1. Centennial Park is a massive cemetery in Adelaide. It’s difficult to take this location seriously.

  2. I think it’s the medication I’m taking, right now, but I have no patience at all for this season. It’s a dud cast full of awful people, and Henry and Anna over on the side wandering what they’ve done to be punished like this.

    • No Windsong. Nothing to do with your medication. Its such a boring season. Nothing about good food. All promos are about the bitchiness.

      Then side shows like those ridiculous rap.

      • I’ve been cutting back and forth between this and two other things on cable. Whenever I cut back, one of the teams is falling behind while people wait for their food, while one group bitches and complains about the other group’s cooking. That’s been, like, every episode for weeks now.

      • Remember when the promos used to be like “and which dish will Pete say is the best he’s seen in the history of MKR”. No more of those

  3. Oh jeezus, Emily is pathetic. Pete said they are one of the strongest teams. Colin actually said ‘Last time you were in elimination house you nailed it’. Hello, raw roast pork.
    Do we know if/when we see them in MKR kitchen? And I’m wondering how much money has been saved with no guest chef judges yet to appear. Pathetic season this year.

  4. Gogglebox is on at 830 tonight. Oh, dear. I don’t know if I can cope with not seeing the last half hour of MKR – missing the excitement, the drama, the genuine interactions among all the teams. What will I do?

      • My plans exactly, Dave. In fact, as soon as Mrs. Hat whined about not going into elimination house again, I started prepping my dinner. It’s still on, but I’m not paying a lot of attention. Probably the best idea for this show.

  5. Emily cries so much that I’m kind of just outrightly cheering for the Asian sisters, at this point.

    Salt your pork with your tears, Emily. And tell your boyfriend to take his damn hat off.

  6. I regret not seeing the tear fest. It often sways a judge.

    Oh, well~Encore tomorrow.

    The fool with the hat has piled on the raw pork since last I watched in Week 1.

    He’s starting to blow out like the Sausage King did a few years ago.

  7. Okay, I know I’m just agreeing with and reiterating comments from others but I need to vent.
    Emily totally gives me the shits! Once again it was all sweetness and light until things go wrong and then we see a completely different side. I’m philosophically opposed to grown woman that play cute but to not even be able to keep up the act when a minor obstacle comes your way is even worse.
    I’m no fan of Georgia and Alicia but I’m with you Windsong – I’ll cheer for them just to see the last of the tears.

    • I agree. Can’t stand adults turning on the water works to get their own way … they’re not 3yo kids FFS.

    • After reading this a few weeks ago, I knew Alex and Emily are not that sweet. They just want to win but not openly saying it.

      ‘GOLD Coast couple Alex and Emily went into My Kitchen Rules with a strict policy on drama.

      The pair, who both work in hospitality, said they weren’t in the Channel 7 reality cooking competition to make friends but they didn’t plan on making enemies either.

      Emily, a 27-year-old restaurant supervisor, told The Courier-Mail that with $250,000 on the line they wanted to focus on being a team rather than getting distracted.

      “We went in with the mentality that if we have an issue with someone we were always going to say something but if it wasn’t our drama or it was petty drama we weren’t going to get involved,” she said.’

      If the sisters stick to Chinese food, they will win. Alex and Emily are not great cook

      • Perhaps some cooking lessons up front were in order, then. That ham was always destined to fail. Mini processed ham, not on the bone. Yuck!

      • It could come down to whether the girls have to cook from a menu they submitted months ago. If it’s classic Chinese flavours they will do well. Alex and Emily do have good knowledge of on-trend cheffy food, like their bone marrow. Time management is a big issue for them

    • Hoping Hatster and teary eyed partner are eliminated. Tired of hearing, “honey”, “sweetie”, “darling” etc and can’t stand the sickly sweetness which then turns into tears and anger.

    • I know – should be fun but I hope they don’t stack the cast with slappers. Hope there are actually some teachers, nurses etc along with the former exotic dancers

  8. Kim and Suong made chicken banh mi, Asian beef salad and fruit salad. Yum! Judges love it.
    Plastics did prawn rolls, potato and bacon salad and berry cake. Judges think it’s safe but smart.

  9. Italians Mk 1 had some drama with uncooked chicken. Luckily Colin stepped in to prevent mass food poisoning.
    Stella and Jazzy made roast beef rolls but judges say they have too many sauces on it. Colin likes their deviled eggs. The carrot muffins are doughy and the icing is sickly.

    • At least chucking the schnitzels back in the deep fryer didn’t add that much time. I like Colin this season – fair, but firm .. and he seems to be enjoying himself more.

  10. Hipster Hat and Emily did a baked ham. Judges say not enough glaze. Kale, apple and seed salad is not special. They did not do a sweet (big mistake) but served grilled carrots that are undercooked. They needed to go retro, not modern hipster. This is not the açai bowl crowd

  11. Italians made chicken schitty, eggplant and pesto focaccia. Judges love it. Bruschetta with Gorgonzola and caramelised peach and prosciutto. Colin says it’s a standout. Strawbs dipped in choc are a great finish.

    • I know it’s a typo,Juz, but was it chicken schitty? I didn’t watch very much, so have no idea of the quality of tonight’s meals. Whatever, that gave me a laugh that I needed.

  12. Georgia and Alicia need to stop being arrogant and listen to Colin tomorrow. They need to avoid weird combinations of food. Not a fan of theirs but would prefer they stay and Hatster and Ms. Tears leave.
    Would have liked to have seen one team offer a vegetarian or vegan basket.

  13. I did wonder if all the people at the picnic received a basket. There seemed to be more people than food. Was the brief for this challenge to use bread in some form? I wondered why wraps or pita bread weren’t used. More filling and less bread to digest.
    About Emily, do you feel that she’s on the verge of a breakdown and this elimination may be the last straw.

  14. Unless each “family” is getting one of each teams baskets, not sure how you could have a legit people’s choice? If you end up getting one basket and it sucks do you just via imagination decide on peoples choice and vice versa you get one decent basket and you give that peoples choice without knowing another is better.

    Also the quality of cooking this year is awful… these challenges do not showcase any decent cooking talents, it’s making me crave masterchef just to get some decent oven and stove-top action happening.

  15. Pete and Colin seem to be enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, most of the viewing audience is not enjoying this season of MKR. The powers that be tried to fix things but they only made things worse.

  16. Group 1 is actually the group that scored their teammates higher and didn’t score fairly. Group 2 may give harsh critiques but still score fairly.

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