MKR – Mon – Colin is back!

Tonight’s blurb: The elimination twist is revealed, and Colin Fassnidge returns as the bottom two teams of Group 1 face off in a sudden death cook off like no other.
Well, thank god for that. I hope Colin gives some teams a well-deserved bollocking.



  1. I don’t think, I think Colin’s been too nice in the last few seasons. It’s almost like he pities the teams and the hackjob that channel 7’s set them up with.

    Besides, it should be team “Mate!” versus the hopeless Ash/Matt team. Neither Steve nor Stuss seems particularly likeable, while Matt is utterly helpless.

    Still, according to the promos, we actually get to meet the next bunch of teams. Vaguely-unsettling racism against the Russians aside, maybe they’ll be decent people? *falls off seat in fit of hysterical laughter* Okay, sure. But at least there’s Henry the truffle farmer. I know, but any port in a storm.

  2. Eight new teams judging (wonder if the bottom two of group two will be judged by the first group). Colin will be in the kitchen. Strict time limit for cooking. Twin kitchens.

  3. No shopping – everything supplied. Anyone have an idea where the mansion is? I’m guessing somewhere outside Sydney.

  4. Matty and sidekick are really making very simple dishes. Corn fritters, falafel and frangipane or frangipani??? pie.

    I hope Waitresses get to stay. I can’t stand Matty.

  5. Forgive me friends. I feel like I’m totally selling out.

    But lord help me. Henry *is* a dream-boat.

    Now I just feel like I’m cheating on Jordan.

    • WIndsong you do make me laugh but I’m glad you’re getting some aesthetic pleasure because there’s certainly no pleasure to be had from the cooking.

      • I love that they flashed back to Damo and Kaz from last season, and their visit to Henry’s truffle farm.

        Damo’s reaction to seeing the gorgeous, chiselled Henry walking towards them (“Goddamn it, Henry”) still makes me laugh.

      • Tasmanian truffles or Maltese egg rolls? I want to say that there’s room in my heart for both, because at the moment, I don’t think I’m prepared to choose :).

  6. Oh my God! Please take that knife away from Matty (I’ve just seen him try to dekernel the corn and it was painful to watch).
    You’d think some rudimentary knife skills will be a pre requisite but it seems the only vetting is:
    “Are you a person?”

    • Few years ago I saw a UK cooking/reality show where pairs were competing to open their own restaurant. One woman was so bad with her knife “skills” – trying to open a coconut with a Chinese clever – she was deemed too dangerous and it was taken off her. Gave me nightmares for weeks.

  7. “Waiter, I ordered corn fritters, not corn shitters!”

    My, whatever they are, they look burnt in the pan.

  8. Colin should leave them alone and let them burn and die. ( Sorry, I am very mean tonight).

    Please…… don’t embarrass Matty any more. Send them home. Ash can’t cook. Again the salad is just dump everything in and that is.

  9. I’m only just starting but enjoying the recap if only to hear Manu say he’s bifold (baffled). Am I right in thinking he has yet to tell teams to raze the barn?

  10. Corn fritters are not an entree. One of my fave brekkies, yes (Adelaide peeps should check out the ones at Big Table, Central Market). WTF is frangipani pie?
    Can someone tell the non cook to tuck his fingers under when he chops an onion. He’s not using brown onion in a fresh salsa, is he?

  11. And I’ll refrain from commenting on the scores until everyone has caught up. 🙂
    But I will say the group 2 contestants’ scores are a lot fairer than if they were being judged by group 1, where old enmities would come in.

    • Don’t wait for us, Big H. People know to look away if they don’t want to be spoiled. Not like the idjits on the MKR Facebook page bemoaning that Channel Nine spoils them

  12. I’m just up to entree being plated and MKR have hit a new low for me. Why did they even bother getting Ash to try and “food speak” up their dish. I’ve had better looking corn fritters in really bad cafes.

  13. Watching Colin insulting Matty in their kitchen was funny at first, but after 90 minutes of it, it just kind of got a bit sad.

  14. Also, when they get down to the last two teams in group 2, do any of you think tonight’s losers from group 1 will be invited back to sit in judgment, just to keep the numbers fair/even?

  15. The one positive thing about Matty is that his incompetence has shielded us from how annoying Ash is (and how delusional she is about her cooking ability and food knowledge).
    Just waiting for the result – shouldn’t be close but it’s MKR so who knows?

    • Ash actually did get quite on my nerves, tonight. For all the crap we (and the show) gave to Matty, Ash really wasn’t much better.

      And no, it wasn’t close. The scoring ended up being quite one-sided, but it seemed pretty fair, all up.

  16. Scores
    Ash and Matty entree corn fritters Pete 5, Manu 5. Main fell-offal Manu 2 Pete 3. Dessert Frangioani pie Manu 3, Pete 4. Total 22 plus group two score 45 Total 67

    Stella and Jazzey
    Entree saganaki Manu 8, Pete 9. Main salmon 8, Manu 8. Dessert buttermilk jelly and mango Manu 5, Pete 5 (they did not like the grilled mango.) total 43 plus group 2 60 = 103.

  17. Okay round 2 I was going to give up but I’m now firmly Team Truffle.
    Not just because of the visual appeal of Henry but because they seem like decent, likeable people. I really enjoyed Anna comparing herself to the Jordanian sisters, no pretension at all.

  18. Fel-awful – never a truer word was mis-spoken. Right up there with SAL-MON and EN-TRAY
    So glad those two have been put out of their misery.
    My guess for location would be Kurrajong – looks like a grown-up version of the Sons and Daughters house (oops, showing my age). Does that mean that Ch7 sold the Hard Rock Cafe site for a zillian dollars? Prime real estate sitting in the middle of town would be worth a fortune, easily allowing them to lease and pimp up the kitchen space on a semi-rural mansion.

    Looks like I was a couple of ‘burbs out. Kenthurst location

  19. Two sisters whose parents own a chinese restaurant… knowing Asian families these girls would of done a lot of work (unpaid) at that restaurant and would know all the ropes. Then the russians who owned/worked in a bakery… followed by italian boys whose parents also have a food business and the waitresses… something is not right!

  20. Glad Ash and knows nothing about cooking are gone. Did the producers purposely choose such a simple menu for them? Fritters, Falafels and Frangipani (Were they cooking Plumerias?). They made a 3 “F” menu…frittered away, falafaled up, and “frangled”…altogether added up to “F” for failure.
    Don’t understand why there are two more teams with food experience: bakery owner/pastry experience and family who have an Asian restaurant where the girls have obviously cooked. Do they waitresses have any cooking experience besides home cooking? Have they cooked or had any training in the restaurant?
    VERY long episode. TOO long.

  21. Two 1/4 hours of MKR is about 1 1/2 hours too many. We can learn about the new teams as we go along, no one remembers them all anyway. Looks as though the Russian women were chosen to be the villains this round. Is it because of their accents? If so, that is asinine. We are not in the Cold War, and they are not Boris and Natasha. And has the definition of “amateur” changed recently?

    Starting with one of the waiters saying she thought the love of her life might be in the dining room (something like that), is emphasis this round going to be on physical or sexual attraction between various contestants? I don’t want to watch that. One woman was going googly-eyed over Manu, and several were as good as salivating over truffle guy and the soldier. Gah – have some dignity and show some respect to others.

    I think I’m out. I’m leaning toward watching Deep Impact for the 273rd time, rather than watching this horse shit anymore.

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