MKR – Wed Elimination

The weakest teams from each group challenge meet at Elimination House. As one team’s journey comes to an end, the other reaches unexpected heights – but not all the critics are impressed.
No MKR tomorrow (Thursday) and, at the time of writing, nothing scheduled for Sunday.



  1. I guess we’re going into the Easter hiatus on a cliffhanger, ie, we’ll end with somebody being eliminated (probably the Italian boys. For all their culinary skill, neither of them is that likeable) and a tease at what’s to come .

    In fact, that’s probably why they’ve really been amping up the, “Somebody’s getting kicked out!” ads, just to keep people guessing over the holidays.

  2. Sound reminds me of a fish. Can’t decide uf it’s a goldfish or a snapper
    Marco kind of reminds me of Monterey Jack from the rescue rangers

  3. Also since I’m on a roll, I was reading something today and Sonya’s surname is faddy, and from behind in those ill fitting clothes she does look like a bit of a fatty.
    Makes me think of faddys boot camp down by the bay

  4. Note to myself. When eating Vietnamese food, I need to tie up my hair. Or else I will be like Valeria, one hand holding the hair, one hand holding the food

      • Liberty, glutinous rice balls can have peanuts filling, coconut fillings, red bean paste etc. It’s like Japanese mochi. Soft, chewy.

        Malaysian or Indonesian onde onde may be something westerners may like. Also glutinous rice ball but filled with chopped dark palm sugar and rolled in coconut. When you bite into it you get the explosion of liquid palm sugar.

  5. One day, just one day, I’d love to hear a contestant respond to, “Why are you here?” with the answer, “My kids. It’s true. The longer I last in the competition, the more time I get away from those awful little monsters.”

    I tell you what, Jordanians aside, I’m actually quite jealous of the teams around the table tonight. You have beautiful Vietnamese food alongside gorgeous Italian food incoming … those teams are going to eat well, tonight, and I’m quite envious of them.

  6. Oh dear that preview.
    Unfortunately I can only think of culturally insensitive remarks, so best say nothing

    • I’m just of waiting to see the Jordanian girls prove what awful people they are. I wonder what set them off? But even the waitresses were having a go at them. I was willing to give Sonya and Hadil the benefit of the doubt, mostly, until now, but yeah. Eck.

      And I’m more interested in the ambulance. I wonder what happens? The sad thing is, you just know that even as 000 was being called, channel 7 was thinking, “this will make great television!” Sad face.

      • I freeze framed the ambulance scene. Looks like a guy’s arm in a black and white checked shirt so must be Henry. Maybe he cuts a finger or faints

        • Too much spice. But there aren’t that many blokes still in the competition, so you’re probably right.

      • Last year Top 8 teams did the Ultimate instant restaurants. I guessed it will be the same as Many said it will be the last time you cook in the Elimination. house.

        I know the next challenge is an ice cream challenge in Manly. Don’t think there will be an elimination. Maybe for some advantages in the ultimate round

  7. I’ll admit that the preview certainly got my attention. It looks like the Jordanian girls prove their true colours by insulting everybody at the table, and then threatening them (“I’ll come for you!” is always the sign of a rational, logical mind, am I right?) to boot. Somebody hide the knives. Josh and Nic, the waitresses, Hipster Hat and the Plastics were all visible at the table, so I wonder who’s restaurant it was (either Team Truffle, the Russians or the Vietnamese mothers).

    And the ambulance got called. I don’t really think channel seven would advertise if there was an actual life-threatening assault, so I’d imagine either there’s an accident in the kitchen (why didn’t someone hide the knives?) or someone has an allergic reaction to something (maybe Emma’s lips actually explode?).

    *sigh* When did this stupid show stop being about food?

    Anyway. Will anyone really miss Davide and Marco? I mean, they were a generally drama-free team, but they had very little onscreen presence beyond the *other* Italian guys. I barely noticed them while they were actually there, you know?

  8. Allright I will say it. Sonya and Hadil probably have dynamite strapped to their bodies which is why their clothes look so awkward.
    Good on channel 7 for putting the middle eastern s at the centre of the controversy.

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