1. Dean’s having trouble looking Tracey in the eye while he’s lying to her. Lots of “I” statements from Dean, no substance. He’s a pinata that’s hard to crack open.

    Don’t Troy and Ashley look loved up nestling among the rotting seaweed? Troy’s stopping just shy of sexual assault.

  2. Tracey rehashing Deans bad behaviour was a big yawn. Went on and on . Dean looked like he wanted to jump overboard and Tracey attempting to show emotion on her over botoxed face was excruciating to watch. She can’t even talk properly with all the filler pumped in those fish lips.

    I get the feeling John is not that into Melissa . His ridiculous laughing is a real turn off.
    Troy and Ashley should just give up . She is trying to like him and he overcompensates by laughing hysterically. It was a long episode last night!

    • Dean’s thinking of what it’s going to be like being reminded and tortured about the Davina tryst for the next twenty years. I said to myself , the rooting ranga wants to jump overboard. The “creative director” isn’t an accomplished liar.

      Both Troy’s and John’s laugh are put on, imo. It’s as if they’ve mentored by Karl Stefanovic. Fake and forced.

      The sexperts have the technology to slow these facial contortions down and decipher the body language of a fake smile, right? Do something, sexperts.

      John had a similar face on to Telv when contemplating the future. Bleak city.

      It was a long episode. Needed more Charlene shock and awe.

  3. Tracey~ “Dean and I are in a really good place now”

    Then the romantic boat trip turns into a world of pain. The pinata gets a solid bashing again.

    • Has anyone actually pointed out to this woman that her husband couldn’t even stay faithful to her while a frickin’ camera crew was in his face?

      My gosh. What does Tracey consider a “really good place”? I don’t think it’s anywhere all that good.

  4. Don’t know about you but I’m fed up with bad grammar. So many ‘I’s instead of me. Last night I heard the worst, and have just heard it again – Troy and I’s instead of I presume Troy and my. I know Daisy will agree☺

    • Me too Sara. It’s even worse in subtitles. I let it go thinking, “What’s the use”.
      But I am teaching my grandchildren, and the children at school, pronouns. I should also be teaching them don’t get a boob job or a lip implant.

  5. Dean and Tracey’s Honesty Box ( worst name of all time) ought to have a photo of Davina on it.

  6. Sarah wants Telv to drop everything immediately to be with her. According to Sarah, a two-week absence is too long for a relationship to survive. Umm, Telv is a FIFO worker. Sarah is way too high maintenance.

    • I rarely watch MAFS but I did see that bit. He needs to stay put and find someone less insecure. Of course it takes more than a fortnight to move states. Does she live in a bubble? Otherwise he’ll move in and she will be checking his emails and phone and texting him constantly.

      • Oh yeah, I forgot about Sarah and her, “Stop snap chatting and look at me”. Before that it was freaking out over his tinder. Sarah just needs to wedge his phone into a crevice somewhere. It will take him two weeks to find it.

  7. Let’s pick at Dean’s Davina scab again, then.

    How long will Dean’s Nuremberg Trial be drawn out for?

    • How apt.

      Tracey won’t be moving on any time soon because Davina’s back next week.

      Dean swallowed enough humble pie to feed an army tonight.

  8. So according to Talking Married Justin wants to rekindle the relationship with his wife and get his family back together. Most decent humans don’t need to go on national tv and have sex with a stranger to reach that conclusion.

    • $hit. I forgot that was on. Thanks.

      Ah, missed it. It’s on two nights next week cos it’s Finals Week.

      You idiot , Justin.

    • It’s on 9Life free to air (Ch 94 for me) straight after. You’ll catch it in time. It’s quite good.

  9. “The honesty box is a crucial part of the experiment that helps couples work out where they are in the experiment”. And to think the sexperts went to university to come up with that crap.
    OMG, Charlene has just walked in….

  10. Dean’s going to cry next week. Must get some extra nibbles for that. He’ll drag Tracey off to his man cave……but he’ll keep texting Davina, cos he felt a vibe. Visionz..

  11. Ashley ‘s reality with Troy after her dream wedding was too much reality. She really needed to write LEAVE every week and not STAY.
    I tend to agree with others that she was bullied into staying by unscrupulous producers because Troy made good TV with his overacting.

    • I think you are on to something there, Lola. With her her fire breathing, arm crossing and foot stomping, she has been fun to watch. That, “Say ya” was my favourite moment of the series.

    • That I would watch. She would be hilarious. Instead of giving a rose, she could just say, “Say ya”.

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