Daisy’s Bold and the Beautiful chat – June

I am having to slap my own face again, to remind myself that B&B isn’t real, like reality tv is, because I am investing too much heated annoyance at Brooke and Hope. Wasn’t it only two or three years ago that I was cheering on Hope to prevail over the evil Stephie? But now the tables have turned and Stephie has become the heroine, and Hope the Icing Sugar Maiden. And it’s a double headed monster, with Brooke running tandem sugar coated, innocent eyed devilry. I am reminded of the movie, The Bad Seed ; “But Mommie, I had to burn the gardener to death. He found my shoes”.
I am waiting for Ridge to wake up and realize just how much oil Brooke is throwing on the fire to encourage Hope’s seduction of Liam. I look forward to yet another couple reshuffle scuffle, with Brooke back nursing her vodka bottle…or Thorne’s…..what rhymes with Thorne?
I was wondering if Stephie might lose the baby, but pretend to stay pregnant so she could reel in Liam. My dilemma is, I want Stephie to triumph, but Liam is such a crappy prize. He and Hope are much better suited to each other as they both have delusions of sainthood.
I wonder if June will see a return of cast that have been shelved while Stephie and Hope duel it out like two cats fighting over the same dead bird. It will be good to see the more lushly browed Quinn return, preferrably with less shrubbery shadowing her eyes. She might be a good irritant for Brooke. I think Ridge should turn to Quinn for solace and advice. It would be enough to p*ss off Brooke, but keep the status quo with Eric. Eric should cancel Hope for The Future like he dropped Ridge as CEO because he kissed Caroline as it’s a company with good morals and family values. I think the family values just means that they sleep with family.
Adios amorΓ©s. I have included a pic of The Bad Seed.



  1. Thanks Juz for posting. Now Bill has cranked up the evil several notches and we need Taylor to shoot him again, properly this time.

  2. Liam shows again what a terrible actor he is. Steffy tells him who shot Bill and Liam starts producing gold.

    Hope argues with Ridge, then she high tails it to Liam’s to crawl up his arse.

    Bill’s calling all the shots..

  3. It’s happened . Hope and Liam agree to get married.

    Bill’s circling Steffy like a hungry.shark.

  4. Bill is behaving as if he has a serious mental problem – my mind has gone blank on the term im looking for. Liam got over that quickly, now he’s getting married to Hope – this is sure to cause a huge problem for Bridge.

    • The Spencers have a mental problem~ Bill, Liam and Wyatt have all slept with Steffy.

      Bill calls it being “a force of nature”

      Too late for Liam to get a refund on his white roses. Here’s to new beginnings with Hope.

      • Gosh, do any of these people have the time to actually run their businesses? They’re all gazillionaires, right, but all they do is partner-swap and bang each other senseless all day.

  5. I think Liam really, genuinely loves his wife, which is why he bounced immediately back to Hope. He should have picked up the white roses from Stephie’s and recycled them to Hope.

    I am just watching Liam asking Hope to be a stepmother to his little daughter and help lead her in the paths of righteousness.

    Not sure who I want to smack in the head more, Liam, Wipes or Bill. Anyhow, I wish producers would bring in a decent option for Stephie. Some nice guy who can act a bit. I know, Stephie should date Justin. Then Bill could threaten to tell.

    • Liam and Hope did the deed. Liam’s smiling, finally.

      Wipes is starting to believe Steffy but he’s spineless and beholden to Bill.

      • Why does Wipes keep repeating, “I can’t believe it”, but he so easily believed it.

        Liam tells Hope, “I don’t think you know how amaxing you are”. Yes she does. It’s written in her CV. “I am saintly”.

        I am just up to Wipes, wiping his feet on Stephie’s doormat. And Justin is whispering his protest.
        Liam is grinning and drooling over Hopeless, sparing no thought for Stephie, so he can’t be in love with his ex.

  6. Hope had better scoot Liam to the altar quick smart and get matching tattoos before he changes his mind again.

  7. Is Wipes going to admit to Stephie that it was him who sullied her name? Oh look, Liam has added another piece of hair at the front. It’s almost as lush as his mother’s mohair eyebrows.

    • Just when he was getting over “seeing ” Thorne pash Katie through her prying telescope.

      Wipes suckered again.

      • Wipes to Stephie: ” I don’t want to get involved”. 😬 Auntie Katie would tell him to finish the job. You can’t half butt in to someone’s life and then step out backwards covering your footprints.

  8. I’m just watching Have You Been Paying Attention and there is a whole segment on Bold. You guys would ace the questions

  9. Another hour of the Liam/Hope/Steffy mess.

    It’s going to be the ruin of Brooke and Ridge.

    Steffy sees the rock on Hope’s finger. Old issues surface. Men stealing accusations.

    Steffy asks Liam to hold the wedding til (Bill’s) baby is born. Liam acts confused, just for a change.

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Liam looking confused is as common as Dollar Bill puffing out his chest and Dr Phil’s Robyn wearing twee. In fact facial expressions :
      Wipes: bewildered.
      Brooke: concerned look, and her other one is shocked but not shocked. Amused shock.
      Ridge: quizzical.
      Bill: cocksure.
      Taylor: educated concern.
      Eric: curious. “What have those gosh darn kids been up to now?”
      Hope: “It wasn’t me. I was busy packing food for the poor”.
      Katy: “getting enough”.
      Stephie: tortured. And who can blame her.

    • “Steffy asks Liam to hold the wedding til (Bill’s) baby is born.”

      I saw that part, and I thought, she only found out she was pregnant five minutes ago. That kid will be in school and speaking a second language by the end of the week, so I think they could put off a wedding for a few days without too much bother.

      • Liam can’t wait. He told Ridge he is in a hurry because he needs a wife at all times. This new Hope is whiney enough to be perfect for sooky Liam. And did you hear Brooke already planning custody of the child, who “would be better off with her, Hope, Liam, Rick and Maya. Whaaaaat?????
        Anyhow Hope and Liam can have each other. There just needs to be a new guy written in for Stephie because Bill’s a pig and Wipes is a pig’s trotter. Surely LA can produce one 1/2 decent guy for Stephie. They could bring back the lovely Malcom from Survivor. (He had a couple of walk ins). Or they could run B&B in conjunction with US Bachelorette to find Stephie a decent man.

  10. The torture of Steffy continues. It’s a miracle she hasn’t miscarried already.

    Hope can’t wait to try on wedding dresses and Brooke feeds her wedding fantasies. Liam appears in a tuxedo.Then Steffy turns up, sees the outfit and a huge cat fight erupts. We see what a real bitch Brooke can be. Old scores are brought up.

    Ridge and Brooke are already starting to fight about the whole business. Soon Ridge will be eyeing off Quinn again.

    Liam asks Wyatt to be best man. Surely the wedding will not happen.

    Thorne is available for Steffy.

    Ridge calls Bill a “tool”.

    • I was begging Ridge to walk in on Brooke playing evil stepmom. Notice she took that downseveral notches and was back to butter wouldn’t melt for Ridge’s benefit.

  11. Maya reminds us that “Steffy’s going through quite a lot right now”. Thanks.

    Liam profusely thanks Wyatt for telling him a whole load of horse shit about Bill and Steffy having an affair. That lipstick on the pillow is real convincing , right?

    Pensive Wyatt is not giving the game away. He’ll make a great best man…

  12. Uh ~ oh!

    Wyatt’s eavesdropping at Bill’s door. Is he smart enough to understand what he just heard? He pulls a face as if he does. His complicity will probably be bought for Bill’s 71 Ferrari…

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Bill thinks he is smelling like a rose, even after s’ole searching. “Nup. No odour there”.

        • Bill is the one with amnesia , forgetting nearly blowing Liam up a few months back….and being shot just a fortnight ago.

  13. At bloody last. I had to ff through a lot of whiny prenuptial jubilation from Stephie’s evil stepmother and her sugar-coated spawn. And too muchto and froing between Justin and Bill and other opposing sides.
    Now we just need Wipes to man up and ring Liam as quickly as he did before, and demand to meet immediately, like he did when he ran to dob on Stephie.

  14. I had my lovely Ruby Turner song, “I’d Rather go Blind”, spoilt thanks to Wipes and Katy. It has a saxaphone feature. Images of purple lace bras and Oedipus coupling have ruined an otherwise beautiful rendition.

    • House Of The Rising Sun took a mauling on The Voice the other night. I meant to play a better version to blow that out of my head.

      • I think The Voice has sunk to a new low this year. No one is really “nailing it”, yet after every performance, the mentor judge is, “So proud of you”. I think Kelly has said, “proud”, 2 475 times already. Delta has Namasted her way through 582 prouds, and Joel has been proud ten times. I think George might be the only one who hasn’t be proud.

  15. Please tell me that Wipes has run immediately to Liam to undo his damage. I don’t think I can take much more of Brooke and Hope. Yet we know it will continue. Writers, please find Stephie another man. Not Bill, Not Liam and not Wipes.

    • Bill’s holding him prisoner in his office so he can’t blab. Threatens to disinherit him for starters.

      Halfway through here..

      Brooke and Taylor bitch fight.

      The wedding is being hurried along.

  16. Looks like Wyatt is going to be played by Bill yet again. For now, he’s not going to dob. He fell for the “you’re my favourite son” routine. Not CEO material.

    Car park drama with Bill and Wyatt.

  17. I can’t believe it! Bill is actually offering Wyatt the Ferrari. Wyatt will shut up. Jets , yachts.

    Hope and Liam are on cloud 9 planning the wedding.

  18. Wyatt roars off in his new Ferrari. You bastard, Bill.

    Sorry daisy. Wyatt is not running to tell Liam .

  19. It was like chalk on a blackboard tonight. I had to zoom through it faster than Wipes driving off in a ferrari. I saw the fight between the mils. How come they never got personal and said, “Well you slept with every man in the family AND Bridgitte’s husband”. “Well you look like trout and I can’t tell if you are mad because your face doesn’t move”.
    I am hoping Wipes drives over to Liam’s in his ferrari to tell. But it’s just because I don’t want Brooke and Hope to win, even if the prize is Liam.
    Stephie should ask for a posting to the Paris branch because Brooke and Hope are already planning to get their hooks into the new baby.
    Stephie should name the baby after Brooke’s worst enemy, maybe Taylor.

  20. If Wipes is going to turn rogue, he needs to give Bill his list.
    Marry Katy.
    A real estate upgrade.
    A private plane.

    Or he could be like Liam and go for the Big Chair.

  21. Bill skulls a Scotch and heads off to Steffy’s, who’s twice as big as yesterday’s ep and having flashbacks..staring at the ultrasound. Wyatt takes all day to explain the situation to nosy Katy. Ridge’s lecture goes on and on, too.

  22. Katie poisons Wyatt’s tiny mind and persuades him not to tell Liam.

    Bill offers the beach house to Steffy

  23. Bill’s “expensive painting” is cheap and flimsy. He blackmails Steffy about dobbing her mother in.

    C’mon, Wyatt, spit it out.

  24. Here’s a clue dopey Wipes. It’s one of your evil dad’s plans. Is it the right thing to do? And Hope is Katy’s niece.
    Katy’ “Do you think I’m a terrible person”. Something you don’t ask whenyou are doing the right thing.
    Wipes has been blinded by the bling on the ferrari paint job.Katy has been swayed by blood ties. Katy who has done plenty of stomping across LA to force people (like Ridge) to tell the truth. Remember, “Ridge you have to come clean that it is Thomas’s baby.

  25. Katy and Wipes are playing God. Deciding what’s best for Liam.

    Katy to Wipes, “This is not our problem to solve; it’s theirs”. Not true when you created the damage in the first place. Wipe’s conscience is going to bug him when he drives that car. And wait until Stephie finds out he sold her out for a car. If Stephie doesn’t kill him, Taylor will.

    Perhaps when the minister asks at Hope and Liam’s wedding, “If anyone knows any reason why this man and woman should not be joined together in unholy matrimony….”.

  26. Puleeeease let Stephie hide behind a door and overhear Bill and Justin or Katy and Wipes talk about Stephiegate. I can’t take much more of Hope’s whining, Brooke’s aggressive gloating, Ridge’s counselling, Stephie’s begging and confusion.
    I also want it to come out what a bastard, sell-out Wipes is and what a bitch Katy is.

    • Those golden afternoons of one hour episodes are over.

      It was a bit much.

      Waiting for Katy and Wyatt to crack.

  27. A lot of bad acting in a car park.

    Bill bribes Wyatt with an awful painting.

    Katie proves again what a bitch she is.

  28. I won’t catch up until Wed morning – are they reverting to half an hour now? One hour is too much for me.

  29. Bloody figure it out Liam. Wipes shouts, “Wait there is something I need to tell you!” Bill is staring him down and shaking his head. Wipes is driving what could be a pay-off. Bill is known for skull duggery. Figure it out!!!!

    I am watching atm, and I expect Katy to lighten the guilt load by sharing it wirh Brooke. Yeah Katy, tell yourself all tne lies you want, you have just become a hypocritical Maleficent. She forced Ridge to own up to not being the father of Caroline’s baby because he was being dishonest. As Judge Judy sometimes says, “I have the tapes, Katy”
    Oh Wipes, you sucker! Double sucker because 1) He is buying Bill’s lies again, and 2) he is taking that awful painting.
    Actually 3) because Bill wouldn’t be needing to bribe him if he was actually seeing Stephie. OMG Bill spawned a couple of idiots.

    • Don’t know. Horrible Katie is giving Wyatt a lecture about it now. He’s weak and stupid..

      Ridge has told Hope and Brooke that Steffy/Bill is all a lie.

      Liam still in the dark. He shows up at the maternity joint.

      Brooke and Ridge at loggerheads.

  30. Whatever happened to Bold and Beautiful actually being good… the Days of Caroline and Ridge (with Brooke a simpleton chemist lusting for Ridge)… Taylor disappearing and reappearing… etc…etc… can’t watch much of this now as don’t like the new Ridge and Brooke looks older than the deceased Stephanie.

    • Did you see Taylor? She’s a wreck. Brooke looks s bit rugged at times, but not bad if she is 60. Not sure how old she is. She’s come a long way from dinner party waitress.

  31. How long ago was it that Katy stuck her nose in and forced Ridge to tell about Caroline’s baby being Thomas’s? Why? Because the baby had to have his father. Those evil Logans!!!!

  32. I caught up this morning having been away for a week. Nothing changes except the size of Steffi’s belly. Where’s Bill – dancing with the stars in Italy?

  33. Only eight minutes to go and this episode has plummeted to awful depths. Everyone’s fighting over Liam and Steffy’s carcass. Katie Wyatt, Ridge and Brooke. Hope’s not postponing her wedding for anyone.

    Dumbass Liam can’t see the light. Wedding tomorrow.

    Ridge and Hope fight. “Hope’s not a homewrecker” says Brooke

    Baby’s name is Kelly.

  34. When Wipes had to run to Liam to blab about the affair that wasn’t, he ran straight there, no stop to ask his conscience Katy what to do. Nope, he just got his skates on and didn’t hesitate. But when it comes time to tell the truth ssnd undo his damage, the is no such haste.

    I am tired of this speculation and conversation between them all. I just want Brooke and Hope’s noses rubbed in the truth.

    Better still, let Katy help break up Liam and Stephie, and Wipes run to support single mother Stephie. That would be karma for Katy.

    • All hell will break loose when the celebrant asks if anyone objects. All of Brooke’s planning turns to….

  35. If I was Stephie, my waters would break tomorrow; right on the first dum dum de dum. Little Kelly should pop out and say, “”I object”.

    • I’m watching it again now. Ridge used RJ as a shining example in his pitch to Brooke. He really knows how to negotiate.

  36. Something will happen today to halt the wedding I’m sure. I must be thick but why is Katie so keen for Wyatt.not to tell Liam the truth
    Steffi trying hard to win Liam back by suggesting the baby be named for his mother – have we ever met her?

    • Liam’s mother died and was never on the show. No portraits to cry over, either.

      As for Katy, she’s nosy to a fault and believes in Hope and Liam’s true love. Gullible, too.

      A shooting to halt the wedding ? A Ridge outburst?

  37. Wait til you see Brooke and Katy’s wedding outfits. Brooke looks like fruit salad.

    Oh the haircuts and outfits are hilarious, Quinn’s eyebrows.

    • I said it before, the current costume people are tripping on 80s acid. What DID they trip on in the 80s? Anyhow, as Dave said, fit for bingo. It seems florals are in in a big way.

    • We’re left hanging with Liam grinning like a Cheshire Cat when Hope takes all day to get down the stairs.

      Lots of new haircuts for the doomed wedding.

      • The trip down the stairs might last longer than the marriage. It reminds me of one of Liam and Stephie’s previous wedding attempts, when Liam showed up on a motor bike with Stephie, after a night on the town and his hair was dyed black.

        • This time all the black dye has gone into Quinn’s eyebrows.

          Eric had a real brainstorm about the wedding when he said “This is a complicated situation” Bravo to the script writer there.

  38. Brooke is like a stage mother; primping and grooming her daughter to follow in her path of taking the man you want and never mind if he is your sister’s husband, daughter’s husband, mother in law’s husband…..and so on. She is stage mother.

  39. Anyhow, will they or won’t they? Wipes is being a bastard for not coming clean and undoing his lie. Katy is a cow. This story needs a hero (like a Masterchef dish) but there are only dickheads. I think it’s good if a show has a couple of people to like. Stephie is probably the only one I can cheer on at the moment.
    Anyhow, she does need to start getting contractions. Bwah ah ah.

  40. I couldn’t stand the suspense so I had a peek of things to come. I won’t spoil it and tell, but this I will say that won’t spoil the story line. Apparently that little gnome detective Sanchez becomes a love interest for one cast member. Is that the best they could do? Might as well hook Brooke or Taylor up with donut eating head of police. It’s time for another round of musical beds don’t you think. Time Wipes dumped Katy. They are getting boring. But that’s just on my wish list. The only thing I read that I am telling is that we might be seeing more of the tiny detective.

  41. Demi Moore was on Will and Grace this week and I couldn’t tell if it was Demi or Quinn. Boy, a 50 yr old (?) Demi really looked like Quinn now.

  42. Hope was wearing her mother’s wedding dress. Which wedding would that be I wonder – not being cynical, we aren’t are weπŸ˜‚

    • Aaah there is chemistry there. Or not.
      This is just a guess mind you, but Brooke won’t rest until her daughter gets Liam. She’s never lost a fight over a man before, and she is not about to start now. She has husnand-stealer by proxy. If this wedding doesn’t go ahead, could be that Brooke will be angrier than Hope, not seeing her little baby get her man…..I mean Stephie’s man.

  43. This could be the end of Bridge. Today’s paper tells me that this afternoon Ridge will be demanding answers from Katie. Mmmm

    • Bridge. 😁
      Katie and Wipes need to be raked over the coals. No matter what excuses Wipes makes, there is the little matter of a ferrari and some graffiti to explain.
      I am looking forward to the fat hitting the fan tonight, and some top acting from Liam as he runs through a gamut of expressions, from knuckle biting, to stunned/bewildered, to outrage.

    • But lots of rehearsals. 😁 That wedding dress won’t even need dry cleaning….unless Hopeless cried on it.

    • Liam gives it everything he’s got. Finally, Hope barges in on the boof headed brothers.

      Yes, evil look from Brooke. Katie should hang, too. Poor Carter, spending all night rehearsing his celebrant spiel.

      • Katie was hoping no one would notice her in her toffee wrapper dress. Rum toffee I think. Not a nice flavour, horrible wrapper.
        Another dreadfull lolly wrapper was worn by Maya. Pineapple?
        And Brooke wore Cadbury’s Roses.

  44. Another Forrester gathering, another waste of food , time and money.

    Much more foetus feeling from Liam and he’ll be back in Steffy’s arms.

    Katie’s going to bankroll Wyatt now.

  45. Hope said the wedding mood has been killed and requested a raincheck. The producers weren’t going to waste money on that wedding gown.

  46. Fell asleep while Bill was abusing Wyatt and woke up he was abusing Liam.

    Bill’s really stuck on Steffy.

  47. Oh my Gawd, they are all demented.
    Brooke’s got a cheek. Hope’s got a cheek. ,Bill is deluded and needs hospitalization for his mental illness. Wipes is pathetic. But at least now he can go be with Katy. Katy is desperate. Stephie is sucked into the vortex of having to be with Liam, when she can do so much better. Liam is a bantum chook who thinks he’s a Brahma rooster.

  48. Stephie is spelling it out but Bill is too full of himself to hear. Let me help you Stephie; “Even if Liam marries Hope, I WON’T be with you. I would sooner marry either of the detectives, Charlie, gay Sol or my own brother”. ‘”I wouldn’t wipe my feeton you even if they were covered in gangrene and leprosy”. Or how about this, “You’re old”.

    Brooke’s evil speaks for itself. She really is a good match for Bill with her manipulation. On the plus side, Liam will probably soon be running to Stephie’s bedside and holding youg Kelly in his arms. That is going to p*** Brooke off.
    I look forward to the breaking Bridge.

  49. ” Breathe through it , Steffy. Push!” Don’t let that heartbeat decelerate.

    Brooke is nice and peeved. Bridge on the rocks. Bill doesn’t know yet.

  50. Brooke, “That bitch. How dare she have a baby”. “She is just using that fall to ruin everything for Hope”.
    I am surprised Brooke didn’t make Hope put the wedding dress back on send her and Carter over for a quick marriage beside Stephie’s bed before Kelly could ruin everything.
    Ooooo Brooke is going to be the evil step grandmother who hates that child for daring to sabotage Hope’s wedding. Brooke’s claws are out. At last Ridge hears a bit of her evil.

  51. How was the doctor, trying to crank up Stephie’s blood pressure by giving her all the scary possibilities and details mid labour. Um…..they are generally more reassuring, keeping the mum calm.

  52. Congratulations, Steffy , it’s a plastic computer baby that doesn’t move.. What drama the delivery was.

    Liam and Steffy kiss. So long, Hope.

  53. Pam and Hope, “We didn’t have time to throw her a baby shower”.
    Na, you threw her a wedding. Well, technically it was for Hope and Liam, but it kind of counts.

  54. I have heard that sometimes the delivering mum bites or slugs the dad. Go on Stephie. Here’s your chance.

  55. They are all crooning about how much they are all going to spoil Kelly.
    Below….the Forrester/Spencer children in the attic.

    • Tellingly, Brooke referred to the the baby as a “what” and not a “who”.

      Quinn asked Hope uncomfortable questions. Blunt.

      • The “what” now has a name. And she just took her first, “Wah”. It’s getting harder for St Brooke and St Hope to carry on their charade.
        Baby Kelly isdoing well for a premmie. She’s a whopper. She looks two weeks old.
        Where is Granpa Dollar? He might want to open her college fund.

          • Seagull Thorne will go after Brooke , surely. Ridge is already out of love with her.

            Brooke said “I love you” to Ridge and he didn’t reply. Too busy planning Kelly’s future.

  56. Grandpa “Dressmaker” was the first grandparent to see the baby. Baby Kelly had better listen to those fairytales about the wicked stepmother. Brooke will have her sweeping the cinders.
    Also, I wonder when we can all just say Kelly, and not baby Kelly. Perhaps she will be off to boarding school and her report card will say Baby Kelly Spencer. Ouch. Liam needs to change his surname.

  57. Brooke doesn’t want Hope to lose focus. It’s like she has been training her for the Olympics. And poor Hope, it’s hard to stay noble AND steal your man from a new mum.

  58. Quinn makes some innocent enquiries about Hope’s well being and winds up having to defend her nest.

  59. Little Kelly is working her magic. Liam is won over, and Stephie has gone all calm and peaceful about giving up Liam. Lucky Stephie; no hormones going crazy, making her want to cry.

  60. I am predicting Grandad Dollar might try to pretend Kellie is his by sending someone in to change the paternity results. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too ridiculous. They can stretch out the Brooke/Hope payback. I am relishing Brooke’s rage. That would make me evil if it wzsn’t just a show.

  61. More Brooke rage as Hope hands Liam’s ring back. Liam’s spending the night at Steffy’s. Ridge tries to comfort Brooke. Hope takes the high moral ground.

    • Hope takes the high moral ground so often she hets altitude sickness.

      No B&B tonight until the little ones have gone home. An evening of bead threading and netflix cartoons.

  62. Quinn is getting too skinny. Her face is looking too gaunt. She a beautiful woman who needs a bit more meat on her bones.

  63. Good Lawd! This is where Brooke should be telling her daughter, “Plenty more fish in the sea”, not encouraging her to keep pursuing Liam. It looks like Brooke wants this relationship more than Hope does.
    Liam is feeling bad about letting Hope down but let’s retrace the steps to Hopeless bringing it on herself by chasing Liam down in his hotel room several times a day.
    Thorn and Ridge are buds today, bonding over the Liam,Hope, Stephie, Kellie triangle…I mean rectangle. But Thorne may just be circling close to the dying Bridge marriage so that he can make a meal of the carcass. It shouldn’t be long now. Thorne is showing the patience and opportunism of a vulture.
    Brooke is so ropable, she might need a vodka, although her bleary eyes suggest she already has knocked back a few. Good acting from Brooke. I can feel her seeeething.

  64. Oh, and for thoss who missed it….Stephie is a real mum now, complete with tracksuit and baby poop in her pocket. I thought she was going to say the milk hadcome in and squirted Liam, but no, it was poop in her pocket. Aaah the parental bonding is really kicking in. I love how Stephie skipped the post baby grumps annd is even loving exhaustion.

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