MKR Tues – the Uber Eats challnge

Okay, I don’t actually know if it’s Uber Eats but I write these headlines in advance. Please insert Deliveroo/Menulog/relevant name here.
The blurb: Group 2 are tasked with running a home delivery service; cooking, driving and delivering food to homes in the local neighbourhood. With the public and their rivals judging, who will fail to deliver?

Having seen the ad, it looks like they are filming at Costco. What do you gice think?



  1. Well, we deep-sixed two obnoxious pests last night. And as nice as Dan and Gemma are, I’d be surprised if the elimination team this round weren’t either the In-Laws or the defense force couple.

  2. How will the Russians deliver their food? Neither of them drive – remember the instant restaurant shopping by taxi.

    • Yeah, I feel like the ovens have actually been watching the show, and are now taking deliberate action to take out the teams they don’t like.

  3. Quick-cook Chinese/other Asian def the way to go as it’s more forgiving for being transported. How on earth so you deliver a filet steak?

  4. I have finally made my decision. The Asian girls just admitted they have plenty of experience i dads restaurant kitchen.
    It’s not fair to pu them against amateur cooks.
    That’s all

  5. This is another ridiculous challenge for Gp 2.

    I guessed it has been pre plan as to how many portion to cook.

    How do you know how many orders will come in?

    Now it becomes an Amazing race

  6. This challenge is stupid. If I’m reading the blurb right, each team has to to cook orders, package them, drive to the household or whatever, and deliver the meal/s. And take money and accept tips or not? Do both team members have to be in the delivery vehicle? So MKR tonight is less about cooking and more about who has a better sense of direction, or knows how to program a GPS.

    MKR this season has written the definitive manual on how to jump the freaking shark.

  7. Matt and Aly: We want to offer people something different, something fresh and healthy.
    Dan and Gemma: Let’s cook fried stuff with cheese!

    Meanwhile over with the Jordanian girls, we have an uncooperative oven doing its best to derail yet another team. I’m picking up a theme of this season, here. I find the Man-Eaters kind of irritating, but I’d still happily eat their food.

    Scratch that. Whatever Henry and Anna are making, I pick that, just so Henry can deliver it to my door. That works.

  8. Dan and Gemma eh. Colin was delighted.
    Food banks are a great way to feed your family when you have limited funds. Never seen any mussels there though

  9. Never knew Foodbanks had so much duck fat … only just starting the ep now but it seems some of the team so have never ordered takeaway. Filet Mignon? Beetroot salad? What the? Why didn’t the Jordanian girls cook a type of pide?

  10. Rice salad is something I have never ever ordered as takeaway, not ordered in a restaurant. Rice salad is for family barbecues

  11. Why did no-one do Thai or Indian curry? Then you don’t have to do made to order stuff as it’s already cooked

  12. It was nice to see Dan and Gemma actually cook quite well tonight. Given the amount of teams who had undercooked food, I guess time-management was the real challenge to overcome.

    Not really a huge surprise about Matt and Aly being the lowest.

    Meanwhile, did anyone else find it really off-putting watching Colin work his through about seven meals with his mouth wide open? It was just, dude, you are on national television. Close your mouth when you chew food! Ick.

  13. Missed most of tonight’s ep, doesn’t seem I missed much.
    Really sick of them dragging out the drama at the table – they’ve been hyping it since the tennis was on.

  14. Mhmm, Henry is a fellow leftie. 😀 I know it is silly, but if you are left-handed, you are kind of rare and always spot other lefties.^^ And it is funny actually, in my family, all left-handed ones are from my dad’s side and it is only the guys. My grand pa was left-handed, my dad and his older brother are and my oldest cousin. I am the only female leftie. 😉

    • Something I, as a leftie, notice as well, Zhee. I’m from a time when left-handers were almost regarded as aberration and had to be converted. In my case I was fortunate but friends had their left hands tied behind their backs in an attempt to change them. I’m the only one in the family who is left-handed.

  15. Wish they would stop the Henry love connection “stuff”. Enough is enough.
    Good for Dan and Gemma. Good choice of foods and great cooking.
    Maybe someone can explain to me how teams plan menus without checking out what is available first. Are they told what choices they have beforehand?

    • More like they were told what the challenge is and what protein is available. They each have about 4 orders. Such a coincidence. And all cooked just enough for the orders. Such a coincidence!!!

      Then the kitchen fairies just wriggle their noses and all the necessary ingredients are made available.

      I saw one team was unwrapping some meat wrap in Coles paper

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