MAFS – final commitment ceremony

“The final commitment ceremony: the remaining couples must decide whether or not they want to renew their wedding vows and pursue a life together outside the experiment.”
Even though it says final commitment ceremony, there are actually quite a few more episodes yet to air, so plenty of time left for brutish behaviour.



      • “Emotional cheating” , I think the sexperts call it. I saw two dogs wanting to tango. It was like a car they both had to chase. They got excited.

        I think Charlene is going to turn on Pat after she tries to crucify Dean.

        • She wants a ‘real man’ but will come away with Patricks baubles to make a furry clutch purse. And his mama will come and take them back.
          The only way Patrick could come out of this with some dignity would have been to leave in week one……or else, on the boys night, asked for a swap. “Take my wife…please”.
          Charlene is like the nun in Blues Brothers, the nurse in One Flew over the Cookoo’s nest, and a rabid cartoon dog.

  1. And after all the carry on and indignation……they are wife swapping anyway. I didn’t see Charlene get cross. She’s going to come out of this looking worse than Tracey’s top lip.

    • She’ll look thicker than Tracey’s top lip for trying to take dumbarse dinosaur Dean down.

      Because he’s a feminist and believes in equality.

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