1. What is the premise of this season? I think I saw something about the contestants having to learn from the mistakes of the past? What does that mean?

    • Finance, A lot of the idols or advantages on this season will be ones we have seen in past seasons that were used/ not used in memorable moments. For instance gravedigger James was once voted out with two unplayed idols in his pocket because he was cocky. There was also one classic moment where someone pretended a stick was an idol (this was back before everyone went to an effort with fake idols by sticking in beads etc). I will be interested to see if this time around the stick actually IS an idol. I believe the shell idol of Lauren’s that Dr Mike threw in the fire was fished out by production for re-use.

  2. I’ve seen it but will give it a few days so you guys can catch up. FYI some of you may want to put subtitles on when Donathan from Kentucky is speaking

    • Poor Seth Rogen dude. He needed a much better cover story for his Ghost Island trip. But he was pretty much doomed being on a tribe with so many alpha men and women, and no token “old” people to get rid of first. I am enjoying the confessionals from Stephanie the Survivor fan and yoga instructor (or is that a takeout, Henry style?)

  3. One thing I hate about double episodes we don’t get to see the first voted out person’s final words.

  4. Josh Rogan was stupid. He didn’t test the waters on who he could trust. He wasn’t the great player het hought he was. But that dyed black hair semi dready girl looks like being a threat. Which we know can be good for her, but we know where that target always goes; right on their back.

  5. I am starting to wish that they ban people having secret conversations at tribal. I think that was the downfall of the first “evictee” – I suspect that that vote changed at tribal because she started that. She nailed her own coffin.

    Notice the Lee (Aust version) look-alike – he looks very wily – very little talking and lots of listening and noticing.

    Feel sorry for Morgan who has had her secret exposed already, through no fault of her own.

    We haven’t seen much of the other tribe yet, but this tribe seems full of very, very smart women. As mentioned, long black-hair lady is putting herself out there early – she will need to be very smart to not be targeted. She also looks quite cocky which won’t go down well.

    What is it with Donathan in the challenge? He refused to participate until really pushed but later said that he was confident of his diving skill and knew he could do it. Was he trying to sabotage, or trying to make James a target when it became clear that he was struggling?

    • Yeah I feel bad for Morgan too. And they’re already merging next week. That must be a record.
      Yeah when they whisper at tribal they usually write on the screen what they’re saying. They wrote the first thing but nothing else.

    • Agree, Fijane. It’s tribal council, not Chinese whispers. I bet there are plenty of others who dislike them all getting up and whispering.

    • If Donathon the Incomprehensible had got more than 1 vote Probst would at least have stretched the suspense to Gonzalez 2 Donathon 2. There is no way that a tribe can switch in midstream to vote unanimously against 1 person. I assume her social skills were spectacularly bad.

      In the second episode I was just about yelling at Jacob not to fake an idol. Fake idols never work and they just make people suspicious. But then Construction Paranoid pulled this genius strategy of having a real idol and showing someone a fake idol.

      • I get your point about changing mindstream, but I wonder if a few were still vacillating between the two, knowing their vote wasn’t going to make a difference, and then her behaviour pushed their vote her way. Who knows?

        • Wikipedia has the voting as 8-1. I’d think our old friends the editors decided there had to be tension and cut out Gonzalez’ social difficulties to build up a dramatic tribal.

          I cannot be alone in thinking ‘Sad’, which is whats she said on her way down the path, sounds like the end of a presidential tweet.

          • Welcome back, Alan. At least the show no longer has the issue of two Stephanies on the show. I was not keen on Jeff calling her Gonzalez – usually the surname has to be earned a la Wentworth

  6. How hilarious is it that there’s an actual yoga instructor after that guy in the Aussie version pretended to be a yoga instructor last year.

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