still together. He thought they have divorce ages ago.

      I heard both of them being interview. They want to have their own TV show (God help us). They just want people to talk about them to create interest, whether good or bad.

    • I feel Shannon contributes very little. After the success of Casey who was always singing and had a lot of personality he is just such a damp squib. I note that the “original song” that Lisa demanded he produce for the wedding was not worthy of much attention.
      Plus, he requires subtitles as we don’t understand him! He also totally stuffed the chinese whispers and gave zero chance of a successful message being transmitted! The later people in the chain, esp the actor-types – repeated the (shorter!) comment word for word, even though it was totally incorrect by then!
      Lisa was better after her husband left, but she doesn’t give me a great vibe.

      I adore Fiona and Peter and like Josh and Simone. I think my preferred eviction order would be Paul Burrell, Jackie, Shannon, Vicky, Simone, Josh and have Danny, Peter and Fiona at the end – although I can’t remember how the format goes! Totally agree about Danny’s charity Bobi. The consequences are so horrendous.
      I feel the psychics have not exactly achieved wonderful success – pardon to any believers, but nothing shown has altered my opinion and probably actually reinforced my skepticism! John Edwards was clearly only brought in to get international attention and drag out a “spirit connected with Diana” headline. erk.

      On the plus side, the vows of Brenda and Ron were good fun and the kind of actual stuff you’d probably do if bored rigid and creative, as they are. Danny is pretty funny and the Ron/Danny competition for fair Brenda is excellent.

    • My goodness you are right, Bobi. It is a more level playing field this year. There are no despicables, although I personally find Paul really slimey and Jacky an annoying opportunist. By that I mean she latches and looms in when she think she can play Oprah. People like her seem to enjoy someone’s pain because they can then run and play ‘nurse’. You get them in a school yard all the time. That kid who runs to take someone to the sick bay because it feeds their own need. And she’s a pokey. But that’s life. Luckily we all like different people.

  23. I haven’t watched much of this season but have seen small snippets this week. I wasn’t interested in watching from the beginning because I found Anthony Mundine and Bernard Tomic not very interesting or well rounded human beings.

    I do like Peter, Danny and Vicky and the large ball challenge that Danny did with Vicky and Lisa was great to watch.
    The blow in from the US , John Edwards (what a charlatan) ! I predict he will leave the jungle soon. Ha ha

  24. In terms of challenges, i actually think that one wasn’t too bad…
    Lisa was hilarious in wedding planner mode, and it was funny to watch how ‘seriously’ most of them their roles in the wedding.
    I did wonder what Peters wife thought of it all? I mean i know there were ‘in character’ but still. And i did laugh at Brenda ‘cheating’ with Danny!
    I just want to see Peter and Fi in top 2, I don’t really care what order they leave in before that.

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