• I think it’s all relative. Group 1 would have trouble boiling water to cook pasta. I suspect it’s probably why Group 2 gets challenged a little bit more.

  1. It’s all very Game of Thrones tonight. Roula is Queen Cersei without the body count.

    Anyway, I think the medieval fair was the coolest thing. I’m adding that to my ‘travel Australia list’. You know I’ve never ridden a horse. I’ve ridden an elephant on a jungle trek in Thailand, once, but I’ve never ridden a horse.

    Cooking on coal was also a pretty neat twist. I liked that. Plus, yeah, group 2 are by and large leagues ahead of group 1, so let’s actually really challenge them.

    Henry is looking particularly scrumptious tonight. Can he be my Prince Charming?

    • If you do ride a horse, please, above everything else, make sure you wear a proper helmet – one saved my life when I was a kid.

  2. About military mans jaw, it’s reminds me of that big fish who goes into a cave and changes sex from girl fish to boy fish, with a phallic chin and all.
    I think it was on goggle box last week,

  3. If I was Furi I would be Furious at the product placement of Gemma(? the female in-law) making a total mess of the chickens. It’s not the knife’s fault but wasn’t a good look for a sponsor.

  4. Von came up with a new nickname for RR “Rancid and Rude”. I really liked it and thought people might not have seen it on the other thread. So thought I’d pass it on here.

    • That nickname is brilliant! Pity we only have another episode to use it (fingers crossed, but I don’t have much faith in the in-laws, no matter how more likeable they may be).

    • I am afraid the producers will manipulate or sabotage the result – R and R will survive to see another day. More conflicts with the other teams. They do drive me insane.

  5. The team facing off against Rancid and Rude in Elimination House next week, not really a huge surprise.

    Although I’m glad Matt and Aly did well. And Henry and Anna were typically awesome.

    • Yes Windsong, I just came back here to say how awesome they are. Anna had some classic lines but I think my favourites were “I’ll be here until Tuesday.” and “We cooked something good without truffles”
      This pair just epitomise what attractive qualities humility and decency are.

      • I know, I loved that Anna was celebrating how they cooked something awesome without using truffles (I’ll admit, I was curious to see how well they did without the comfort of a familiar ingredient). That was adorable.

    • I thought the sisters dish was worse. But the producers want to keep RandR longer. Better chance of winning against Dan and Gemma

  6. Dan and Gemma vs R&R means that R&R have a better chance of not being eliminated. Too bad.
    Understandable why the Russians’ food was not liked by R&R and most (probably all) of group 1. Those two evil “queens” gave that table the badly cooked pork so Rude person was correct but she should keep her mouth shut. Has nothing to do with differences in palates just due to smart thinking by the Russians. R&R act like they know everything about cooking but they are in the elimination round and they came close to being on the bottom during the Instant Restaurant round. They think too highly of themselves. They are delusional.
    The casting of most of Group 1 is a joke. Group 2 teams are definitely the better cooks overall and were given a harder challenge.

  7. Roula said something about someone, I think the Russians, being “under the eight ball”. The stupid bitch can’t even get her metaphors right, and should just shut the fuck up.

    The judges were weird last night. Colin was chewing loudly and smacking his lips, assuming, I guess, that in medeival times everyone ate like a pig. Pete got positively giddy about some dish; I’ve never seen him like that. He must have been smoking some good paleo shit. Then there was the little exchange about whose was bigger – grown men making penis jokes. Gah.

    • I noticed that as well, actually. I guess they were getting into the theme of the day by acting like medieval kings, because Pete was definitely acting un-Pete-like.

      And when half your contestants on your cooking show were chosen by casting precisely because they can’t cook? I suppose a few dick jokes are what it takes to get through the day.

  8. No MKR again on Sunday due to Spartan. Annoying – one of the few days I can usually watch it almost live

    • That was truly terrible. On the one hand she does a try hard show reel talking down to kids, then gets on MKR behaves like a spoilt brat and drops the f bomb left, right and centre. I don’t think she’s going to pick up a gig on any kids show let alone something like Play School where the presenters are actually talented.

      • Now she wants to be on Home and Away, IAC or anything on TV.
        Please…….. Don’t give her any oxygen.

  9. The MKR Facebook page put up a new post this morning, asking whether or not Matt and Aly would beat Roula and Rachel in Elimination House tonight. Quite a few people, myself included, helpfully pointed out that it’ll be the in-laws Dan and Gemma, tonight, not Matt and Aly. The post has since been deleted.

    But it made me think, gosh. Even the show’s own promotional team aren’t watching the show, this year, probably because it’s been such a vile experience. And if they’re not watching, why should the rest of us?

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