MKR Elimination: Hipster Hat V Sisters

The weakest teams from each group challenge meet at Elimination House. It’s calm versus crazy in a clash of the titans and, as one person spins out of control, a storm at the table blows up.

Based on past performance, I guess the out of control person is Emily AKA Mrs HHH. Sisters should win if they stick to classic Chinese.



    • The funny thing is in so many occasions, Gp 2 gave higher scores even though the critiques were really bad.

      Both menus look good.

  1. Sonya “I’m not talking to you like you’re stupid honey.” Um I think putting the honey on the end contradicts the rest of the statement.

  2. I get the impression the rest of group 2 don’t have the love for Georgia and Alicia that Hadil and Sonya do.
    I posted that then read Big H’s comment 16 – just finished mains here but it seems I may have been right.

      • No you didn’t spoil it – I can choose not to look. I was just pointing out that we were thinking alike. It seemed to me that the rest of gp 2 were bending over backwards to compliment Hipster Hat food to compensate for Sonya and Hadils bias, then I read you comment and thought “Yep”!

      • Never worry about spoilers here, Big H. We have people from various time zones and even different countries and, unlike the whingers on Facebook, they are smart enough to know not to look. The exception is if anyone watches Survivor in 9Now at say 3pm instead of the free to air TV time slot

  3. “We don’t laugh in people’s faces!”

    No, you just mock them for being poor behind their backs. That’s so much better. I think we have some new villains!

    I also loved their reaction to the mains. The artfully designed lamb is put before them? “That’s not fine dining.” The girls drop a bowl of fish of lettuce before them? “That’s fine dining!” …. urm, okay girls.

    That’s the Jordanian girls in a nutshell right there, isn’t it? They’re just stuck up snobs.

  4. So let me get this straight, in Sonya and Hadil world it is okay to:
    Tell someone their opinion is wrong (happened during entree)
    Point your finger at someone and tell them how to behave
    Loudly proclaim your opinion but disregard any one elses
    Laugh at their economic status
    But it is not okay to
    Reactively laugh at something you find surprising.

    Having said all that I do think Suong can tend towards a bit of passive aggression but Sonya and Hadil are absolute masters of hypocrisy.

    • I don’t like how this show makes me so judge-mental.

      But I really, really dislike some of these people. Really intensely. And I don’t even know them!

      • I justify it by telling myself I’m judging the behaviour I see and not the actual people – but then I am a master of rationalising my own behaviour.

    • It frustrates me that they are doing the villains playing to camera thing because they are actually good cooks and I enjoy seeing Middle Eastern flavours. But they are sooo rude. Makes me miss the Shahrouks from Family Food Fight – good cooks of ME cuisine and while they yelled a bit at each other they were supportive of their fellow competitors

  5. Selective editing is making this show so bad. The Russians have been sideline tonight. Suong didn’t cry when Sonya and Hadil didn’t like Alex and Emily food.

    Scores are screwed again. 20 points difference between Group 1 and Group 2.

  6. MKR will be taking 3 weeks break! No MKR next week. Week after is Easter and start of Comm Games.

    Might as well give up

  7. One thing I did notice. When Emily and Hat were plating up their dessert, there was a lot of swearing, and then later on at the critiques, you could see bandages covering one of Emily’s hands. I imagine she probably burned herself quite badly with the pears.

    You know, I don’t like any of these people, but I don’t want to see anybody get actually injured.

  8. If I was Alex, would’ve shoved Emily’s head in the microwave and slammed the door a few times. End of Entree Emily going “oh honey you look stressed”…. seriously cooking with miss melodramatic would make me go insane… no wonder he wears the hat, she’s making him lose hair by the clumpful.

    Does she not realise he’s the calm and calculating one… not like he’s doing nothing and being idle the whole time…. you have more time Emily if you didn’t stress and annoy him every 2 minutes… best was when she almost walked into the back of him and she tells him off because he almost made her spill something.

    Now to the Jordanians… part of me tells me they did that on purpose… get peoples noses out of joint to score them lower (good strategy). But by george their nasty pieces of work… was just waiting for one of them to say don’t like the Juus (jews) for someone to say of course they don’t like jews.. they’re jordanians.. at list the sis sis sis sis team is out!

  9. Can’t believe how much higher Hatster and Emily scored compared to the sisters. Don’t like the sisters but don’t like Hatster or Emily either. His hat needs to be tossed and she has to stop being frenetic, crying and screeching.
    This Group 1 vs Group 2 faux drama is a waste of time and the only team I would like to see win would be Henry and Anna because they can cook and they also seem like nice people.
    Bunch of BS about the walkout. The door needs to hit the backsides of Sonya, Hadl, the Plastics and Hatster & partner soon.
    Double scores and group 1/group 2 scoring is just stupid and they need to go back to the original format without all the extra drama.

  10. Oh girls, what a BIG life lesson you learnt tonight. You are not confident – you are cocky and arrogant. Hope tonight you learnt some humility and respect for your opponents and the other teams around the table. You dismissed them as having inferior palates and only worried about the judges. Oops!! More votes around the table overall than the judges!!!!!!

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