MKR Thurs – Man Eaters cook

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Thanks to the blurb, I finally know both the Man Eaters’ names.
The blurb: It’s the final Instant Restaurant of Group 2, which means it’s time to shine for Sonya and Hadil. The ambitious friends are leaving nothing to chance, but will their confidence be their downfall?

At least poor Henry should get a break from Hadil’s attention.



  1. I’ll watch this ep. And will also put on my bitchy, super-critical hat, and hope they fail spectacularly at their IR. I give them a 1.

  2. The promos seem to indicate that the Man Eaters suffer for their over-confidence and do poorly … but 7’s pulled this crap on us before. It’s all a bait-and-switch. So on a hunch, I would safely guess that the girls don’t do great, but they don’t fail utterly (despite what the editors would have us believe), so the elimination next week will still be the Defense Force couple versus Pat and Louisa.

    • I knew as soon as they cut to commercial in the middle of Pete’s Entree critique that comments would be positive. Not only have Ch7 done this before they’ve done it this season in the first round of IRs. I can’t remember which team because I’ve tried to block it all out.

      • And also because they’ve done it this season to least four or five other teams. On the other hand, I’m just glad we have teams who can actually cook.

  3. I missed posting this comment pre 3 above i.e. $13-14 each: Sheesh(kebab)! 30 lamb backstraps. My fave cut, but exy in this neck of the woods. Indeed, matches the “rich” tones of the Jordanian desert.

  4. When the guests arrived I was also prepping dinner, but I heard someone say “Jordanian stuffed rabbit”. That’s a gem. No knife set for entree or dessert, requiring finger pushing.

    • However , I don’t see a future for these girls doing promos for Weight Watchers.

      Biggest main in MKR history.

      If only the first group had culinary superstars like this lot.

  5. Holy spit, the size of the main course! They’re gonna kill those people. And as annoying as the rabbits have been, responding to the single-cabbage-loaf controversy by basically serving Olga an entire cow? I laughed, that was hilarious. Anyway.

    • No, I can’t find it either. That’s interesting. Maybe there was too much trolling from friends of the Man Eaters and they pulled the plug on it tonight?

  6. That was impressive. At least their confidence wasn’t BS and they definitely could cook.
    Could not believe the amount of food in the main. Of course, Matt cleaned his plate.
    Great that this group had some very impressive cooks. Not looking forward to the return of R & R.

    • Putting the plastic sisters, R and R, the Man Eaters and the Russians all in the same room is only going to end in chalk outlines and yellow ‘crime scene’ tape.

      I’d still bet money on the Russians surviving. They’d fight dirty.

  7. Well, I’m torn. I’m glad that another team can cook, but disappointed that it is the annoying rabbit and her mate. Seeing people eat raw meat makes me gag, so I couldn’t watch much of the entree. The main course looked good, but what a lot of meat there was.

    What happens now, wasn’t that the last instant restaurant? Is there another round of new people (please say no, please say no)?

    Why is Anna portrayed as a total bumpkin who is one degree short of dim? The ruffly dresses are bad enough, but she is making some dopey comments lately. She didn’t seem to be like that before.

  8. Fancy someone saying “This is bull$hit” on MKR. ” Oi ken hear ya” says Colin.

    The show should be called TIB

    The contestants are beginning to hiss back at the judges as if this is a singing show.

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