MKR – Curtis is back

“Curtis Stone returns as Group 1 cook for the toughest judges at a Kids Sports Day Challenge. With all these little mouths to feed, who will be best and fairest, and who will drop the ball?”

Oh dear – won’t someone think of the poor children, having to eat Group 1’s food? I’m hazy on when Kim leaves the comp but she and Suong could again do well here. Of course, the promos are about objectifying Curtis and some “lying to the judges” palaver. It’s Lemon Squeeze Gate all over.



  1. Agree with objectification, Jazz. Urgh.
    Italians better not trying to cook them a bowl of tripe. And stay away from chili everyone.

  2. Kids usually love zucchini slice, but with a citrus and spinach salad??? The Plastics need to call It Power Up Slice. Waitresses are making nachos with hidden veg. Italians fish finger sliders with mango and avo salsa (mango could be a mistake). Mums have pork and prawn rice paper rolls – yum! And again I am learning a new trick watching them fry sliced bananas with the skins on to thicken a sauce

  3. Judges say zuke slice is fine but the salad is weird (the kids all hate it). They dolloped cottage cheese on as a dressing and used tinned mandarin after telling Curtis they would swap it for fresh. Judges think the fish in the burger is not big enough. They like the nachos. The rice paper rolls are just ok, as are Caesar cups.
    Curtis’s dish of the day and kids’choice is waitresses’ nachos. Hipster Hat goes to elimination.

  4. Plastics should have gone for that weird salad but I guess the main part of their dish was tasty – and they want their snark at the dinner table

    • Plastics have been dodging the Elimination House. I still think the producers want to reduce the teams in Gp 2 to make it sort of even competition between the 2 group. Emily and Alex will be a safer bet that they can knock off the weaker team in Gp 2. My guess Dan and Gemma will be the weakest team in Gp 2

  5. I would have been happy for hat and plastics to be in elimination. As expected the “You lied” was a big nothing burger although I was pleasantly surprised they pointed out that rice bubbles are not healthy. For me Hipster Hat deserved to go to elimination as soon as he called the children “kiddies” – it’s so patronising.

  6. I’m finding Hipster hat’s girlfriend really really annoying. And I’m over the plastics – referring to Curtis as husband – bizarre. I see that show they ‘rested’ is back on Sunday night in a couple weeks, so I guess it’s school holiday time then.

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