1. Due to me having a Tabla Rasa marathon until 3.00am, I watching last night’s MAFS night. First note: Sean’s mouth is tragic. It might helped if he smiled…or borrowed Tracey’s top lip.
    I have galah’s in my garden who sound less screechy than Melissa.
    Sarah’s boobs are once again in a harness.

  2. Oh dear, Ashley. Not Oh, dear Ashley. She is a prize. Are any of her exes been allowed to move on? Let’s just reming her; she didn’t want Troy. At no point during (let’s pretend and call it) the experiment did Ashley NOT rebuff Troy.

  3. Anyone know a good tattoo removalist? Actually, looks wise, I preferred Ryan out of all of them, in spite of his poor table manners.

    • Good one. Nicely captioned.

      I’ve got one…”You talkin’ to me?” Or how about, “Tracey and I’s are in love”

  4. Show of hands; who believes Tracey DIDN’T send Dean an undie pic, saying “Sean is going to love me in this”? Sounds very specific to me.

    • Why the heck would anyone choose to put themselves through that twice?

      Is modern dating really that challenging? That “Banging a Stranger on National Television” is your last chance at love?

  5. Yes, Maz. Thank you so much for being our MAFS reporter. You did a great job. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • From Talking Married I thought he was going to be doing a stand up comedy tour.

      Anything for “exposure”. Good ****ing luck, Ryan. Easter and nudity were meant for each other.

    • Oh, that is just not attractive at all. And prime evidence why people need to rethink getting covered in tattoos.

      And he’s not even that fit. I mean, yeah, he’s in reasonably good shape, but pretty much every single Bachiside contestant has a more trim chest and stomach, in particular.

  6. and surprise, surprise, it all comes out after their contractual obligations finish, that John and Mel aren’t together (where they ever?) Sarah and Telv aren’t together also, and woah, this one – Charlene and Patrick too. Who knew?!!


  7. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/reality-tv/married-at-first-sight/married-at-first-sight-star-sarah-roza-flaunts-8kg-weight-loss/news-story/c7a8376357d7b346191aa870ede4ecc5

    Sarah is really into showing off the girls. If she really wants to find a genuine guy I think she needs to contain them a little. You want the guys to look into your EYES Sarah!! Rendering them unable to speak or concentrate is not the recipe for a good relationship.

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