I’m a Celeb – final episode

Who’s your pick to don the King or Queen of the Jungle crown?
A reminder of previous seasons’ results.
2015: 1st Freddie Flintoff, 2nd Barry Hall, 3rd Chrissie Swan
2016: Fev, Paul Harragon, Laurina
2017: Casey Donovan, Dane Swan, Nat Bass



  1. I didn’t like the winners the first 2 seasons so was really happy to see Fiona win but would have been happy to see Nolsy win too.
    That ridiculous challenge was hilarious. Why didn’t they use the hand rails on the side? Or weren’t they allowed to? Don’t think it would have mattered if they hadn’t got any stars, being the final 3 & the last night I think they would still have got the nice meal.

  2. Came here to see who won. Yay team Fi. And Nollsey second.
    Could not have been better scripted (although I would be saying the same thing if had been the other way around).
    The household where I am staying in Hobart is vaguely (and in awe) watching MAFS. They have lived o/s for the last 10 years and have suddenly been introduced to the joys of reality tv. Priceless.

  3. I didn’t mind Freddie as i thought he was the most entertaining (although would have preferred an Aussie to win the first series) could take of leave Fev and Casey. Was very happy to see Fi win and especially see Danny third, as I am convinced he thought he would win. I tuned out to most of his chat with Chris and Julia but i read on twitter he thanked Ch9 for their support of his charity. haha!

  4. I am a little bit over the headline news being Nollsey came second, as if that is more interesting than anything else that happened on IMAC.
    Hey guys, a woman won, and an older woman at that. Could we make that the news headline?

  5. I think Freddie and Fiona won for the same reason; naturally funny (without trying), endearing with enough tragedy in their back story to give them a soft side.
    I think Fiona was the obvious winner all along, but then when Peter went early, it was a case of not knowing who could win. Then again, possibly Peter and Fiona would have had the same fans, which divided the vote, explaining Peter’s premature exit.
    Oh my Gawd, listen to me analyzing an rtv show. Can I even hear myself????

  6. I was disappointed when they were showing Danny the footage of his time & comments some of them said they only played the positive stuff. I would have liked them to have shown how upset Jackie & Simmone were at some of the way he treated them. He needed to see that.

    • They did that with all of them. They would have trouble getting big names in the future if the celebs feel humiliated at the end.

      I take that back. I think they might have let Keira see some of her bad behaviour. I don’t recall them showing Chrissie, Joel or Anthony Callea.

  7. I enjoyed the last show, but like Juz, the recording cut out and I have yet to watch the end. The reason I enjoyed myself was that I had only watched snippets up until this week. I was surprised how much I laughed, and at how much funny stuff I had missed. Some of the early people I didn’t know who they were.

    Glad to see Fiona win, but I still think Peter should have. This episode seems to imply that the producers/editors thought so too.

    • In which case, the producers only have themselves to blame. They edited it. And at one point Peter was behaving like a dick, as one does with ones mates, but a dick nevertheless. What else did the producers think was going to happen when they sowed it?

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