1. I think the odds are good that Hipster and Girlfriend will triumph, despite the advertising that indicates a culinary disaster … but Dan and Gemma can occasionally pull out a surprise, so it might not all be one-way traffic tonight.

  2. Gemma is making lots of mistakes. She should just roll out the dough and use a cutter to cut out the rounds and line the tart tin.

  3. I agree that Hat wanker and cry baby will win but I’m hoping I’m wrong. On past experience the ads are the complete opposite of the outcome. Hat and crier shown having disasters therefore will win but I’d be happy to be proved wrong.

  4. I feel like Alex’s hat is, like, velcroed to the top of his head or something. I’d love to see him do a somersault or something.

  5. D&G are making steak tartare (a lot of time consuming knife work but at least no cooking; main roast lamb with salt and vinegar cabbage (i’m keen to see what that is); and berry tart. Ninety mins to get an entree out is not much time,

  6. Hipster Hat menu: Roasted bone marrow with Brussels sprouts; roast pork with Pernod fennel; rhubarb and mulberry compote with custard and crumble

  7. Uh oh – Dan says his tartare does not contain its usual pickled ingredients as they want a smoother texture. This is worrying. I hope their dessert goes well, given they got 1/10 from both judges in the IR.

  8. “And watch as comfort food makes Emily SERIOUSLY UNCOMFORTABLE.”

    Voice-over guy, on behalf of the entire audience? Shut up.

    • I’m with you LP. I was watching thinking why bother having them cook – just give them a score based on how much or little you want them to stay.

  9. Dan & Gemma were so setup by production. They shouldn’t have been in elimination in the first place, no way did sloppy slaw & fish tacos win peoples fave. Raw feckin pork wins, puhleeeese.

  10. Must be a bad day for me. Even the Vietnamese mums are getting on my nerves.

    Not fond of the acting from Stella and Jazzy either. Very unnatural.

    The only nice team is Henry and Anna

    • People like Henry and Anna because they are natural. I realised tonight that Hat and friend annoy me so much because I find there is something very fake about them. I think the Producers thought their faux cheerfulness would make them Australia’s sweethearts but to me the mask slips any time things don’t go their way and it is just annoying.

      • Hatster and teary eyed partner were also irritating me. I was hoping they would be eliminated but knew that they would probably stay to keep the group even.

  11. Hipster entree looks great, everyone loves it and Valeria gives it a rave review, not toeing the party line. Olga also praises D&G’s tartare.

  12. Gemma has tart dough drama – it’s too hard after testing. Put it near the stove, Gemma! Warm it up a bit. Uh oh – she realises it’s because she only put half the butter in. Oh, Gemma – keep it together!!!

  13. This might be the time to start thinking about doing a quick crumble instead for a deconstructed tart.
    They are also having jus drama.
    Hipster’s pork is way under. At least chop it in half to speed up the heating process!

  14. Both teams are stressed and the dishes are just slapped together. Dan is the only one who is calm under pressure. The tears flow for both Hipsters. They will still win.

  15. The JUDGES D&G
    Tartare: Manu prefers the classic but gives a 7. Pete 8
    Lamb: P says cabbage the star 6. M: Lamb was tough 6.
    Berry tart: P loved it. Pastry could have been cooked more 8. ( which G knew). M: 8
    So glad they finished on a high. Teams 62/110. Total 106

  16. JUDGES Hipster Hat
    Bone marrow: M says they started with a bang. It was in his top three dishes of the comp. P 10, M 10
    Pork: P says his was perfectly cooked. M says half his was overcooked and it was inconsistent around table. P loved the sides: 9. M: 8
    Rhubarb compote and crumble: M says custard needed to be sweeter: 8. P agrees: 7
    Guests 82/110. Total 134
    As predicted, Hipster Hat are safe.

  17. Bye to Dan and Gemma – you weren’t the fanciest cooks but you conducted yourself well and were kind to others, which is more than can be said for many of the teams.

  18. It’s only 8pm here, so I haven’t seen much. But I think every single one of the contestants tonight is vying for “Worst Actor of the Series”. Geez, you could cut the phoniness with a knife. Might be Dickhat and his over-dramatic wife who win the award, but it is early yet. I just want those two to shut the fuck up. Stick your cheffy bone marrow, you wanker.

      • Neither of you is wrong. Gosh this season is a chore. None of these people are likeable or interesting enough to carry a season (with maybe two exceptions).

        And next week, someone else gets upset and there’s yet another walk-out. How many have there been, so far?

  19. If I’d thought of it early enough, I would have given snarky synopses throughout this episode.

    Fifty minutes to go, and neither team has their roast in the oven. Okay then.

    Not-Dickhat team, didn’t read the packet to see that the butter was 250gm, not 500gm. What? Who has to read the packet to know that?

    I know that the decision is made by the time I chime in, but tonight I was really annoyed by the dumb mistakes made by both teams. It’s not interesting now, just a piss off.

  20. Well how rigged was that? A bunch of amateurs, many with egos the size of Sydney (and manners in an inverse proportion) get to determine the outcome. Mind you, Manu gives an 8 for poorly cooked pork. On that basis I’d have a Michelin star for cooking rather than a tyre around my waist. Ch 7 show no responsibility gleefully promoting appalling behaviour by some contestants. Give me the fairness and “sweetness” of the Bake Off show.

    • Now you can get high scores even if the main portion of the meal is bad. Just have a delicious sides or accomplishments. I would just serve a fresh carrot. Judges: wow, the carrot is so fresh and vibrant on the plate. I give you a 9!!!

  21. I do enjoy glancing st your comments on this season and feel so vindicated in not taking on MKR this year. It seems even less heart warming than last year. And definitely unable to deliver any feel good moments.
    Are the only people choosing to go on this show deeply unpleasant? Or dragooned- truffle bloke from last year?

    • I jumped from MKR this year, too but always read these comments. Think the bloke who didn’t know what a colander is tipped me over the edge. May watch ze fine holes. How many sissons did I suffer? I used to onshoy it.

      Please don’t think it’s an easier ride on MAFS, dregs of humanity on there , too.

      • I haven’t tried MAFS, but our teenage daughter is keen on Bachelor Island (?) so I’m not off the reality treadmill yet. But some days it feels like an endurance test instead of some vegging on sofa after work.
        Astonishing that the producers have successfully taken what was an onshoyable program and managed to ruin it with their dramatic casting and celebration of incompetence.

        • I’m annoyed that they keep promoting the “drama” a week in advance so you know at least some of the teams who are safe from elimination. Annoying!

        • That’s “Bachelor In Paradise”,Brussell. It looks awful enough to attract me.

          Laurina, Keira, Apollo ,Jarrod etc. Like, what’s not to like? Literally. Sort of. Der. No yeah.

  22. Viewers will now finally start to click about how this isn’t really a cooking competition. Sure the judges have a say but the line in the contract that says the producers can over-ride any decision by the judges has come into serious play consistantly this season. Hoping they do what Masterchef did the other year and try to reset back to the original roots, or else it’ll be My Kitchen Resigned.

  23. It’s just Group 1 vs Group 2 and nothing to do with cooking. Would be fairer and more interesting if the contestants didn’t know which team cooked which dish. Just have servers bring out the dishes and don’t put names on the menus. Maybe they should just stick with judges and the faux blind tasting.
    Outcome was sad because Dan’s and Gemma’s dish was not the worst one in the group challenge but the people had spoken.

    • “Stephen Hawking Says ‘There Is No God,’ Confirms He’s An Atheist. Stephen Hawking says he’s an atheist, arguing that science offers a “more convincing explanation” for the origins of the universe and that the miracles of religion “aren’t compatible” with scientific fact”

      Guess he knows for sure by now. Somehow, I don’t think John Edward will try “connecting” with him.

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