1. Again Gp 2 got the harder challenge. Have to cook 3 dishes for 60 guests and they only have 4 teams. Gp1 have 5 teams and only need to do 1 dish for 60 guests

    • Agree. Much harder challenge and what looked like a smaller kitchen. The challenges should be equal and they are NOT.

  2. Whew. Henry in chef whites. Lord have mercy, is it getting hot in here?

    That tram restaurant looks like a really interesting place to eat. I’m adding that to my list.

  3. You will think, Kim and Suong will be safe in SD cook off. Their Vietnamese food has always been delicious. Bye Italian boys.

    Just rather unfair that Gp 1 always have the easier challenges. I can’t see the Plastics sis cooking 3 dishes for 60 guests

    • We say that, but actually the guys had an 11 points lead to the moms. Anyway, I don’t care for either teams, so… meh 😀

  4. I love how Hadil keeps saying” foin doiyning”, real fancy like. More like bogan glam( a term I just heard Sarah from mafs using to describe her style)

    • The Bachelor mansion is also located near there. Not sure about the complaints. These mansions usually have minimum 5 acres of land. Most of the activities will be in the ground of the mansion

      • I know. I thought that when I looked a the location on Google Earth – middle of nowhere, plenty of parking and I can’t imagine there would be much passing traffic. Now if the mansion were somewhere in eastern suburbs – eg Potts Point – I could understand the fuss.

  5. I sat and watched this whole episode for a change. Has Manu ever run the pass before? He seems a little hesitant, if not downright inept at it. Everyone is yelling “yes, chef” at him, but that is not a magic phrase that negates the need for the cooks to work more quickly to get the food out. No one seemed to get that.

    And the prawn dish that Colin and Pete picked the hell out of, can’t a prawn sometimes just be a well cooked prawn? Yeah, this is a cooking show (well, supposedly), but the sides can be spicy, tarted up, showy-off, whatever, while nice, big, fresh prawns can stand on their own. Not everything has to be marinated, pickled, rubbed, brined, and endlessly tweaked to taste good.

    All the judges should shut up about how much frigging salt is used in a dish. Pick up a salt mill and use it if you want more salt, but just stop carrying on about it.

  6. So the way peoples choice is scored was revealed… guests don’t obviously get to try all contestants fare… but what they do is rate out of 10 the one they did try. So if team A only serves out one serve and their customer gives them a 10/10 but team B serves out two serves and they get a 5/10 and a 6/10… team B wins peoples choice by scoring 11 points (Even though team A’s dish is better)…. so really you’re better off ignoring peoples choice and just cooking well enough so the judges don’t send you to elimination (because really winning people’s choice is a bit of BS.. double scoring).

    I also think they’ve choked the life out of the “who will be kicked out”…. just awaiting the 2 part mini-series about the whole event.

    • Well said. Those scoring from guests were all BS. Same with Masterchef. Also no point asking the other teams to score. The scores are irrelevant because it doesn’t change what the so call public has scored.

      No benefit winning people choice except can score strategically. Nic and Josh gave the sisters a 3 was pathetic

  7. Colin states that the octopus needed lemon because should have lemon with fish. Sorry Colin octopus may be considered seafood but it’s not fish.
    Public doesn’t agree with judges’ opinions since they only liked 1/3 of the Russians’ dishes and the Russians won people’s choice but then the scoring by the public and other group is BS unless each team sent out an equal number of dishes.

    • How many times this year have the judges, particularly Pete, given harsh critiques of a team’s food, only for that team to win people’s choice?

        • Just like with Davida and Marco when they had the worst dish of the day according to the judges but winning people’s choice saved them. This time they weren’t saved.

  8. Russians comment that winter is coming and their eye colors change to look like White Walker eyes (“Game of Thrones”). Made me laugh.

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