MKR – Asian street food challenge

“Group 2 is bringing the heat to Spice Alley, rocking the woks at their very own Asian street food stalls. With a paying public to please, one team stumbles in their own backyard.”

Google tells me Spice Alley is Kensington St in Chippendale, Sydney, which is where Koi Dessert Bar run by MasterChef alumni Reynold is located.
I guess the team that stumbles is the Chinese restaurant sisters or possibly Sonya and Hadil, as they are from NSW.



  1. Group 2 really gets the tougher challenges. Tonight they have to get Asian street food whereas Group 1 just had to do something healthyish for kids.
    Tassies are doing Thai green chicken curry – smart move making something they can cook ahead and serve without much fuss. As long as we don’t get one of those “I forgot to boil water for rice”. Realistically all these stalls would use rice cookers.
    Sonya and Hadil are making Viet shrimp and sweet potato fritter. Make that “potatoe”.

  2. Chinese restaurant sisters are making fried chicken with noodle salad. They say they want “subtle” Asian flavours. Umm, since when have the judges wanted subtle food?

  3. Russians are making chilli pan mee. It seems to be pork mince with noodles. Olga’s hair is styled super 1940s while Olga – who sounds crook – has a red bandana. Italians Mk 2 are doing 5 Spice salmon tortilla with a pickled slaw. It sounds Mexican. And they are using bought tortillas. Dan and Gemma are doing pork dumplings with bok Chou. Classic flavours – nothing too fancy but they should be safe if they keep their cool.

  4. Uh oh. Can’t see Dan and Gemma beating the other two in Da ‘Alimination’ House. And WTF with the people’s choice winner?

    • Could be a set up by the producers. But I suppose if you are paying, you will pay more for salmon than the one tasty prawn fritter.

    • I am sick of the crying from Emily. She will get her group to give them higher scores. But Dan and Gemma can’t cook.
      They don’t have a good palate. I remember most dishes in the IR were delicious to them

      • I’m also sick of Emily’s tears. It also reeks of poor sportsmanship, as long as they were winning people’s choice they were happy but now that they’ve messed up it ‘s all tears.
        If anyone has the right to cry and feel hard done by it’s Dan and Gemma – sure they can’t cook but to be in elimination because tortillas pandered to the customer’s taste. I think they should have been penalised for ignoring the brief, but maybe it’s just because Davide and mate annoy me.

        • It’s a bit rich when Italians #1 fail to “meet the brief” when they deep fry at a BBQ but Italians #2 succeed when they dish up storebought Mexican tortillas for an Asian food challenge. They could have cooked pancakes. And Asian sisters…wok bottom with their salty food.

  5. The dumplings were not silky and looks so dry.

    I think Dan and Gemma were not allowed to cook Indian. They would have done well with curry

    • I was wondering why they didn’t do Indian, which they have aced before. The subcontinent is more relatable to Asia that Mexico FFS. Maybe that’s why Gemma was upset: because they were beaten by tacos.

  6. New drinking game. Every time someone says the phrase, “authentic Asian flavours”, take a shot.

    Whoops, now you’re dead.

  7. “Asia is so big, I want you to take me somewhere specific” said Pete to Georgie & Alicia. They had told us that their Dad does the lot. Modern Australian does too. A ridiculous criticism. Fair enuf to say the chicken was too salty. Imagine how over the top the salt was IF Pete & Manu were being honest. But I think others thought so too. And Manu would perhaps have wondered where the sorss woz but e woz mebbe not for ze good cut – more spice elsewhere or heat generated by its absence.

  8. Judges really like the Russians’ flavours but some noodles were clumping.
    Tassie curry is a bit bland but the veg is good.

  9. Gemma and Dan are only serving two dumplings or plate. Judges say the dumplings aren’t plump enough but they like the sauce.

  10. Sisters’chicken is waaay salty they’re the ones who have complained about other teams underseasoning. Perhaps they forgot they brined the chicken. The noodle salad and sauces are meh.

  11. Sonia and Hadil’s fritter looks really interesting. Pete and Colin love it (10 from Colin). The judges says the salmon tacos’ only redeeming feature is the salmon is good. The Italians did not meet the brief

  12. In the public critique the judges’ comments to Gemma and Dan are much harsher than the private critique. Despite their non-Asian dish the Italians win People’s Choice because they made money by churning out the dishes. Poor Dan and Gemma are up for elimination. What a shame given the sisters served super salty chicken and meh sides. The other group even feels for them as it was not the worst dish

  13. MKR needs to introduce a Project Runway Tim Gunn save, but in reverse, so judges can overrule the public. Or perhaps in public challenges the judges pick the winner and the team who makes the least money goes to elimination

  14. Maybe it’s the medication I’m taking, but even the footage of the girls’ chicken pieces being dumped into all that brine made me nauseous. That would’ve just been ghastly to eat.

  15. Hat boy and his Greek goddess needed to survive… MKR disappointed that the itals pulled of peoples choice as they’d gladly sacrifice them as they have the back-up ital team. So next team they’re willing to sacrifice is Dan and Gem (whom finally have figured out that they havn’t signed up for a cooking a competition and as such are this weeks chosen Bambi).

    Guess Hatboy and girl survive… all the crying over raw meat but they’ll pull out a fantastic entree and dessert whilst D & G will pull out 3 mediocre dishes…

  16. Italians win people’s choice for making a non-Asian dish. Brief = cook Asian food. Boys did not meet brief and judges should have been able to overrule people’s choice and next team who got paid the most should have been given that award. What is it with the two Italian teams not following the briefs? However, I did find a lot of recipes for “Chinese” tacos online…surprised me.
    Olga and Valeria looked like they jumped off of a WWII poster.
    Assuming that Hatster and teary eyed partner will win the elimination challenge.

  17. Please, everyone, vote in the new MKR poll. I’m presuming Hipster Hat will win because the ad shows them having dramas. Yet again poor Gemma and Dan don’t really make the edit. Prepare to fast forward through all the table conversation where we only get to hear people like the Plastics and Italians Mk II critiquing the food because they always follow the party line. If they let the Russians speak that will be the true guide of the outcome.

  18. Dumplings from Hong Kong Diner at Spice Alley – $8.00.
    When it comes to the public opinion wouldn’t a token system be better? Incidentally, payment at Spice Alley is only by card, no cash

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