No MKR – Spartan starts tonight

There’s no My Kitchen Rules tonight as Seven is premiering Spartan – aka Ninja Warrior with teams.
It screens from 7-8.30pm.
MKR is back tomorrow for the elimination, where Group 1 judges the bottom two teams from Group 2. Which means Roula and Rachel will be back on screen. Erk.
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  1. Format change this year. I guess to keep Gp 1 in longer.

    After surprise elimination on Tue, we only get one team from Gp1 and Gp 2(base on worst performer in Group team challenge) to have a cook off.

  2. I’m actually looking forward to the Spartan show tonight. Hopefully it has an ending that’s actually achievable, because lord knows, the ninja-show was a disappointment.

  3. Holy stud muffins, the Shark Squad. The leader seems like he’s on drugs. Like, he’s operating at about a 400, and we need him down to about a 7 or so.

  4. There were a lot less contestants through, but I actually liked it as much as, if not moreso, than Ninja Warrior. I mean, same basic thing, but the elements of team-work made the challenges more interesting.

  5. Almost a clone of Ninja Warrior, but they have hit the money (probably literally) with the hosts. I couldn’t watch NJ because of the shouty woman and her pal, but these two, plus a very genuine teddy-bear-like Wendell Sailor were perfect.

    As in the other show I would like a little less back story and more of the actual runs, but it is a minor quibble. I am hooked. See you next week, Hamish and Edwina.

    • I could take or leave Wendell Sailor, to be honest. I suspect he’s just there because the other show had a cricketer as a sideline commentator? But agreed with you about the hosts, they were much more pleasant.

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