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To all of the Aussie Bold or Beautiful, we are now in the midst of a paternity maelstrom. Stephie is lucky it’s only a toss up between two possible fathers, but it’s painful non the less as she stands to rip apart the father and son she fought so passionately to reunite. I know you are faithful followers out there, so rather than recounting February, I will instead pose some deeply disturbing questions.
1. Where the hell was Shedevil on Christmas day. We were all expecting her to be handing out a tray of lemon bars; perhaps sent over as part of Il Geordino’s catering team. Could she have turned over a new leaf? Why has she not been over in her lingerie to collect her portrait?
2. Which room will Thorne get? Will it be the adjoining suite? And does this mean that Brooke will now have to give up hopes of marrying Ridge so that she can steal Katie’s new lover? How dare Thorne move on so quickly. Will Thorne start a new line; Katie’s bedroom line?
3. Has Katie been using her telescope to eyeball Maneo?
4. Will little Lizzie ever see Santa? Or will she be a twelve year old before she is allowed to come downstairs from napping, like an American Sleeping Beauty, to finally open her presents. It’s her second Christmas and she’s still a no show. On that, who is upstairs minding her? Where is the baby monitor? And will she be a natural fashion designer? Or top model?
5. Why couldn’t Zende afford to fly home for Christmas? And will he get Sarsha pregnant, thus rubbing salt in Nicole’s wounds. Will Nicole get so mad she has a sex change, thus giving Mr Avant back the son he lost?
6. Has Ivy refused to sleep with the writers? Or did she p*ss off Stephie by being too tall and too lovely? Or did she p*ss of Quinn for being a brunette with Elizabeth Taylor blue eyes? Rumour has it, Ivy is spreading her Aussie hopes a bit further afield in the hopes of bigger stardom. Does it even get bigger than B&B?
7. Who played footsie with who under the Christmas table? Were Donna’s legs long enough to reach the big money?
8. Will Liam quit work to play stay at home dad? And if he does, will he grow let himself go and grow a pauch like Wipe’s?
Perhaps March episodes will answer some of these perplexing questions. I am just hoping, that above all, baby Willemena is a girl and that she looks like Bill and likes steak. In spite of the doctor announcing otherwise, the biggest, most burning question of all is is Bill the daddy. Wipes will want to know if he is an uncle or if he and Liam get a new baby brother or sister. The latter will be more fun.



  1. Daisy, at first glance I thought you had veered from soapie summation to political commentary when I read it was all about questionable paternity.

  2. Well😱 one marriage on the rocks and then there,s Càrter wanting Maya. Can’t wait until tomorrow now that Liam knows it ws Bill.

  3. Liam’s like a dog with a bone about “that night”…. his acting was terrible through the scene with Steffy. His fault for going through her bag.

      • I thought Liam was going to throw up when he heard it was Bill.

        No pressure, daisy ~ but a screen shot of that would be nice. It’s right at the end , as usual.

        Bill: “Liam and Steffy must be celebrating right now”. Umm, not exactly, Bill.

        Reliving the Spectra kiss, vow renewal and night at the guesthouse in one fell swoop. Liam first thought it was Wyatt, then it went downhill.

        Maya rejects Carter.

        What a show.

        • Laugh out loud. That was hilarious. I think Liam got Ross River virus.
          I won’t let you down. I will definitely capture that moment when the bomb hits Liam. His finest hour. Liam will probably rush over to punch Bill. I hope Justin hangs around.

          Writers are setting the stage for wounded partners to run into another lover’s arms with Nicole, Rick, Maya and Carter.
          Just a little observation. Rick and Maya were going to have another baby if Nicole bore the child. Now that she isn’t doing it, they can’t be forked. So as long as it’s easy and convenient for them.
          Maya and Rick borrowed Katie’s cd collection for a bit of office conferencing Forrester style.

    • Stephie should remind Liam that it was start afresh night, and it was his idea to absolve himself of all his sins with Sally. I guess the born again marriage was only for his benefit.

  4. Liam’s look when Steffi said “Bill” – I thought he was going to vomit or have a stroke.
    Liam earns his paycheque ! Oh the agony , Steffi has had her ecstasy with $Bill.

      • 😁 I just hope Bill’s seed goes to full term. Another little baby to lock in the Forrester baby closet.

  5. But I got Stephie pretty good. She looks just like a woman whose husband goes through her handbage and opens her mail.

  6. Had to watch it again this morning. Liam’s facial contortions and shakes were so mesmerizing, I missed the schlock sound effects and muzak that went with the chickens coming home to roost.

    Rick and Maya will be on the rocks soon. Good, I say.

    • I know. I was thinking as I looked at my pics, the only way to capture it was on video. A gif would be perfect.

  7. I was so hoping the episode wldnt finish before she told Liam who it was. Cant wait for the fallout this afternoon.

  8. You know how sometimes to get a person to act drunk, they give them a couple of drink, or to get a person to cry, they peel an onion. You can tell the stage hands has to kick Liam in the baubles to prise that emotion from him. Now play it again and you will see what I mean. That’s a kick to the nuts.

  9. Oooooo. I thought Liam was going to fling Stephie away from him, thus causing her to stumble and miscarry Baby Bill.
    Liam might have to roam the streets homeless and jobless for a few days now, growing a long beard and dressed in tatters, until Sally takes him in and copies his tatters for her latest collection.

  10. For now, Liam has dumped Steffy. Bad luck, Donald Duck.

    Liam and Bill end up wrestling on the floor of Bill’s office. Prior to that Liam played Bill like a violin, regurgitating Bill’s sordid history.

    Katie found the huge paternity test leaflet and she’ll blab soon enough. Right now, she’s the shoulder for the nearly miscarrying Steffy to cry on.

  11. Maybe some chest hair might stop Liam looking like a greased baby pig. Or maybe not.
    Now I am recalling the bald rat.

    • Just what I thought, she had such an evil look in her eyes. Wont be long before everyone knows and there will certainly be some pillow talk with Wyatt.
      Spotted in the supermarket today a mag with picture of Brooke and Ridge getting married – beats me how she has the nerve to wear a long white dress.

        • Now how is that possible? “I slept with your wife, but you can have the beach house”? Or “I slept with your wife…by accident”?

          “I slept with your wife because we are family”.

  12. Where to now for Liam? Surely not to the beach house? His options are:
    The French Foreign Legion
    Join UNICEF
    Live under a bridge
    Move in with Brooke
    Go to Paris to find Hope

  13. Missed a lot of today’s ep.

    Liam’s gone missing. Maybe he’s unconscious on a plane to Australia.

    Bill turned up at Steffy’s. She was hoping it was Liam.

    Wyatt was blathering about something. I’ll watch tomorrow,

  14. If Liam is missing, I would first check in the boot of Quinn’s car.

    I saw the new Hopeless on Studio 10 this morning. Perhaps Liam has gone to Paris as was one of my theories.

  15. Just up to the bit where Liam spills the beans to Wipes. Spilled like a clumsy worker at Heinz. Will he swear Wipes to secrecy so that Katy plays furtive and coy with Wipes, and Wipes acts all secretive with Wipes.
    Now would be a good time for Katy and Wipes to come out of the Oedipus closet.

    • Thanks. I fell asleep just after Rick and Maya came in to see Hope had returned.

      I might try to see the clumsy Heinz worker in the morn.

      • It was mostly very boring, Dave. Hope: “Yammer, yammer, yammer”.
        Brooke and Rick: “Yammer, yammer”. All very repetitivel
        And you know… I wouldn’t expect am Emmy for Liam and Wipes.
        You’re telling your brother that your wife slep with your Da, but he seemed as annoyed as if he was complaining about Bill evicting him from his cushy beach house.
        Watch out where you ask to hang your hat, Liam, because Thorne might have beaten you to it.
        Anyway we can see that Liam will soon find hope again…or Hope again, which is a bit of an insult to Sally, who would surely expect to be Liam’s back-up.

        • I watched it. The agony of watching Liam and Wyatt alone in a room, trying to act. Then Bill shows up and preaches family values.

  16. Liam and Wipes trying to act was hard to take.
    Bill loved Steffi first so in his mind, that justifies what he did. What a narcissist!

    New Hope looks like original Hope’s younger sister. Not the last Hope who couldn’t act. Too much HOPE!

    • Those Spencers are pretty messed up. Now would not be a good time for Wipes to tell Bill he’s been delivering pizza to Bill’s ex wife.

      Wasn’t a great ep today. I dozed through it. Bill’s excuses are making me sick.

      Take those Vitamins , Steffi.

  17. Katy and Bill have been divorced long enough for her to sleep with his son, yet still she has nagging rights. And doesn’t she exercise them. Katy banging on is probably going to be the worst punishment Bill gets. I wonder when the big Wipes/Katy (Watey? Kwipes?) affair will be revealed. If the writers don’t hurry up Katy’s purple padded bras will have faded, along with their lust for each other.

    Not sure how anyone in this show can be too mad at Bill, given that Eric has slept with both his daughter in laws (Brooke and Taylor) and Brooke’s sister. They all need to keep a record of who has slept with whom to prevent an accidental incest.
    It could turn out that Coconut and Arjay could be closely related.

    In the meantime, the trigger for the Liam-Bill-Stephie fiasco, aka Sally Spectra has wasted no time rushing over to sing James Taylor to Liam. “You got a friend”.
    The writers will be saving the big next triangle to be a return to Hopeless.

  18. Bah. Now we are back to self-righteous Liam. He must be exhausted. He’s had to go from smitten to outraged and self-righteous, to repentant and grovelling, to jubillant to devasted and now back to self-righteous. That boy sure has range.

  19. Just when you thought Liam’s acting skills couldn’t fall any lower…..today’s episode comes along.

    More Kenny G.

  20. Oh for Gawd sake. Why is Sally over at FC trying to drum up Liam’s ex?

    I am finding Sally Spectra and the new Hopeless annoying.

  21. The last four minutes or so is agony, when Liam produces the annulment papers. Violins and piano. Another pathetic speech from Liam. Steffy’s begged and begged. Liam’s off like a bucket of prawns.

    Stock up on the tissues ,daisy.

    Bill is going to feast on the carcass of Liam/Steffy.

    • I just cried, “Yay Stephie, run freeeee”. 😊
      There is a change of plot. Now it’s 3 women fighting over Liam. That’s 30 female claws. Hasn’t Sally got a cheek going over to Forresters, (from whom she stole millions of dollards worth of designs), to seek out Hope, whom she has never met, to stake her claim in a passive aggressive confrontation which had Hope wondering what it was all about.

      • Today it’s people fighting over Brooke, namely Rick and Thorne trying to white ant Ridge to doddery old Eric. Eric doesn’t want to be reminded how many of his wives Ridge has rooted. It’s all semen under the bridge to him.

        Bill signs the annulment papers. Brooke expected Bill to stall. She’s got some sexy lingerie on for Ridge , who’s blabbering how great it’s gonna be for RJ that they are a family again.

        Come get your portrait, Sheila.

        • 😂😂😂 “Seamen under the bridge”. 😂Looking forward to it. Brooke must have been a bit disappointed Bill didn’t put up a fight.

  22. Bill turns up at Steffy’s , who’s messed up and cowering under a blanket. Liam’s gone. He’ll parent the fruit of their loins but the marriage is gonski.

    Ridge and Brooke announce another engagement. Rick is fuming underneath, RJ in his fake tan can’t wait to get them hitched. Of course, this marriage won’t last long. How many toasters must Brooke and Ridge have by now?

    In a lucid moment, Brooke and Ridge realise that Steffy’s not turning up for work much, so Brooke goes to Steffy’s to nose around. They’ve all slept with each other sometime or another.

    Steffy can’t quite bring herself to tell Brooke that she shagged her husband while they weren’t yet divorced . What a mess.

    • Brooke said she needed Hope to help her plan her wedding. By now Brooke could plan a wedding in her sleep and with earplugs in.

  23. Oh Ivy, nooooooo. Is she trying to look like Brooke? Or has she been given a role as a blonde. The crazy thing is, her asset was her Lizard Taylor looks. I will get a pic of her when the sun goes down (reflection).

  24. Thorne looks like a real spiv. He should keep his nose out of it, not his business
    God knows what Ridge will do when he finds out about Bill

    • There were already enough nosy parkers at Forresters. And the nominees for Nosiest Parker are: Katy, for her performance in Front Loungeroom Window, Brooke for her performance in My Sister’s husband’s Keeper, Arjay for his performance in Home Alone but back for the holidays, and Maya for her performance in The Inlaws and how to give advice from the wings.
      And the award goes to……

      Thorne takes the outstanding newcomer nosy award.
      Even Pam and Charrrrleee have been left behind at the starting post.

  25. Steff is all set to blab to Ridge then the curtain falls..

    Thorne’s moustache is a joke…he needs to move on. He makes me sick.

  26. Ridge knows what Bill did now. Soon Il Gordino’s will be buzzing with the news.

    Hope ‘s gone to comfort Liam, who’s living on take away vegetarian meals. She’ll be offering him some meat soon…

    Brooke’s doing a lot of nosing around. Bill finds it hard to tell her, for some reason…

  27. Disturbed at Bill’s lack of grief over her dumping him, Brooke must run to his office to remind him what he surely must still want a piece of. And to nose around to find out why Bill is so accepting of her decision….and to get him to assisther nosing around in Stephanie and Liam’s business.

  28. Hopeless is still hopelessly in love with Liam, and Liam now scrunches his eyes thinking of Stephie, but already with a hint of temptation, already considering his options of new love. Forget it Sally, you have no chance against Hopeless. (btw that pinky red has been one of my favourite classic colours since I was a 5 yr old, allowed to dig in my Grandma’s clothes and wear her pink/red beaded satin stole).
    Sally will have to think of a new name to call Hope as she already has “Princess” for Stephie. My suggestion is “Prima Donna”. It’s got a good ring to it.
    Anyway, Hope is that sad girl who is never able to let go. But that’s the writers’ fault.
    How are you liking the new Hopeless? Do you think she has fitted the old Hope’s shoes like Cinderella, or is squeezing in like one of the mean step sisters? It wasn’t really a hard shoe to fit.

  29. Typical, leave us hanging for the weekend to see what Ridge will do! I don’t like the new Hope, I’d rather Liam took up with Sally. So who does that leave for Hope – perhaps Wyatt, then Katie could be with Thorne.
    I can’t help but think that Bill is the baby’s father – the doctor didn’t look too convincing when she gave the test results to Steffi. Time or the supermarket magazine rack will tell us sooner than later.

    • I allso was thinking that a new dna test will show Bill to be the father. But perhaps it will go; Liam nestles into Hope’s bosom for comfort, which drives Stephie into Bill’s stallion arms, which then gives a storyline to the co parenting plan.
      No peeking for me Sarah. I prefer guessing and rewriting the script. 🤣

  30. Hope stirs Liam’s loin region by reminding him of all of their most romantic moments. And Liam plays dumb by pretending he doesn’t know where all this is going. I bet Sally and Stephie wouldn’t be so oblivious to Hope’s intentions.

    • Ridge to Bill, “You will NEVER be with my daughter”. Which means she will.

      Brooke, mimicked Ridge; ” How could you do this to me?” Let’s see….just in the years I have watched, Brooke has stolen and slept her daughter Bridgitte’s husband, her sister Katy’s husband, her father in law. And gawd know who else.

      And now Ridge is going to call the police and have Bill charged with inter-Forrester copulating. There is a file “this thick” on that one.

  31. Little Hopeless innocently poking around offering Liam a shoulder to cry on, and a listening ear to Stephie. About as helpful as the grim reaper visiting you in hospital. I think Stephie’s hubbie stealer radar was bleeping.

    Liam was already musing on the virtues of his blond ex girlfriend/wife? For all Liam’s claims of righteousness and honour, he really is a selfish little brat. If I was Ridge I’d forget punching Bill and be over giving Liam a kick up the bum.

  32. Poor Bold and Beautiful budget. Eric, Sheila and now Liam have all had that horrible dingy room. When in fact Eric and Liam would head straight here to play reclusive…….

  33. Liam’s a bastard. He won’t forgive Steffy. All of a sudden “forgiveness” is a dirty word and he’s as cold as ice.

    Angry Brooke gives Bill a moral lecture. Bill says it’s lurve made him do it, still with Ridge’s punch mark on his face. I think she’s jealous that Bill doesn’t love her any more.

  34. Brooke lecturing Bill on the evils of infidelity was one of the funniest moments of television so far this year.

    I mean, she would be the expert, but still.

    • I was laughing out loud at the TV with Brooke moralising to Bill about breaking up a family.
      “people in glass houses should not throw stones” and “the pot calling the kettle black “ are two sayings that come to mind with the hypocritical Brooke.

      Liam won’t take Steffy back. I wouldn’t either. Steffi and Bill are a better match . Both are big narcissists. Liam is a better match with Sally.
      That new Hope is looking for a storyline. I think she should go back to Italy. Nothing for you here in LA unless Hope falls in love with Bill. Now that could be interesting!

      • Bill and Stephie wear black so they go together. Hopeless is pastel and Liam is beige so they match. Sally is psychedlic and Wipes is a bit psycho so they could match at some point.

  35. Yes, Brooke cain’t haindle the truth. Neither can Liam.
    Even beyond any other B&B evil deed that I can recall seeing was Brooke sneaking around having sex with Deacon when he was married to her daughter. 2nd to that was her sneaking around having sex with Bill and letting Katy think she was crazy and knowingly driving her to alcoholism. Although Brooke probably wouldn’t describe it like that. The worst kind of poison is one in a lolly wrapper.

    OK, now I am getting too serious. 😄😄😄😄

    • She has Hope to Deacon, who was married to her other daughter Bridgitte at the time. Brooke and Deacon had a shabby affair behing Brigitte’s back. She screwed Deacon over, refusing to let him see baby Hope. I think Eric is Brigitte’s father. Brooke and Eric were probably sneaking behind Stephanie’s back. She also had Rick with Eric. Then she has Arjay with Ridge.
      So Bridgitte, Hope, Rick and Arjay. She also got pregnant to Bill, but miscarried.

  36. Hope goes one way, then another, then another, and ploy after ploy to nose her way in between Stephie and Liam. Doesn’t she know that the ex love-of-his-life isn’t the best choice for mediator. Mind your own business Hope.
    She has spent the whole day running from Sally to Liam to Stephie and now to Ridge looking for a cracking in the wall of silence.

    Ha ha. Good for you Ridge, “Sit this one out”.

  37. Thanks for the who’s who! Wonder where Quinn and Sheila are these days.
    Hope has been brought in to stir things up – what a ‘sweet’ little person she is – knows exactly what she’s doing. Will be a fight between her and Sally for Liam’s broken heart. At least Sally isn’t a relative – at least that we are aware of!

  38. Brooke to Hope, “You didn’t hear it from me”.

    “I just let you guess until you got it right”.

    She’s a sweet, innocent and persistent trouble maker that little Hopeful is. She has gone all over town with her little floral print skirt and shouldre bag, probing and prying Liam, Stephanie, Ridge then Brooke until she could get the dirt on Stephanie. Next stop, back to Liam’s to “help” the couple by showing Liam how shocked she is, thus revealing how much sweeter, nicer and holier than Stephie she is.

  39. The less said about yesterday’s ep the better.

    Bridge expect everyone in LA to be jumping through hoops of excitement that they are going to “merge” yet again. The tears flow.

    No mention of the Bill, Steffy, Liam triangle of torment today.

    Such a thrill to be Maid of Honour or Best Man at such a doomed, short lived deal.

    The Groundhog Day wedding is ripe for sabotage on so many fronts. Quinn and Thorne , for example.

  40. All I have been saying to Brooke (the tv) is, “You hypocrite. You slept with your daughter’s husband, your sister’s husband, your father in law (presumably when he was still married) not once but had “affairs. And you bang on in shock at Billanie”.
    Why don’t the writers have her mention that?

  41. A whole episode again of sickening hogwash about the wedding.

    Something’s bound to go wrong.

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