1. Seriously Roula you act and look like you are on the decks (dex amphetamines). Talk about crazy eyes
    Rachael reminds me of Wednesday Adams with that forehead

  2. Oh and nice makeup tide line Roula. You needed to blend blend blend.
    I like Stella and jazzy, though they are doing that second year uni “alternative” thing

    • I quite like Stella and I don’t dislike Jazzy but the whole abbreviation thing is a bit forced and hard to take.

  3. I must admit to kinda liking this in an nasty evil way. I can’t help but think MKR sorted the contestants into crappy cooks with attitude group and good cooks group – and they keep pitting them against each other.

  4. Such a beautiful, grand, majestic old hotel.

    Such trashy people cooking within.

    Although I gotta be honest, I’ve already added high tea at that hotel to my Australian travels list. But isn’t this episode all a waste of time? We know from the previews that Roula and Rachel wind up yelling at Colin in Elimination House, so it’s a pretty even bet that they’re the weakest chefs tonight (it’s also refreshing to know that, aside from being awful people and terrible chefs, they’re total slobs, as well).

  5. I came in late can someone please explain:
    1. How gp 1 ended up cooking again?
    2. Where they are? (I get that it’s a high tea challenge)
    3. Why I’mm bothering to ask?
    4. What was the good spring roll tip?

    • They have change the format this year. Gp 1 will do one team challenge, Gp 2 will do the next. Bottom team in each challenge will meet in a sudden death cook off.

      If they all compete together in the team challenges, teams from Gp 1 will drop like flies.

      Tip for crunch spring roll is to dip into beer before frying. But some eaters comment that it wasn’t very crunchy

    • They’re in a hotel overlooking the Blue Mountains. The Hydro Majestic Hotel. Looks like a classy place, although I imagine they lost a star just by Roula walking in the front door.

  6. Making individual tarts for 60 people is asking for trouble. How many times do we see ripple have trouble getting them out of the tin without breaking? I hate to say it but RnR’s plan for a glass dessert is smarter

  7. R&R are slobs and to see the way they were cooking who would want to eat their food. Colin was giving them good advice about keeping the area clean but they didn’t seem to care. R&R think they know best. Hope they get eliminated. Can’t believe that they would win against a Group 2 team unless that team is Matt and Aly.

  8. R and R not even cooking tonight but the promo is all about them.

    Please knock them out in the next sudden death cook off.

    • Channel 7 must be loving it. In real life does Roula just constantly swear, or does she turn it on just for the cameras?

  9. My favourite part (in terms of it had me laughing) was the bit during the high tea where R and R thought they were being charming. There was such a disconnect between what they were saying and reality.
    The looks on some of the patrons faces were priceless.
    During the critique I also couldn’t help thinking that Roula doesn’t have a resting bitch face she has a resting bitch-that- has-just-sucked-on-a-lemon face. The other teams realise that at the very least you need to pretend to be happy when other pairs are getting praise.

    • I noticed that, too JayB. A couple of the women at the tables barely refrained from rolling their eyes, or curling their lip, at Rancid’s and Rude’s attempts at being sweet.
      One more “all up in our grill” comment would have had me wiping up their disgusting workbench with their smug orange little faces.

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