MKR Mon – The guy who can’t cook, ummm, takes out the bins?

After last night’s nastiness I had to watch an old episode of GBBO to remind myself people who appear on cooking shows can be decent human beings.

The blurb for tonight’s My Kitchen Rules says: Teams travel to the Sunshine Coast where surfie couple Ash and Matty are in the zone for their big debut. Will fish out of water Matty sink or swim on a night where sharks are circling at the table?



  1. I will be late to the party tonight. I just to know if the guy sucks as badly as the ads and dinner party convos have made out

    • Worse. Not only he can’t cook but using a food processor is a bridge too far. He grated some carrots and it brought the house down. Then he moved on to grating plastic. Maybe he can help Emma.

      But they’re such lovely people, we’re expected to cop it. Pity party.

      Their IR is called Get Hooked. After two courses, it was more like Get ****ed

  2. I’m actually quite looking forward to tonight’s episode. Not because I want to spend more time with the Plastics or the thoroughly vile Gangsta girls, but (a) this is the night where the guy who can’t cook, cooks. This should be hilarious, and (b) they’re the Sunny Coast team. I wanna try and spot familiar locations.

  3. Juz, I wonder if they even live together. Does she love cooking so much that she doesn’t want any input from him? Has she decided to do all the kitchen work instead of teaching him what his parents should have taught him, e.g., how to prepare food for himself? Is his lack of food knowledge just an act? If they grocery shop together, does he close his eyes and that’s why he didn’t know what “patty” is? They seem nice enough, and I’ll be surprised if he turns out to be a fantastic cook who was just fooling us. So many questions, and it is kind of a shame that I really don’t care after last night’s ill-mannered performances and displays of immaturity at the table.

  4. Will the Moccona coffee be good enough? I drink it myself but cooking with it, I dunno. It might not be enough for a serious cooking competition like this.

    Creme brulee has been done to death. I predict a fail for dessert.

  5. This is just ridiculous. They shouldn’t be chosen. Matty is really clueless in the kitchen. They need to be eliminated so as not to embarrass them further.

      • That’s what I thought, too. Makes no sense to have them on the show but there have been other contestants in the past who claim they CAN cook but obviously can’t. However with him repeatedly stating that he can’t cook why put him on a cooking competition.
        Maybe they edited this out but it didn’t seem as if he washed any of the vegetables or the strawberries.

  6. Stick an appropriately sized portion of the thicker leaves of iceberg lettuce top & bottom inside slider & sogginess avoided. Goodness, we need to turn into guardian angels. I’m sipping the red faster than I should in frustration b4 I eat my home constructed salad. Pink eye potatoes, heapsa other Tas veggies & Tas roast beef slices. And my Mum’s old fashioned fave dressing – sweetened condensed milk, malt vinegar, & Keen’s mustard powder.

  7. I dint know why but my first inkling tonight might not go so well was when I saw them looking for the cornflour in coles. I must admit my cooking looks a lot worse than theirs!
    I am terrified of Roula. I can just imagine her face appearing out of the dshadows in a dark alleyway.

  8. I can’t believe now I want big lips to cook well. R and R are the most annoying team on MKR.

    Even Sophia and her partner were tame compared to R and R.

  9. I didn’t recognise where they lived (although I’m assuming it’s somewhere in Mooloolaba or Kawana), but they were driving past Mooloolaba Beach and they definitely went shopping at the Coles at Sunshine Plaza, which is a nice enough Coles. I’ve shopped there.

    • There is such a good place to buy seafood in Mooloolaba, why on earth did they buy the calamari at Coles?
      Oh … silly me, if you are going to mess it up it really doesn’t matter where you bought it.

  10. Rachel needs to shut up. Her voice is really grating.

    So 2 teams will be eliminated. Please have mercy that one team will be R and R

  11. While Matty’s total lack of knowledge or skill, in terms of food, started off being quite funny, by this point it’s embarrassing watching them. He broke a food processor, the first time he’d ever used one. The man is totally, utterly helpless.

    I mean, I’m not great in the kitchen, but I know how to use an oven and a stove top, and I can make some pretty mean pasta if required. I don’t think Matt’s even stepped foot in a kitchen before in his life.

  12. Roula, upset that everybody is concerned with Ash’s feelings — “This is a cooking competition.”

    Yeah, it is. Have you started eating fried food yet, you obnoxious fool?

  13. I’m playing catch up as usual – curse of evening shifts.

    Not surprised to see no-one was “excused from the table” last night. Typical MKR editing. The fight was nasty and I really felt for some of the teams that had to sit through it. But, if Josh’s “slut” comment last year had no consequences, then I couldn’t really see that “cow” would get a team kicked out. Personally though I’d love to see both the gangtas and the plastics excused. Hard to say which team is worse.

    From what I read, the team that is kicked out of the comp is an all girl team, and it is the end result of an on-going conflict with an all male team, culminating in a physical altercation. So far the only two “all male” teams aren’t in conflict with anyone. This might be in the second batch of contestants.

    As for the ganstas statement – that they will fight to remain in the comp ? Too late girls – the time to fight was planning and practising your instant restaurant. You bombed rather spectacularly – all you can do now is transparently score other teams harshly as you did last night. That’s not fighting – that’s just pathetic.

    • Challenges maybe? Neutral ground…. I don’t really care. I’ve seen zero evidence of cooking ability so far. Even the Vietnamese pair, didn’t cook anything I’ll be attempting at home. It can only get better – I hope.

    • It ought to be a prison for producers , hosts and contestants….but like Liberty, I don’t really care. A dungeon for bad cooks. Whatever, Ch 7.

  14. Something I’ve picked up about Rachel, and I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this.

    But when you listen to her speak, the only things she ever says are the same things that the judges have said about the food, or she’s just parroting back things that Roula has said earlier.

    And I think partly that dynamic is because Rachel is quite young (maybe, too young to realise what a healthy friendship is), but also because that’s what Roula wants the people around her to be, pets and sycophants.

    I once had the (extreme) displeasure of knowing two people like this. The younger one was like Rachel, and she existed just to parrot back what she was told to think. The older one was a manipulative, petty, self-obsessed, catty bastard. And that dynamic makes me like those two even less.

    • I was also just commenting regarding Rachel’s age. It’s a strange dynamic between R & R and you’re right – it isn’t healthy.

  15. “If everyone scores them on their personality we’re going to be really pissed” Says Roula regarding Matty and Ash, mere moments after saying “We will remember that pathetic apology when scoring their (ie the plastics) instant restaurant”.

    Does she have any sense of self awareness ? I can excuse Rachel – she’s 20 – just a bit of a silly kid who will hopefully grow up at some stage. But Roula ? She’s 31 for crying out loud.

  16. The sad thing is because of all the faux drama with the rudes and the plastics, you can miss how annoying Steve is. It also appears to me that he is stirring the pot regarding the animosity between the aforementioned teams.

  17. Yes the man can’t cook, but she can’t either too well (except for pulling off a creme brulee which quite frankly is not super hard).

    Wish them all the best, but they’ll be eliminated… they just don’t cut the mustard and were probably picked to ensure the bitchy teams don’t get booted (and there is no uproar over which team deserved to go based on cooking ability), as you see we know R&R can’t cook well but we need them on for a few weeks so lets find a team who suck worse, but are nice.

  18. R&R’s constant comments that this is a cooking competition and not a personality contest is funny. They can’t cook and their personalities are lacking. Are they on the show because the group needed some b*tches?

  19. I’m so pissed off. Cast the guy that can’t cook, use him as the village fool at the table to laugh everytime he says something like: “Pasta? I haven’t had pasta ever.” and then expect him to dish up brillliant meals? And it’s not that it’s only him that can’t cook. She’s as clueless. You’d think she’d train him and teach him basic stuff, but apparently she’s too busy looking at him admiringly.

    And then there’s the nastiness on the table, aka RouRa. Have these bit**** ever thought about how they are ruining a once in a lifetime experience for the other guests, who maybe waited a long time to be casted to showcase their skills? The mood at the table is toxic and I can totally understand why we don’t ever see Manu and Pete at the table as soon as they’ve finished eating.

  20. Also: HOW IN THE WORLD did Matty manage to get the plastic thingy of the food processer IN the food processer? That’s not possible, as it is shorter than the shaft? HOW?

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