Bachelor in Paradise – second last episode

Wow, that went quickly! Tonight is the second last episode of paradise.
The blurb says: As Paradise is coming to an end, the romance heats up as the remaining couples must leave the resort to experience one final lavish Fantasy Date.
In the US Bachelor series, Fantasy Date is usually code for “sleep together” but I reckon our version will be much tamer.



    • He’s spent the season turning into the colour you’d only find on a clown’s nose. By this point, I’d be genuinely concerned.

  1. Jake reminds me of mr fox from Peter rabbit. Deceptively pleasant, but very dangerous really.
    No, Megan run!!

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  2. Who’d have thought, at the start of the series, we’d be wishing they would hurry up and get to the “Sam and Tara get engaged” scene. If they don’t last, love is dead. Sooo, Ali for next Bachelorette?

        • I didn’t watch the first or second seasons of Bachie so had not seen Lisa until now. She seems articulate but she barely made the Bachidise edit, so I guess she is not soundbite friendly enough to be cast.

          • Lisa is a favourite and seems classier than other contestants. Perhaps she doesn’t get as drunk as the producers want and make scenes or gossip enough. She’ll cry~ but not usually from self pity at not getting a single date.

            Lisa didn’t help her cause for screen time by hooking up with Eric Forrester. No mindless tattoos for the cameras to show , either.

  3. Flicking between the Voice and the Love/snooze fest of Paradise, TV is getting my vote tonight. I have to admit, I am not much of a romantic, so watching the professions of love is like, “Whatever”. Or, “Yeah right”.

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