I’m a Celeb – Finals week

Finals week already? But we still have a squillion celebs in the jungle. They’ll have to drop like flies.
Tonight (Sunday) journo Sandra Sully catches the campmates up on the news headlines. Someone (Pete or Fiona) will have to explain to Paul who Barnaby Joyce is.



  1. I didn’t really like tonight’s episode. I thought it was a little mean-spirited showing the petty grievances (the who doesn’t like who). I suppose they did that to double down on the love that was felt after the messages from home but it was all so petty. Or maybe it’s just because nothing is happening.
    The bottom three surprised me, although the final choice did not.
    Never mind. The last week is always the best part – knocking them over one by one.

  2. Oh, sad to see Paul go, I liked him. So funny when he lost his pants during that challenge.
    I’d always wondered how our version compared to the UK one. So our challenges are harder.
    Pete’s freak out was funny.

    • I’m not sure about the trails but I know our version is 6 weeks compared to the UK version 3 weeks.
      I actually think this season has been far less bitchy than others, so i didn’t mind the petty grievances being aired. And I really liked Vickys peach analogy. Some people just don’t like peaches…

  3. Na, happy to see him go. I felt there was a bit of showmanship behing so e of his sob stories. I like Shannon Nolls for just being normal. People say he’s boring, but that to me just means he’s not playing to the camera.

    Surely Peter isn’t in the bottom 3. I would like Jackie to go next then Vicky.

    • I respect your opinion but …. Nah. I think he’s clueless about human interactions and just stringing two thoughts together; that makes him nice but tedious. He doesn’t have an opinion on anything because it’s a vacant space in there.

    • Agree about Paul, he knew had a captive audience as soon as he mentioned the name Princess Diana. I get why his non-disclosure agreement had to be lifted, but surely the Queen could have said you can tell what you need to tell for the inquest or whatever else needed too legally, but then no more…
      Good point about Shannon not playing up for the camera. This is why i’m not a fan of Danny. i think he has realized the popularity of Ron and Brenda and latched on.

      • Agree on Danny playing to the camera, Erin. Others I have seen doing ot are Vicky, Peter, Fiona but it’s a matter of how much that decides if I like them or not. Also I just didn’t like Paul cranking out all the deep and meaningful sob stories. He was full of it. Sob stories I mean.

  4. Two options with the final three – 1. voters have thought that some people are so obviously the ones who should be there at the end, that they direct votes instead to ones they think are in danger, or 2. the producers fudge the figures (which are not revealed anyway) to try to create surprise. I have always been of the opinion that No 2 is very likely. Not necessarily that they completely change results, but that they manipulate the bits that are not final in order to heighten suspense.

    When we saw the final three it was obvious who was going. The other two were impossible.

    I enjoyed the “family” stuff better than usual, I think because it was by video which reduced the sobbing evoked by reading out loud. One can keep control a little better if you don’t have to speak. I am glad, too, that several of the loved ones gave feedback that we love Ron and Brenda. Loved the challenge, much more fun that eating ones.

    • Further to the above… the producers have never, ever said that the three “it might be you” people are actually the bottom three in terms of votes. So technically, “it might be you” could mean that the Ch10 tea lady/guy could have pulled the other two out of a hat.

      • Tea lady = producer! I’m with you. They also might like to indicate that Peter needs votes.
        I am concerned about how much of the silverchair royalties have been spent on saving Jackie. I don’t like her either but it was a bit tough seeing her so upset with Danny.
        Totally understand that she is not their cup of tea but meanness is not good.

      • Totally agree, Brussellsprout. There’s a difference between out and out dislike which comes from an event, or a series of events – like Kiera and Pricey – and a general ‘not my kind of people’.
        No-one can be liked by everybody but you don’t have to let them know. It’s a bit school-boy bully-boy. I wonder if, in spite of his achievements, Danny might be intimidated by strong women.

        • He he. Yeah. Every time Jacky acted like a pious know all, I would just gnaw a hole in my bed. Well not really. It would maybe chew my own ears off. I think I would have to try and zone her out, but would probably cave to an “Oh my Gawd”. At least with Paul you could have just opted to need to go to the toilet when he started with the teary story.
          BTW anyone ever seen any old interviews with Rolf Harris. SNAP. Just like Paul Burrel, tears, and tenderness.Very similar sob stories.

    • My only concern with the loved ones referencing Ron and Brenda is that the other will realize the popularity and try to use it to their advantage.

  5. I agree with everyone who said that that Peter was given an “It might be you ” just to get more votes rolling in for him”.

    On the eye-roling, it’s not the first time there has been a bit of bitching about Jacky. I am glad it was shown because it reveals the group dynamics. The first indication came from Fiona, but she tried to stop herself, no doubt aware of cameras. There is definitely an in crowd and an out crowd in the camp. And a pecking order. I think Peter and Fiona are at the top of their own popularity/pecking order. Josh was in there but seems to have faded away a bit. Danny Green has placed himself squarely beside the two most popular. But others may see it differently.

  6. PS. I liked Vicky’s peach analogy. I don’t like peaches either but you don’t have to tear down the tree.

    • Keep in mind, I would groan about Jacky behing her back….because I am doing that here. 24/7 of her would do me in. But I wouldn’t be mean to her face. Isn’t that how most people operate? No matter how much they try to be nice, they eventually whinge to someone.
      I wonder if Danny intended her to see the eye roll. Maybe it’s a habit he has, a thing he does when frustrated, and doesn’t realize. He will now.

      • That’s why we have ttv; so that we can eye roll and whinge about annoying people on tv, and cheer on our favourites.

        BTW, anyone seen the way people fight on fb with anyone who holds a different opinion on any character? It’s more dangerous than hiking in an old minefield.

  7. Don’t get me wrong, I can be as bitchy as the next person and I have eye-rolling down to a fine art (anyone see that skit with the comedienne taking off Angela Merkel doing an eye roll 🤣) but I don’t think I would do it in a confined space like this.
    I would be very aware that it’s probably hunger and boredom driving me. In other words, it’s not you, it’s me. There’s no point in upsetting or hurting someone’s feelings because I have a problem. Jackie seems like a very nice person who would drive me to drink. I could either give her a lot of space or she would become my bff.
    Not that I think that this is Danny and Pete’s problem. I think they just don’t care whether she is upset or not.
    And I don’t play on FB. That space seems more about artificial outrage to me. Or maybe I am just a social media snob.

    • I wouldn’t be on TTV if i didn’t like a bitch either, but i agree i would try to do it when i thought people weren’t watching.
      I think we are also probably forgetting that, once you get over the niceness and where you are from, what you do etc and since they supposedly have no interaction with the outside world there comes a point where there isn’t much left to talk about except what is going on around you.

      • I think I would have to steer clear of Jackie or I might be tempted to let cheekiness get in the way. It’s not so much the readings, but the know all way she pounces like Orprah. There wouldn’t be enough eye rolling. My eyeballs would pop out and then they would have to eat them in a tucker trial.
        It would be interesting to be in there with them for a day and see if our perceptions changed. Simone and Vicky have also found Danny Green intimidating. I am guessing he has bowed to F &P but shown some disrespect to others. I wonder if that’s why Joshua aka Raul has backed off. Perhaps he has found Danny a bit …..what’s the word when you are only nice to the in crowd? Oh arseh***.

    • I am awful, but I do like ch 7 having a flop sometimes. So sick of them topping the ratings ALL THE TIME YEAR AFTER YEAR. Although I don’t mind Spartan I’m glad it didn’t rate as high as Ninja Warrior did last year.

    • I also heard they already have filmed Season 2.It was filmed at the same time as Season 1. May have to put into back pocket.

      The only consolation is Spartan is a cheap production ( filmed in a few days) whereas IAC cost a fortune to produce.

      • Seven is shelving Spartan for two weeks. Hope that means MKR is back to Sundays. I watched some of it with Mr 6 today. He enjoyed it but it was so repetitive. Were the teams last night rubbish or did they make the challenges too hard?

        • The course is too challenging. According to Edwina, they have to do changes to the course as the teams were finding it too difficult at the practice runs.

      • I have only read a couple of reviews and watched it thru gogglebox. From what I can tell too much focus on the sob story and the course is so hard that you just watch teams do the first 2 obstacles over and over again.

  8. VIcki is a nice girl doing the best she can to prolong her career. Nothing wrong with that.
    What I find fascinating is her overactive lower jaw which swings up and down and side to side.

    • I suspect it is more like a nervous tic. We all have them, it’s just that most are less obvious. I don’t think that she is as confident as she behaves.

  9. This will come as a shock to you all but I am really easily manipulated. The producers have persuaded that Danny is a douche and I would really like him to go next, followed by Josh and then Pete.
    How the tables have turned.

    • As I said earlier, i can be as bitchy as the rest but even I would never totally ignore someone when they were talking to me. I am no Jackie fan either but the way Danny was ignoring Jackie was unnecessary. And to be so confident to not pack your bags really annoys me. Was really hoping he would go tonight to really rattle them.
      I also thought Vicky had a good suggestion to use the egg to make a Frittata.

      • Same here. Even if it’s someone I really dislike & have to work with I will still be civil to them. Danny is becoming a rude prick. I’m with Simone & really hope he doesn’t win it.

  10. Well, even though I said that, I did not see that coming. Call me psychic.
    Or else I’m not the only one easily manipulated.

  11. On the ‘boys’ behaviour in camp, it’s normal to see that in mid to upper primary school; a few athletic selfish boys run over everyone else. Then in high school, they soften a bit as the girls grow boobs and learn to use their power. As the men in camp aren’t interested in any of the women sexually, they return to alpha ape behaviour.

  12. Simone has done her dash with me now. She was already starting to be very mean to Josh in a Yr 9 style when she realised that he was sweet on her, but now she pulls out the line that is guaranteed to blacken any man’s reputation = “oh, I think he just doesn’t like women.”
    Obviously all the sweet girl stuff up until now has been her best face, and now we see the normal one.
    So over women ganging up together pack style.

    • I thought she was referring to Danny. I wonder if Simone is the reason for the change in Josh’s demeanour. Notice how he stopped being playful about a week or two ago.

  13. Yes, I don’t like the ‘two pack’ mentality. It reminds me of in-crowd and outsiders from my school days. Exclusion is a cruel form of pass-agg punishment, and Danny seems to really want to punish Jackie for something.
    Seriously, have they not thought of sitting down with Jackie and talking about it or would that be too grown up? (She says in a snarky voice because sarcasm is just so much better).
    The only one that seems able to move between the groups is Fiona, and I wonder if that’s because she’s Grandma. At least the girls are trying to breach the walls but Danny is being gatekeeper.
    And btw, Pete’s not much better; he’s just more p than a.
    I wonder if it’s mainly women voting now, with ratings down, and all women recognise and hate this sort of behaviour (been there, done that).
    So all boys out?

    • Yes, I have seen Pete play the in group game. He’s only allowed Fiona and the boys in. I don’t know if I can judge because Jackie would do my head in. Not sure if I would come across any better on camera. It strikes me you can’t really go up to Jackie and say, “I’m sorry. It’s not you it’s me. I just don’t like your type” Or, “Sorry but you get on my nerves”. I would try and suck it up, but I just know that I might have an eye-roll, or a ggggrrr, or a little whinge with my washing up partner. It seems less cruel to stab them in the back than head on.
      Paul would have annoyed me too, but only when he dragged out his melodrama, so he would have been easier.
      One thing is for sure, everyone will feel sorry for someone who is outnumbered and picked on, even if they bring it on themselves to a degree, me included. I will always rescue a caterpillar set upon by ants.

  14. PS Hi Daisy, You were right, I was wrong.
    Shannon is not playing this game. He goes to the top of the heap.

    • Wah? I just liked him because he was laid back, and not a show pony. I find in real life, those people have something to say, if you give them a chance. I’m the show pony, of course, but I like the still waters.

    • Points that he hasn’t strapped on his man pants and joined the jocks in their riding rough over the girls. He has stayed gender neutral.
      And I am enjoying his googly eyes and the funny, down to earth Strine he speaks. He came out with the gem, “Haven’t we already got a medium?”

      • This is what I meant. I don’t know whether he likes or dislikes Jackie and he has enough manners to keep it to himself with not even a hint of an eye roll. At anybody.

  15. Hi Guiz,
    I am going to Tassie tomorrow for a week (taking my mother so not all fun and games). Really bad timing as far as television viewing is concerned. The good news is that I won’t have to sit through the tedium of space fillers but the bad news is I will miss the “Drama”.
    I need blow by blow descriptions: every nuance analysed, every conspiracy theory trotted out and every bitchy comment highlighted.

    • Have fun Bobi. Ha ha. Some of us have those mums. Mine’s Dr Phil worthy.
      Promises on the blow by blow. Not too much bitching because I am pretty sure Peter and Fiona watched Chrissie Swan and Joel a-bitchin’ and have therefore been putting a muzzle on it. We won’t. 😆

    • Oh, will if SOMEONE has to be the bitch conspiracy-theorist who insists on putting a nasty interpretation on what are simply innocent actions. . . then I’ll step up to the plate – purely to help out Bobi, of course.
      Have fun-ish in Tasmania.
      While my mother was a constant source of mild irritation and near constant eye-rolling while alive, now she is no longer with us I miss her terribly and have put her on some kind of sunlight sparkling pedestal! Beware what might happen 🙂
      I am not warming to Shannon yet – I don’t dislike him but he’s kind of nothing to me. I do give him massive props for the duplicate medium comment – that WAS indeed fabulous.
      There is something about Danny that is grating on me though. While not enjoying the girl power trash talk, I do think they have a point.

      • Agree, Brussel. Danny is doing passive aggressive. Perhaps he should add that to his anti aggression campagne. The passive aggressive emotional king hit. The Anti Eye Roll CampagneMy rule of thumb is bitching becomes bullying when:
        You get enough ppl on yr side.
        You are the boss in a work place.
        You are way better at it than the other person.

        Just me being sort of silly….yet insightful. 😁

    • Thanks all. Mum is 92 and I am aware of our limited time, so there is that.
      She is a nice person but she is of “that” generation plus she was born in Far North Queensland. It makes it a bit of a double-whammy for opinions that can make your blood boil.
      Interestingly, she did vote “yes” for gay marriage – on the basis that everybody should be happy. We were all surprised. Now if she would only allow that not every decision that I have made has been a mistake, then life would be a little bit more fabulous.

      • Keep us posted Bobi. She might get a revelation. She is proud of course, but probably the gen that forgets to say it.

        • She is proud, so I’m told, but as I said to my brother, it’s not that I want her to say nice things to me, it’s just that I would like her to stop saying the horrible things.
          But I am very fond of her. And she has done amazing things in her life which makes her kind of interesting.

          • I wonder, Bobi, if her own parents never praised her.
            Hope the Tassie trip goes well – you will have to visit Henry and Anna’s truffle stall

      • My mum was the same. She was in her 80’s & tended to be a bit racist, I think it’s her generation. I’m glad she didn’t have a computer as I can imagine the outrageous things she would have posted.

        • My family have always been open to other races. Probably because we are mixed. But make no mistake, I can remember older rellies talking about the ‘dark’ cousins. It was considered better to be white. It’s why Thais, Indians etc, don’t usually sunbake, and why you find so many types of skin whitener in their supermarkets.
          As kids we used to get taken to meet people on the ships that came in from overseas. You could do that in those days. They would give us tours of the ship….and lollies. Also my Auntie was noted for greeting American sailors. 😗

          • It’s always the way. People with fair skin lie in the sun to get a tan, people with dark skin want to lighten it. People with curly hair straighten it, people with straight hair pay heaps of money for a perm.

  16. I was disappointed with Pete bitching with Danny about the girls. I thought he got on well with them. And didn’t they swap the pool toys for the loaf of bread last night? How come they were using it tonight?

  17. So – and purely for the benefit of Bobi – I feel the need for observations, but it was a pretty meh episode, sadly – although it did see the Silverchair royalties finally run out which meant Jackie had to depart.

    A totally gross food challenge on the academy award theme. Food challenges are overdone – the rolling down the hill ones (the indiana jones or the rolling ball in a chute) or flying in air ones are way more exciting!
    Once again, Simone sculled like a trooper. Everyone stepped up and drank a cocktail of blitzed repulsive stuff or gnawed on something unpleasant.

    The only fun bit was that the girls made such a fuss about the cooking previously that they HAD to cook and totally fell out – Jackie was yelling at Simone over the food getting cold and Simone was saying the lamb fillet would be okay resting and just leave it sitting. Vicky observed that the boys can keep cooking as it is harder than it looks.

    After the meal Danny once again proved he is a mega bitch by grousing non stop during washup with Shannon that the girls had the fight. He tried hard to get Shannon on side with him and while I think Shannon did agree, he did really well to not add to the Danny fire and just mildly slipped a few ‘yeah mates’.
    Vicky did more comforting of Jackie, which made her appear kind and rational but it did show Jackie was bitter in the extreme and grudge-holding and really not exactly trusting to the angels for peace and light. Yikes – I hate to see her tell all interview when she is back in aus. At the exit interview she tried to take a high moral ground, but it was pretty difficult and Julia and Chris had to work damned hard to give her some dignity while covering the experience. I think they did pretty well actually. Jackie was super emotional and cried through her offer to give extra funds to Moira Kelly’s foundation, her charity.

    Pete disappointed me too Carole – when he called Jackie bitchface in a private boys bitch to Danny. I totally get that Jackie is not their cup of tea and SO in your face and annoying. She is all those things to me – IMO she is insecure and insensitive but not at heart a bad person. So I don’t see her as a bitch necessarily, but I DO see her as super annoying and intrusive and has no idea when to STFU. So Pete lost points for me with that, which is a bugger as I have liked him throughout and would much rather be on his side 🙁

    I do wonder where Fiona is throughout this – Pete and Danny (and previously Josh) seem to go off to hang out on the (mysteriously re-appearing) float toys, but she is not there. Yet she doesn’t seem to be in the girl’s bitch clique either. She seems able to relate to both groups and retain aloofness.

    Jackie also picked Nollsy for the win – which was interesting.

    • thanks for the round up – I think Fiona is mostly asleep and there’s only so many shots of her on the cot that TEN can air before it starts to look like she is convalescing.

      • On the ‘Edge of the Jungle’ vid Josh did (on the tenplay website). I did notice a not so nice comment from Josh re Fi sleeping all the time.

    • Good recap, Brussel. As for Fiona, she is with the blokes, not the girls. She and Pete both eye rolled at Jackie. Interestingly, it looked like Danny stood to give Jackie a farewell hug but she gave him the brush off. He looked awkward. I am votiing 2 all on that fight.
      The bitching at the sink…not sure how much of an annoying person I could take before I would cave, even though I would try really hard not to. Cameras everwhere. Funnily no one on sm seemed to mind or notice that Pete and Fiona had held Jackie’s angels, feathers and fairydust with disdain because they are funny, but it goes well back. I don’t think Danny meant her to see his eye roll and he seemed truly perplexed as to why she doesn’t like him. Add this. Jackie is very bossy. Remember how she had Mundine in the palm of her hands. Danny is bossy. Therefore kaboom. Add the fairy dust and angels…it’s kaboom with sparklers.
      Great run down Brussel. I am just toying with scenarios. Even Danny or Jackie only have their own perspectives. Probably Nolls would bee the best one to ask what went down. Sit…watching…with the round eyes of an owl…and the tweet of the mopoke.

      • Pete and Fiona weren’t really name calling when they showed disdain at the start were they? Just they had no time for the angel cards etc and just tried to steer clear of her…

    • Excellent recap Brussell
      Crocodile tears from Jackie in her interview. And i think she is forgetting that part of Danny’s issue with her stems from her totally misinterpreting him, when he was telling others (and not Jackie) about a character he had supposedly being ‘playing’ for a few years. Now i totally think Danny handled that situation the wrong way, getting all uppity when she inquired what he was talking about, but Jackie was just as bad totally assuming the worst and never really gave him a second chance after that.
      Also agree that Jackie would be as annoying as all hell to live with but again there is no need, to be do downright rude to her. Of course, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes all their interactions in camp.
      Actually wouldn’t surprise me if Shannon ended up winning.
      I have noticed on Danny’s social media, they have been reminding everyone of his charity as a way of getting votes.

  18. Thank you Brussellsrput, thank you guis.
    Your timing was prefect. I was just ready the comments, going What? What? when the discussion happened. It gives a different perspective when you can’t see the tears. My guess is Jackie was crying because of the build up of the day. Sounds like it was intense (except for Fi). I think at heart Julia and Chris are kind people, although I remember with delight Julia taking no nonsense from Kiera.
    Can you tell me who was in the ‘It might be you’ three? It’s interesting to see how the viewers are swaying. We are a fickle lot.

    • That was Vicky, Simone and Jackie in the ‘it might be you 3’. I’m never sure if that is random or the actual bottom 3.

  19. A quick recap.
    Camp quieter because Jackie is gone. Seems more calm.
    Pete did great in the challenge. It was a high wire challenge, he got full stars.
    Fi has been sick (I think they have well underplayed how bad it was as multiple comments suggested she wasn’t well at all).
    Mini challenge for work out who has lost the most / least weight. Vicky the least at 3. Something kg, Pete the most at 12kg.
    They found a dancing snake by the water.
    I think that about covers it tonight.

  20. The dancing snake was cool. So funny how everyone was in Nirvana tonight. I wonder how Jackie felt watching that. “Oh the jungle is so fun now”.
    What a shock exit, not only to us, but also to us. Out of Vicky, Peter and Fiona, I thought Vicky was a given. Fancy Danny Green beating Peter.
    So my top two favourites now is Shannon the Tawny frog mouth owl, and Fiona.

    Anyhow, I look forward to The Ron and Brenda series. And I hope Josh gets a role as their sponsor child.

    PS….and I might be being picky here, but did anyone else find it a discordant message; Fiona teaching us on the devastation of alcoholism, and Julia Morris joking about being a lush, licking her wine glass? Mixed message.

    • The snake scene reminded me of many years ago alone playing a guitar on the banks of the River Murray near Berri and the largest brown snake I’ve ever scene came cruising along. As the doctor said, they’ll investigate the vibrations from a guitar.

      Of course , being startled , I stopped playing and the snake moved under the roots of a big gum tree that was regularly jumped from. Six or seven foot snake, I think.

      Considerably bigger than the green Nollsy fan. Deadly. I’ll never forget it.

  21. Wow that challenge Pete did was really difficult. That stupid sweeper thing, then having to wear high heels then FUCKING BANANA SKINS. Ewww I was wondering if he had to walk along those narrow bars. It may have been easier to sit on them & slide along.
    When it was between those 3 I thought it would be Vicki.
    Jackie did do a reading for Paul but it wasn’t aired. It’s on the ten play website. I watched it, it’s really fascinating.

  22. My interest in the show just took a big dive. Peter was the best thing there. No one left worth winning.

  23. I’m for either Fi or Nollsey.
    Please don’t let it be Danny. For a man whose charity has shades of anti-bullying, I find him to be seriously lacking in self-awareness. Even if he is reacting to provocation (and I acknowledge that may be the case) he has done his dash for me.
    I am starting to suspect it might be Nollsey. Only he and Danny have not been in the “It might be you” group (I think?). Contrary to my earlier statements, I wouldn’t be upset with Nollsey. He has kept his nose clean and done everything asked of him – except be entertaining. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

    • I really want Fi or if not I’ll live with Nollsey. I will say Vicky has been entertaining at times, but I would prefer an Aussie to win.
      Agree with you about Shannon, kept out of the Dra-Mah but not very exciting to watch.

      • I have only dipped in and out but he does not seem to have done much singing, whereas they made a big thing of it last year with Casey. Or have I missed it? I only saw the snake dancing

        • Nollsy is probably too scared to sing in case his agent brings him and offer from, “Down, down, prices are down”.

      • No you haven’t missed it Juz. In fact it wasn’t until he pulled out the guitar last night that I remembered he actually had the guitar and is singer!

  24. Wow. I just looked a imac FB page for news (a sneaky hint re eviction). That was … a mistake and I’m never doing it again.
    FB is divided into those that think that Danny is the devil incarnate, and those that think he is the second coming of Christ. It’s a bit shudderingly awful.
    How can people get so passionate about a tv show?

  25. I got excited when she said Danny it might be you, but then said it to all of them. I hoped finally he’d go. Really don’t want him to win. And as much as I like Vicky, I’m with Erin & would rather an Aussie win, plus she already won the UK version.
    I cannot believe stupid David Oldfield thought Ivana was the first lady. He’s married TWICE since her. For a right wing nut he should know that.

  26. What was that all about; bringing Peter back? Are they scared there would be no show without Ron and Brenda. I kind of think that was a no no. One rule for all.

  27. So your time is up … Simone. Given my mercifully brief foray into FB land, that’s not a surprise. Apparently she doesn’t know her place – and she’s fat (I should be so lucky).
    I read that she’s doing the rounds of radio and is not afraid to share her dislike of both Tomic and Danny.
    I was not aware that Bernard is being a dick which is why radio hosts are asking the question. Again, not a surprise, on both counts.
    Is that the end of the evictions? Do we now do everything on the one day?

  28. Simone was never going to win, so that was no big deal. I liked how she got stuck into tasks. But she was a flouncer.

      • Yes. I wouldn’t mind seeing her on telly. Jessico Rowe is ‘quitting’ so there is a vacancy there, but it probably wouldn’t suit Simone. Perhaps the next Bachette.

        • Great article about Jessica Rowe in one of the Sunday papers today by Miranda Devine. Spot on the money, IMO.

          • I am not a fan of Jessica or Denise. They don’t research things they blither blather on about. But the brunette lady seems quite nice.

          • I think I have a different understanding of feminism to Miranda Devine, and I don’t find it a dirty word. To me it means giving women choices so they can be empowered to take whatever path they wish, whether it is work, being at home with kids full-time or whatever mixture works for them.

          • But, despite all the great advances of feminism, mothering your own children is no longer a valid choice. Apparently, Jessica was slammed on SM when she announced her decision. I can empathise – society has been so indoctrinated into the so-called economic value of having more female consumers/tax payers in the workforce that those who make the opposite choice are increasingly condemned. Just the other day, a young friend was sharing how guilty others were making her feel because her baby was approaching one year old and she wasn’t intending to go back yet. She also has 3, 5 and 7 yo’s.

            Choice is as much of a myth now as it was fifty years ago.

            That’s why I liked Devine’s article – she was brave enough to speak the truth even when it doesn’t want to be heard.

          • I am so glad I was able to be home with my kids until the youngest was in year 4. We didn’t have much money, but then that was the norm for families. But even in the late 70s, the press to do it all was starting. The media made it sound like something to aspire to, extolling career mums, but as I have been looking through photos of my kids, running around a dairy farm, I am so glad I never gave up my right to be a sahm. If I could turn back time, I would know those years were gold.

  29. No surprise to see who went last night. I heard some rumours of some amazing challenge that they do on the overseas versions, that all the contestants want to get to, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of it. Maybe it happens tonight.

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