Bachelor in Paradise starts Sun

The show we’ve all been waiting for starts on Ten at 7.30pm and runs until 9pm.
Should do quite well, given MKR is on an extended break. While there is a large group on the island at the start of the show, new contestants arrive on a regular basis. I will be interested to see if there are any Survivor-like alliances formed, so people can save their friends from being eliminated. I’m thinking Jarrod won’t last long, although the producers would be desperate for him to stay.
The blurb for the following night (Mon, 7.30-9pm) says: The women’s power in the impending rose ceremony tonight is playing on everyone’s minds, with speculation mounting on whether there would be any new arrivals beforehand to stir things up.



  1. The moron who relieved himself in Jarrod’s pot plant is there. Paradise Lost.

    I’ve been planning to watch this. Looks a volatile bunch.

  2. Many of the nasty people on Matty J and Sophie Monk season are in it. Of course Kiera is there as well.

  3. Oh no. Just saw the extended ad. Whos the little blonde dude with the ponytail from Sophie monks bachelorette. 🤮 vomit squared (can’t find symbol for squared)

  4. It’s the kind of island paradise where there’ll be more crabs on the contestants than in the water.

  5. I can smell the fake tan from here. It will be awful, cringeworthy and all the rest of it and I’ll be watching with the rest of you. As for the eyelashes, well they are something else.

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