Daisy’s May Bold chat

Thanks to Daisy, for her latest instalment:
Where do we go from here? Sheila has made a mysterious return to Il Giordinos. No bother to explain to the viewers where she has been. All of a sudden she is the voice of reason, calming to two cocks ready to face off, or cock off, rooster if you prefer, in a cock fight at a fancy restaurant. I am guessing Bill might have won that one had it come to blows.
Quinn has put on her serious face to threaten Bill if he hurts her baby. She won’t be able to use her Groucho Marx disguise again, as she has already been using the eyebrows. It was low of Wyatt to blab in retaliation, but I suppose he had already gone to that “dark place” he mentioned. I look forward to seeing what Wyatt’s dark place looks like……no wait! That didn’t come out right.
Hope is one of the cast getting all the lines. And she has thrown out her line, and lure, for Liam, although she won’t admit it, because that would make her bad. So instead, Hope is calling the seduction of Liam, “Supporting his marriage to Stephie” and Liam is now calling it work. I think Stephie will soon have another name for it. Brooke calls it, “All is fair in love and war”.
Stephie is using her best ammunition; letting Liam feel the baby kick. But Liam is remaining resolute and immune to his wife’s charms, still confident that her betrayal is sufficient license for him to mooch around, and soon smooch around with Hope. Hope in the meantime keeps trying to convince herself that she is entitled to grab the prize, and has enlisted Brooke to encourage her seductions.
Rick and Maya have again been left on the cutting room floor, but I think we might see Quinn and her eyebrows, along with Sheila, who might now be more afraid of Quinn because she looks a bit scarier, back in action. Ridge has just broken the law by asking a nutcase to kill Bill, and although we might not be able to see why she would, I think she might find some incentive. Perhaps her deal will be, only if you seduce Quinn. And all of this comes to us in an hour daily. That might speed up the action. I look forward to it.
BTW, yesterday at pottery, I boldy said I watch Bold, and someone said, “Nooooooo”. I don’t care. I refuse to be in a closet. I was born this way. 😊



  1. I caught today’s episode, and there was a part of me that got quite a thrill when Bill beat the crap out of Ridge. Ridge was even wearing his murder-gloves. How’d that go for you, Ridgey?

    • Bill is accumulating people with motive to kill him, including his new heir to the throne; Justin.

      How did Stephie already get to be 6 months pregnant already? She had better get booking that boarding school.

      • Whenever Bill picks up his golden gun, there’s a knock at the door and an enemy comes in. Won’t be surprised if Ridge gets off the floor and makes a grab for the gun.

        Ridge went down like a sack of spuds.

        Half of LA wants Bill dead.

        • Yep. 10 minutes ago. But it’s a Spencer baby so it takes up a lot of real estate. And here’s a big question. Why are the Spectras eating al fresco in an almost blizzard?

          Still that bleak weather feels ominous. Bill has just made his exit into the storm and there is a crescendo of emotion, and music.

  2. Brooke and Hope continue to chew over Stephie’s fall from grace until Hope can finally give herself permission to fall into Liam’s arms and lock lips instead of just drowning in each others’ eyes.

  3. Things are heating up like an Agatha Christie novel. Soon the donut eating detective will arrive, and like Peter Ustinov in Murder on the Nile, congregate the suspects into one room until the guilty party cracks.

    • I didn’t see it all…but I thought Bill shot himself.(Wind howls)

      He won’t die. He’ll hover for weeks.

      Hope Wyatt doesn’t drink and drive. Hope the CCTV at Il Giordinos was working.

      • Snap! I can’t believe I fell asleep right after the shooting. Woolif said Bill was taken to hospital. With so many potential suspects thirsting for revenge, the danger might not be over. There may come another shadowy figure show up to cut Bill’s tubing.

  4. Sheila was late for her shift because she “had something to do”
    Wyatt passed out after drinking a small bottle of grog
    BUT where was our favourite policeman?

    • Thanks, Sara. I think I conked out about the time Sheila clocked on.

      I guess Wipes’ dark place is him bringing bottles of whiskey into the home of an alcoholic.

      The writers have even thrown Pam and Rick into the mix of those with motive, means, and no alibi. I’m thinking Colonel Mustard in the library.

  5. Justin sat in $Bill’s swivel chair and immediately knew how to run his company.

    And he has shoved aside any confidentiality clauses he may have signed to sing like a canary auditioning for The Voice.

  6. I will stick to my whodunnit formula and go for the one without the evidence stacked against them. I am still going for Sol. He is also an expendible cast member, not that it matters. Main characters have killed before and didn’t go to prison.

  7. That puny detective looks like he couldn’t catch a cold. I’m still with Bill playing with his golden gun.

    Katie’s shot at people before.

  8. That tiny little detective looks like one of Arjay’s school friends. He’s wearing detective diapers.

    The nurse isn’t getting a chance to look after Bill with the merry-go-round of prime suspects in and out of his room. No policeman sat outside to make sure none of the possible guilty parties finishes the job.
    Yesterday while the nurse was saving Bill’s life, she said, “I will leave you to have privacy”. Anyone ever been in hospital and had the nurse stop saving your life because Auntie Berta has brought you the Woman’s Day?

  9. Why is Hope spending so much time at the hospital. They all look shifty – hours of rehearsal to get the look😊 and our favourite cop is back – did they call him Chief of Police ffs.

    • “Involved”, Hopeless called it. “Stephie, do you mind that I am this involved?”.

      It’s starting to have as many murders/attempted murders in one place as Midsomer does.

      Sally seems happy to jump from Liam to Thomas with the promise of huge financial support. I guess that’s her idea of “friends with benefits”. Like a boyfriend who buys her a skyscraper in LA.
      It’s a good idea that she jumps ship to Thomas as she is only 3rd on Liam’s list now that Hope is “involved”.

  10. Caroline was dressed like a suspect. I refuse to wear a trench coat because I don’t want to look like a baddie, detective or spy.

  11. I love the sheer size of the tube that’s keeping Bill alive. Just so we realize he’s on the critical list.

    The sandwich eating Detective is back on the job. Chief Of Take Away Food. This will never be solved. Cold case.

    • I love the way the nurses job is just to keep adjusting it like it’s a piece of crap machinery. The nurses excuse for all the tube tweeking is that she has just changed his dressings. ( I think they borrowed an anti snore machine for these scenes).
      Do hospital patients have their dressings changed that oftenl

  12. Hovering Hope takes the cake more than a donut eating detective. Hope is waiting to support Liam. Go home Hope.
    And what about the stream of visitors Bill is getting in icu. Even enemies like Quinn have a door pass. The murderer could be any one of them.

    BTW, I think we are getting hourly temporarily, just to catch up with the US. Otherwise when the 14 year old detective cracks the case in America, the word will spread faster than Katy keeping a secret.

    And….who attempted to murder one of LA’s most powerful, only gets two cops, and one of those fresh out of school. Why hasn’t Justin got company security on the job? Or are they suspects too.

  13. Bill’s been detubed and he’s singing like a canary. He’s half dead and being grilled by the baby detective.

    It’s hate Bill week. The ep ends before Bill coughs up the culprit.

    Hope blabs about the proposal.

    • It’s a blabbing chain. Hope is toxic. All the worse because she doesn’t wear black so we know she’s a baddie. That apple fell right next to the tree.

  14. I saw a dead ringer for Sol in the newsagent’s this arvo. The show is starting to distort my sense of reality…….if it hasn’t already.

    Hope blabbed to Liam and Steffy’s dirty ‘cos she wanted to break the disturbing news to him first. Brooke’s in awful green dress today. Looks like an apple.

    • Brooke’s wearing her Bingo dress. Right now she is scrambling for a reason for blabbing. She tried 3 different excuses before settling on a lame one, out of three lame ones.
      She told Ridge that Thomas could never be capable of murder, but she quizzed Ridge if he shot Bill.

      Hope is like little Nellie Olsen. Sweetly devious. She “had to tell Liam because he is such a nice person”.

  15. I watch enough crime shows to know that all suspects should have been tested for gun residue immediately. Also dna would have been taken from the gun. Instead the baby cop is investigating like a Keystone Cop, before forensic science.

  16. Inspector Barnaby would have solved this by now
    Not an emmy award performance by Caroline.
    Wonder how long we are going to be seeing double episodes for. Its hard to put aside a whole hour in the afternoon without feeling too guilty🀣

    • Banaby’s wife, Joyce, would have been coincidentally working as a temp nurse and overhear some clues.
      Caroline was drab, but to be fair, Bill did a great job acting someone lying unconscious. That’s the role usually reserved for Nicole.

      Ridge blasted Hope for running to blab , but overlooked Brooke blabbing to Hope. At least Brooke looked like her hand was caught in a man’s fly. Slightly guilty.

    • I’ve failed several times and not watched the whole hour. It’s crammed with ads and fake news anyway.

      Bill ‘s coming out of the coma was some of his best work.

  17. It wasn’t Ridge. Was it Pam – she was off her meds. Hope is getting too much screen time and I don’t know why unless there are bigger things ahead for her. Ridge wull be out soon.

    • Justin seems happy Ridge is in the frame. The cops aren’t earning their sandwiches. The suspects cover an entire wall.

      Sheila’s overheard it all, too.

      Great mug shots of Ridge, the famous designer.

      Did Bill say something bad about Pam’s Lemon Bars?

    • Pam has been doing crazy eyes. Sheila has been doing evil eyes. Ridge has been wearing a black eye, Quinn has been doing shaded eyes,and Hope has her eyes set on Liam. Eventually she will catch him, but he will be torn.

      • Liam’s eyes are wobbly today. You’ll see. Losing his marbles in front of Steffy. Ready for Turnabout Ranch.

        So Liam’s hit his head .Amnesia time again.

  18. Brooke has been doing better detective work than the detectives. Ridge should sue them for false imprisonment.

    Hopeless believes her own innocence. Come on Stephie, don’t buy it.
    I had my fingers crossed that it would backfire on Hope and drive Liam and Stephie back together. Then I remember that Liam is a drip and no prize.

  19. Hope is pecking away at, hanging around Liam like a vulture at some roadkill.

    Steffy has Liam flashbacks to the good old days.

  20. Liam’s tripping out and having hallucinations. Just when he turns up at Steffy’s for dinner. Bad acid in LA? He sees Bill proposing to Steffy. Did Hope slip him something to ruin the date?

    Is Liam the shooter and Bill framing the dressmaker?

      • Great. There’ll be a few opportunities. With Steffy before/at dinner and Bill at the hospital.

        You’ll hear “Moonlight Sonata” over the end when Liam realises/imagines that he shoots Bill. Roll Over Beethoven.

    • That’s two dinners gone to waste. Stephie had better freeze and pack so that next time she invites Liam to dinner, he gets left-overs.

  21. Brooke, true to her nature, would rather Hope seduce Liam. She’s getting impatient with Hope, but Hope knows what she’s doing.

  22. Liam didn’t do his signature troubled/confused side glance that I was expecting. He has really explored other emotions tonight.

  23. More gold from Liam today. Only half way though.

    Bill is shot from behind, right? But on Liam’s flashback Bill staggers as if shot from outside and in front. The scene was badly shot, like Bill.

    Ballistics down at the station have got it wrong or the producers have.

    More Moonlight Sonata for Liam’s fantasy. Hide the gloves of guilt , you fool. Again , a mobile phone stars in the ep.

  24. Liam’s going to turn into a werewolf…albeit in sheepskin gloves..

    No shaving services in the hospital for multi millionaire Bill?

    Eric tells it straight to teen cop. Quinn’s past means nothing.

    Hope’s going to hear it straight from the werewolf’s mouth. First to know.

  25. Truth teller Liam will want to go straight down to the police station to hand himself in.

    Hope now has another excuse she can tell herself so she can go after Liam while absolving herself of any culpability. “This is all your fault, Stephie”. Little Miss Innocent won’t end up getting her girl scout badge in marriage guidance.

    What? Ridge was “Eyeing Bill’s gun”? That’s disgusting but no crime.

    • In fact Liam was just gonna hand himself in ….but Hope stopped him and has declared her love for him. “Bill drove him to it”.

      Liam confesses to Bill.

  26. An oscar winning performance from Liam today. Wonder if the detective will believe him if he confesses. That detective looks like Arjay,s big brother😁 I am not sure if I can keep up with one hour a day of this show. Its hard to devote an hour in the afternoon.! Hope is certainly getting a starring role, won’t be long before she and Liam hit the sack together.

  27. Just watching. Liam is in his element getting to act like Miz Scarlett. Hope is in her element getting her paws on a concussed Liam. She should have thrown him in the boot of her car like Quinn did.

    I am looking to the 48hours, or Death Row stories version of the crime where the hard hitting journalist talks about the miscarriage of justice as Ridge was banged up while so many others were in the frame.
    Notice how I know the criminal world lingo.

    Oh, and Hope proves what an angel she isn’t by leaving Ridge to rot in prison.

    • How many visitors a day can Ridge have? No supervision. He’ll hardly rot with the socialising and joke cracking he’s doing,ie his Dollar Bill impression.

      • Bill is getting rougher treatment in hospital than Ridge is getting in the slammer.
        Too bad Quinn hasn’t been to visit Ridge in jail for a little bit of Jailhouse rock.

  28. Bill’s not going to dob Liam in.

    Liam the moral rock could have ‘fessed up to teen cop right there, but he wouldn’t sing.

    • Liam’s rule is tell the truth…even when no one asks. So how will Liam sleep at night? Probably by Hope coming over.

  29. Charlie bakes a mean cake for Ridge’s get out party. It’s a typical schmaltzy Forrester get together. Carter gets a heap of praise for doing nothing. Dull party.

    Hope’s micro managing Liam’s life now. He tells her she should go….so she helps conjure an alibi for him.

  30. “Best party ever”, says the dressmaker. Ridge rasps his way through the final soppy scene with Brooke .Lozenges, please.

    Hope white ants Bill and Steffy to Liam. He’s a sucker.

    Hope love bombs Liam and they kiss. No ton of concrete on Liam today.

  31. A Forrester party? Ridge should have stayed in the cooler.

    Is Hope washing Liam’s underwear yet? Stephie, let Hope have him. Then we can get to the bit where Hope gets dumped.

  32. There were two guests missing from the party and two extra guests.

    Can you guess? Missing: Liam and Hopeless.
    Two extra guests: Quinn’s eyebrows.

  33. Mmmmmm interesting! Walking past mags at Woollies today there in front of me were the headlines – the name of Bill,s shooter! Not someone I’m familiar withπŸ˜‚

  34. Hope looks disgusted that Stephie called to see Liam, as if, “What a cheek she has showing up”.

    Since getting away with murder, Liam is now “getting away with murder”. Maybe his overactive conscience has taken a holiday”. Actually I never recall Liam having an active conscience. He hasalways juggled women.

    “Come home Liam”. Wait for it….is Liam going to offer Stephie the truth?

  35. Bill sinks even lower. He’s got Liam by the…..

    I think he stole the gloves of guilt from Liam’s “place”

  36. Ha ha ha. Wotcha gonna do Liam? “Your freedom or your wife?”

    Liam already wanted Hopeless, but now he might have to dig in his elevated heels. Stephie won’t be happy.

    As for Hopeless telling Stephie, “I would have never slept with my fil”. My reply would have been, “Maybe not but your mum would, and did”.
    Stephie told Hope she “Actually had though Hope was rooting for her”. Not Stephie, but soon if she gets her way.

          • Katy will be available very soon. Or if he wantsRidge’s hand me downs, Taylor has arrived.

            I wish I could get a role in B&B; just to slap Hope’s face. “Don’t tell Stephie” indeed. Yeah Hope, only you can be there for Liam.

  37. Taylor shot Bill. The cops will probably never find out. She’s not happy with Bill defiling St.Steffy.

    Dumbarse Liam still thinks he shot his father. His hamnesia.

    Steffy now knows who shot Bill~ Liam and Taylor.

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