MKR Tues – the glasses-wearing mates (including the pot stirrer) cook

Blurb says: Teams travel to Brisbane where best buddies Stuss and Steve set out on a culinary odyssey. But will their big fat Greek feast be a big, fat fail?
Let’s hope their nonnas have taught them how to cook. Cue photos of dead nonnas and picking tomatoes/lemons/olives togethers.



  1. Argh! Roula and sycophant are so rude. Pathetic they acted like victims last night – if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

  2. Thank goodness I can do other things while watching this stupid show!

    I am just about to throw in my towel!!

  3. Watching them prep it seems Stuss is the cook of the two. I like the idea of having it in the corner store.
    The dress Plastic 1 is wearing is not doing her any favours.

    • So it’s yet another team for who “cooking is our life!” but they clearly and obviously have no idea how to cook?

  4. Steve needs to talk less and do some work. It worries me the lamb isn’t on by the time the guests arrive.
    Oh dear – the drink spill incident just drew even more attention to the cleavage. Surely they aren’t her shoes anyway? Wouldn’t wardrobe dress them?
    Judges’ arrival music: Toto’s Hold the Line

  5. As much as I don’t care for the plastic sisters, they get the line of the episode … nay, the line of the season … when Roula picks up a donkey toy in the Greek-themed restaurant.

    “Look, it’s an ass holding an ass.”

    I nearly fell off the couch laughing. That was fantastic.

  6. Why didn’t they buy filo as well? They could have bunged the store bought stuff in the oven along with the homemade and then decided at the end which to use

  7. I think I’m slightly behind the rest of you. Here they’ve just put thee lamb in the oven. I couldn’t help thinking those parcels were crammed together too closely and I’m guessing the bags will leak.

    Oh dear – they’re back and fighting. Starting to not really like Steve. He’s contributing nothing to the cooking but is constantly criticising Stuss.

    Can anyone cook this year ? So far the only ones to come close are the Mums. Please let the Sisters cook well just so we can see Roula’s face.

    • Yay! Someone else who finds Steve annoying. Two grown men having a spat (a few of them actually) is not remotely entertaining.

  8. You guys are mostly an hour ahead of me, thanks to daylight savings, so can I just ask, is the next hour of this program going to be nothing more than Steve and Stuss passive-aggressively shouting, “Mate!” “Mate!” at each other while bumbling their way through a kitchen and ruining two more meals?

    Because I’m having one of those, “Why am I even watching this rubbish?” moments, tonight.

    And they’re not overtly awful, like the plastics or Roula, but when you take a step back, neither Steve nor Stuss is that likeable as a person, are they?

      • See, Jordan’s greatest feature was that he could actually cook (he was also gorgeous and funny and smart, but that’s neither here nor there).

        And judging from the onscreen evidence so far, channel 7 clearly doesn’t want people who can cook. On their cooking show.


  9. They didn’t even have a taster for the lamb! So, open four parcels, take a little out of each one and taste! Especially after being bagged for your lack of seasoning on entree

  10. Surely, traditionally, they would make that lamb in one big dish, with the veg roasted separately. They’ve tried to fancy it up with the paper

  11. Good lord. 3 and a half hours, between entree and main.

    It must have been close to midnight by the time they actually got the main course out. Forcing the teams to sit there and wait for all that time, that’s just cruel. I bet there were more than a few Maccas runs after filming ended.

    Oh, and after all that, the food was inedible rubbish.

    Not to mention, Steve is coming across as an aggressive douchebag, while Stuss seems to live in this world of saying, “It’ll be all right mate!” while the house collapses around him. Stuss, stop telling us how much you love to cook, because you clearly can’t.

  12. What truly awful people R & R are. Every one at that table felt so bad during that critique and those two couldn’t contain their glee.

    And Rachel saying “If she was served this at a restaurant she’d tell them to put it back in the oven”. Does anyone believe she has eaten at a restaurant ? Maccas doesn’t count.

    • Every time she says “I’d send it back” I laugh because if that is true she must have consumed gallons of saliva from the number of chefs she must have offended.

      • Ha, Jayblossom, thanks for the laugh. I’ve worked in kitchens and never seen any kitchen staff really do that, but an exception could be made if
        R & R were customers. It hasn’t started here yet, but I’m having a quick look through comments. No worries about “spoilers” with watching MKR – the Plastics will be snarky and bitchy, the Rudes will be obnoxious and churlish, and no one can actually cook.

        • I’m glad it was taken as intended. My friends that are chefs have never done that either and I was worried about impugning the profession but as you say R&R could drive even the nicest person to retaliation.

  13. As much as I love daylight saving, it will be good when we most of us are sort of in-sync. Five time zones in summer is ridiculous.

    • I find that when a show is really compelling, or that I’m really invested in what I’m watching, spoilers start to matter. Like, if I really didn’t want to be spoiled, I wouldn’t be here until the show ended.

      But this season has been a very awful chore, so far.

      Maybe it’ll get better when Henry the truffle farmer shows up?

  14. Total score: 49.
    Every dish sucked – although we have seen people score in the 30s before.
    The quail entree had no flavour; the lamb parcels were undercooked; and the baklava was burnt

    • Wondered if it was possible to slice off the burnt bottoms of baklava?

      Throwing away the flavoursome juice was a master stroke from Stuss. Not likeable people, they stuck up for Roula , idiots.

    • Yes but 30’s were with five teams scoring not 7, that said I’m with you that the score was generous to say the least.

  15. Highlight of the episode? The part when they finally used proper music aka Carmina Burana.^^ But oh, I am quite fond of it as my grandparents took me with them to see it (both loved opera and classical music in general).

    Anyway, overall I felt a bit sorry for Stuss. He doesn’t seem to be that awful as opposed to his Indiana Jones for the really poor-mate. He was so condescending at times.

  16. Thanks to all the great comments here I have no need to watch the show. Apart from a couple of flick-overs during commercials on other channels, and the promos, it is all I need, and definitely all I want, to know of the show but there is always more. Does Stuss have a Greek background? If so, his yiayia(?) would be having conniptions at the mangling of these dishes. (This is going back a bit, quite a bit, but does anyone in Sydney remember Joe the Gadget Man who used to flog gadgets for Nock & Kirby’s? Well that’s who Steve reminds me of.)

  17. I didnt watch last season, did they have two lots of teams? Maybe that is the intention with this season: the first lot are crap and the second lot are cooks?

    • Yes, there’s another load of deluded and desperate contestants waiting.,..perhaps one or two teams will be able to cook but it’ll be more fighting.

  18. Hope there is a team from SA in the next round. We Croweaters have routinely produced winners in these ‘faux’ cooking shows!!

  19. That was yet another fizzer in the kitchen. I’ve never had baking paper dissolve and tear like that, what did these guys do? And Steve, “marinate” is the verb form, you meant “marinade” the thousand times you said it.

    A little lesson on manners wouldn’t go astray at the table. I know it must have been a setup, but one of the Vietnamese mums asking a Plastic if her face was natural, was very rude. What the hell, people? Who would ask that of an almost stranger? This season is just fucking weird all around.

    • They might well have used toilet paper and the cheap stuff at that.

      No one’s asking Pete if his tan is real or whether he’s had his ears pinned back etc. Rude guests indeed.

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