• I noticed that – it wasn’t that the legs were hairy, for me it was “Why are they zooming in on a pair of legs?”

  1. Entree is prawn and shiitake ravioli with seafood broth. Main roast duck with plum jam and papaya salad. Dessert mango pudding with sago and salted mango coconut ice cream

  2. The “red moulds of death” are back. The other night too. But were they on MKR or MC before? Anyway, the moulding has worked on this series so far.

  3. They also live the main. Olga hasn’t liked anything so far. Unfortunately this is turning into the Hadid show. Thank god for Anna and her raptures over food

  4. For dessert, Manu loves the arse cream. He is not keen on the sago but Pete likes it more – I think this happened last time there was a salted Asian dessert on the show. Maybe one by Tasia and Gracia? Pete says it’s not as good as the White Russian dessert

  5. Scores: Tassie 9, In Laws 9, military 9, mates 7, mum and daughter 7, Man Eaters 9, Russians 9 (they always score fairly, despite the talk)

  6. Judges’ scores: entree two 10s, main two 9s, dessert Manu 7, Pete 9. Total 113. They are on top of the leaderboard. Yay – teams who can cook!
    Tomorrow night it’s the military spouses. I’m guessing they will be more in par with the SA in laws as we’re due a fail (although if in Group 1 SA would be upmthe top)

  7. Damn. The standard of cooking is so much higher for this second round. I would’ve loved to have been sitting around the table tonight. And not just for the chance to awkwardly flirt with Henry, although that would’ve been an incentive, but the food just looked *amazing* tonight.

    • Yes LP. as I’ve just commented below about how much I don’t like them. They are tied with Hadil as my least favourite contestants this round.
      The boys are so boring I actually forgot they had already cooked (and I’m one of the 2 people that watched it).

  8. The cooking is so much better this round, they couldn’t possibly have matched this mob up with the disasters from round 1. Even the worst thus far are superior to the majority of round 1.
    The cooks are better but the unlikeable teams:inoffensive teams: likeable team is still skewed far towards unlikeable.
    I really dislike Davide and his mate, the Jordanians are snowflakes (FFS holding a grudge about being called an annoying rabbit, as insults go it’s pretty mild) who are shit stirrers and although they can cook I’m not really a fan of the sisters or the Russians. That is half the teams that fall into the unlikeable and boring to watch category.

  9. Hadil is just too sensitive. I remembered it started when the sisters said Hadil is a rabbit ( horned in the year of the rabbit) and then Olga said she is an annoying rabbit.

    I read in the gossip mag that Olga apologised to Hadil off camera and she said it nothing. But latter she kept bringing it up when the camera is rolling.

  10. I read that but it doesn’t make sense. I know they film Group 1 and 2 instant restaurants at the same time but there is no Tassie team in Group 1. So I can’t see Group 1 being in Tassie.

    Also the incident happened in Nov and filming finished in mid Dec.

    My guess is it happened in the final round of IR. I have read the all girls team got kicked out were

    Emma and Jess
    The Russians
    The sisters
    Sonya and Hadil.

    Lol. Basically all the NSW teams except for mama and daughter. They are pretty mild so can’t be them

    • I didn’t think it made sense either. The article starts with saying they were kicked off and ends with them saying they were put on a separate flight to go to another IR. Can’t be both.

      • And I read a spoiler last week that it was the Plastic Sisters who were kicked off.

        So at this point, all evidence indicates that, as usual, the Australian gossip magazine industry doesn’t know, either, and are just making it up as they go along? Figures.

    • Yeah, I have trouble remembering that the Hungarian mother/daughter team are even there, most nights. They’re a very low maintenance team.

  11. Are all of the Russian’s lines scripted? They kept criticizing the sisters’ food but gave them a “9”. Even though they were negative they scored fairly. Just wondering if the producers told them to be critical. Two Italian guys keep giving low scores. Are they afraid that they will wind up one of the two bottom teams with the way this round has been going?

    • Bizarre, isn’t it? In saying that, I guess they are scoring based on ability to cook not their personal taste? They do usually say – IMO – prior to any critique. Two couples I know are a mix of Russian/Polish and Russian/Croatian. They don’t like Asian or Cajun food or anything spicy (pretty much anything except their own culture) at all. I find most of what they eat, very bland.
      I think the Italian guys are being strategic.

      • Italian guys are not thinking wisely. When you knew the Sisters are going to get high score, their low score not going to make any difference. Might as well score accordingly.

        The Italians in the first group were the same. Always gave low scores

  12. The Russian women’s bright orange lipstick is so distracting that I’m unaware of what they are saying…even if I can’t hit the mute button quickly enough. The histrionic death stares between them and the Jordanian women are hilarious and screen shots should be used in a caption contest.

    What kind of an overly sensitive soul gets so upset at being called an annoying little rabbit. That is such a piss-poor excuse for an insult that I would’ve laughed it off two seconds after hearing it.

  13. And Wednesday night’s explosive episode topped the ratings AGAIN – beating rival MKR for fourth consecutive night.

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