1. Something about the waitresses has always seemed off, to me. They’re just so awkward and strange, but at the same time, they’re both really bland. They remind me of someone who’s so desperate to convince everyone how kooky and out-there and crazy they are, that they forget that, like the rest of us, they’re perfectly ordinary. They’re not vile, like half the other teams, but they’re not that likeable or engaging either.

    Also, they’re yet another team who tell us, “We love cooking and cooking is our lives!” And you know that means they can’t cook. Like, at all.

  2. I’m sorry to harp on about this but are the contestants doing their own make-up this year? The foundations don’t match their skin tones and they have really obvious “mask” lines. There is plenty to bother me about this season and this just adds to it.

  3. Oh god. So they got 10s for entree and the rest was atrocious? I was looking forward to watching it later in the hopes they could cook. I really hope the Plastics can cook because so far only two teams in this group has shown any skill and there have been many bombs – not merely meh meals but actually inedible stuff

  4. I gave up after the entree. If Rachel was going to say “I’m just not impressed” (she needs to get some new material) what was she going to say about the dishes that were truly bad.
    The scoring seems to be all strategic or we are missing something. The other teams scored both the waitresses (1 outstanding dish and 2 bad ones) and the not cooks (1 decent dish and 2 bad) less than Stirrer and Stussy (3 bad dishes). It just doesn’t make sense to me. But why am I looking for logic on MKR?

  5. I gotta admit, the girls lost me at about the point that one of them uttered, “We went hectic with the duck.”

    What the ducking hell are you ducking talking about?

    Even those last two courses looked awful, tonight. Gosh this show is annoying. I’d hope that the Plastic Sisters can actually cook (although the preview, where one of the sisters is telling the other not to cry, doesn’t bode well. Besides, as if either of them still possesses functioning tear ducts) … but I’m not hopeful.

    • Windsong, your comments are gold. I’m about to sit down and try to watch this debacle of a show. 730 and QI are an option, or maybe I’ll go wash my hair.

  6. Is the ‘twist” that the new teams have to cook against the bottom 2, 4 or 6 teams in the mansion?
    I hope so, don’t think I can take another round of restaurants.
    I’m really hoping only the top 2 teams are safe and the bottom 6 have to cook off to stay in. The only problem is that I’d like more than 2 teams to be sent home.

    • Yeah, I was actually really disappointed tonight. The waitresses earned some pretty low scores, but with them on the bottom? That means Steve and Stuss get a reprieve.

      And the waitresses, while being talentless and too quirky for their own good, are at least moderately harmless. Which is more than I can say about the two bozos.

  7. Gosh reading your comments is way better than putting myself through the show. Even though I have no idea who these plastics and Roula are. The ads are pretty bad – hard to avoid as they are as thick on the ground as that girl’s lips on her face are.
    Nothing I have read has got me rushing back to the tv either. Coping super well without MKR on my screen.
    But I appreciate you all being yourselves and witty and clever. Def worth reading! Thanks for taking the hit for the team JB, wind song, LP, BDD, Juz, Maz and – well – everyone really.

    • Thanks Brussells. At the moment I’m hanging out for Uni to start so I have a good excuse NOT to watch TV. Weird, whenever I’ve studied in the past it had been the other way around.

    • Me too, Brussell. Life is much calmer without watching the show, but I am loving the comments section.

      I thought I had heard that there was to be a “twist” in the scoring. I gather that didn’t mean that they have made it fair?

  8. I think I won’t watch it. It’s just trainwreck after trainwreck. :S I don’t think the Plastics can cook either. Maybe it’s false advertising, but the Plastics are with those waitresses and the guy that has no clue in a shot wearing black. Guess they might have a cook off with the worst 3 teams?

    • I got a laugh out of reading that. Thanks , Maz.

      Though it overlooks why the contestants are celebrated for their vile behaviour….when they should be king hit.

      Viewers need to see an occasional success, like the Viet Mums….but then one has the temerity to ask about store bought faces and she’s straight on my shit list. She’s no oil painting, right? MKR is failure porn mixed with fighting.

      • “MKR is failure porn mixed with fighting.”

        My gosh, that is the most perfect description of this show.

        Meanwhile, on the other major channels, you have the vile “Married at First Sight”, while another change lets people enjoy d-grade celebrities being abused and degraded for fun.

        What the hell is wrong with the Australian television industry?

        • I’m trying to juggle all three of the shows you mention. The weather’s hot but the entertainment’s not.

          I’d rather try to do a Rubik’s Cube than decide which is the worst show.

          1.5 mill watch the MKR bilge for nights of failure and food fraud.

          • I can’t stomach, “I’m a celebrity”. There’s something deeply troubling about the whole thing. Plus, I’ve never really bought into the celebrity thing. I don’t know these people, but the idea of torturing them for my amusement? Not cool.

            As for “Married at First Sight”, with all the nonsense that went on in 2017 about gay people and being able to get married, I can’t stand seeing the (apparently) sacred and holy institution of marriage be abused as entertainment on a tacky reality TV show.

    • That’s interesting about the sponsor equipment. Still doesn’t explain people burning stuff, nor seasoning, not cooking a spare to taste

    • Seems like the meanness of the contestants is matched by that of the producers. I would be extremely angry if I was deliberately sabotaged by them in the supermarket or kitchen, and then very unwilling to follow the script after that.

  9. The waitresses can’t cook, but they think touching the food with their fingers a million times as they put it on plates will improve the taste. Yuk. I think they’ve watched chefs where they work make a few recipes, maybe they asked a couple of questions, and, voila, they’re instant chefs. They aren’t very good at waitressing either, since neither can carry a plate without putting her thumb right into the plate. Keep your damned thumb away from the food. Evidently they can’t even make up a shopping list, since they forgot the star anise.

    The guy who knows nothing about cooking is getting tiresome. Does he live under a rock?

  10. Sigh…. just when it couldn’t get any worse, those two cooked. Those “plastic surgery gone wrong” gals are going to be the only ones who can cook, aren’t they? I had a feeling when they had ZERO ideas on how to rescue the cod that things were going to slide.
    Bring back sausage king and his wife! At least they had potential. As for Manu and Pete, what does it say about them that they are happy to front such a pile of crap? $$$$

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