MKR – Tues – Group 1 versus Group 2

Well, this actually sounds interesting. Surely Group 2 will win – they have much stronger cooks. Although personality clashes could be an issue.
The blurb says; It’s Group 1 versus Group 2 in an elimination challenge. The competition is turned on its head, and new rivalries are forged, when an epic first challenge sees the weakest team bring their whole group down.



  1. Winners decided. Now the losers (and the rest of their group) must cook a “cultural” dish for their elimination (ie cook Italian if that’s your heritage or if you strongly relate to that culture) on the BBQ.

    • It was obvious halfway through who would win. I feel
      I see in round two they are allowed to wear hats. Poor Kim And Suong being out in the sun again. At least they will be familiar with the equipment second time around

    • Why did the Greek guys use chicken breast for their skewers? Losing points for flavour and moisture before thry’ve Even started cooking

  2. Not that I like both groups but Gp 1 is worse.

    R and R, please send them home soon. ( not likely as the producers will keep them till the end)

    Greek guys also very sneaky. There is something with the Italian boys that I don’t trust. But I can’t pin point why.

  3. Is it just me, or was Manu seriously hitting the soz before the episode began? His accent is particularly indecipherable, tonight.

    So the show going forward is Group 1 vs Group 2? Hahahaha! Sucks to be Group 1 then. Although I’m kind of hoping it’s just an all-in brawl. Between the Russians and the Defense Force couple, Group 2 has it made.

      • LP did you like the way Manu made a comment about koftas and said they couldn’t be as good as Hadil and Sonya, so now Roula will see them as a threat?

    • I have an idea which two idiots you might be referring to but there are so many idiots to choose from in Group 1. Some not pleasant people in Group 2 but not as many idiots.

    • The greatest thing about your post is that, I’m trying to avoid spoilers re: how this episode ends, and your post could apply to any team in either group :).

  4. In round 2 Viet mums made pork something and noodle salad
    Plastics lamb cutlets, grilled mushroom and a very cheesy looking potato bake
    R n R dry looking koftas and dodgy fattoush with flatbread
    Stuss n Steve dry looking chicken souvlaki with flatbread
    Jazzy and the other one Sumac prawns with babaghanoush and flatbread
    Hipster hat and wife chicken and bbq corn
    The judges will be comparing a lot of flatbreads. Interesting no one did fish. Perhaps prawns was the only seafood on offer

  5. Hipster hat gets dish of the day! Everyone just gets a “safe” and a mini critique – no scores. Stella and Jazzey had the best flatbread.
    I forgot the Italian guys had meat skewers
    with panzanella salad and piadini.
    R n R’s koftas had good flavour but were dry. Fattoush was ok but not as food as Hadil’s.
    Stuss and Steve’s Chicken was dry. The Plastics’ potato bake was delish.
    Stuss and Steve are gonesk. Manu says he will miss their banter and “bad chucks”.

  6. Honestly, good riddance. Bye Stuss and Steve.

    There was always something about them that I found particularly obnoxious, moreso than the Plastics or Roula. Stuss and Steve were just a pair of silly old buggers who, like Pat last night, kept telling us how much they loved cooking, and yet have clearly never stepped foot in a kitchen before in their lives, because they had utterly no idea about cooking. Which, again, begs the question of what they were doing here in the first place?

    Tomorrow night, it’s Roula versus Colin. That should be fun.

    • I like the idea of Roula v Colin (my money’s on Colin) but I don’t trust Ch7 – they’ve been promising to kick out a team since week 1. So I think the Colin v Roula might be on a Wednesday but only Ch 7 knows which Wednesday.

      • Wed and Thurs are outdoor challenges.

        R and R confrontation was in the Elimination House’s kitchen. That won’t happen until next Mon. If R and R are cooking in the kitchen-🤗🤗🤗 only means one thing, they are in the sudden death cook off!!!!

  7. It has just started here. I don’t know how long I can watch, my eyes are already tired from me rolling them so often.

    When Manu and Pete were standing at the edge of the pool, did anyone but me want everyone to rush them and push them into the pool?

    • That would have been AWESOME.

      I still say Manu was drunk, for this entire episode. Or at the very least, slightly fermented.

      • I didn’t notice how Manu was talking, because I couldn’t get past how oily his hair was. That had to be half a bottle of California Poppy on there.

  8. Aussie challenge, Kim & Suong in the first round: We are australians.
    Cultural challenge, Kim & Suong in the second round: We are vietnamese

    I don’t know, but this made me giggle quite a lot. I switch between “I’m turkish” and “I’m german”, too, just like it fits the situation 😀

    Have I ever seen anybody with worse manners than Roula? Maybe, once, when a guy at the local market shouted at an old granny and threw an apple after her. But Roula is a close second, together with her stupid sidekick.

    • Finally caught up with all the episodes. And yes, Roula is such an unpleasant character. I was also reading on FB, because I was bored watching the show and some people mentioned she has MS. And so they tried to excuse her behaviour…

      And phew, “I am German” – “I am Turkish” can be a bit a dance on hot coals at the moment I guess. Just pick the best of both cultures. 😀 Turkish food is yummy, like poaca. Soooo simple, but utterly delicious.

        • I love making them as well. 🙂 Have to find out now how to make them gluten free as I cannot eat it anymore.^^ In a city close to my hometown (Mannheim) we have a street called Dönerstraße (Kebap Street). Seriously, there is one Turkish bakery or Kebap Store next to another. It is like food paradise on earth. 😉 When I was in my early 20s, one of my friends was German/Turkish and his mom (even though a German) made so many delicious treats. It was heaven, seriously. In France there are not that many Turkish people though. 🙁 And the few Kebap Stores here are horrible. They have no proper bread, instead they use soggy panini sandwiches… Yuck. On the other hand, lots of Lebanese restaurants! <3

          • I miss good Turkish food. Hardly any in Adelaide, whereas Canberra, my hometown, has some great spots

          • There’s a turkish restaurant in Sydney, Anason. I know Somer and if I ever make it to Sydney, I’ll go there for sure. It all looks so delicious. They were on that cooking show “the Chefs’ Line”, too. Brilliant.

        • Rhubarbara, try Effendy. The original Turkish restaurant. Same owner and chef as Anason. Just that Amazon is in the posh area of Barangaroo

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