General Chat – May 22

What’s everyone watching, besides MasterChef and/or House Rules?

I’m hooked on Netflix’s 3% – I’m a sucker for a dystopian future drama. The only annoying thing is that it’s a Brazilian production and Netflix has decided to dub it into English. I’d prefer subtitles but I can bear it if I don’t watch the actors’ mouths.
The premise is the world has gone to hell, with overcrowding, people scavenging for food – you know the drill. However, each year all the 21 year olds can compete in a contest to determine the best and brightest.
The winners – the 3 per cent – can then lead a life of luxury in the mysterious “Offshore”.
If you’re a sci fi fan do check it out. I’m on a real sci fi run at the moment, with my other must watches being Westworld and Handmaid’s Tale – heavy viewing sometimes and not for everyone.



  1. I’m watching hardly anything right now. Even “House Rules”, like, it’s on in the background when I’m catching up on computer work and other chores.

    In other news, today I discovered that I’m close friends with Petero Civoniceva’s aunt. She’s a lovely, cool old gal. The non-NRL fans probably won’t be too plussed, but I just thought, wow, it’s a small world. Anyway.

  2. I heard today t(at they are going to make a Phryne Fisher movie.
    I am so excited. I can’t wait.
    I might go back and rewatch everything in preparation.

  3. Juz there might be a setting to get rid of the dubbing. Woolif changed a dubbed by changing the language to Dutch ( the original) , then putting add subtitles. We were watching something and the dubbing was dreadful. Everything sounded like a surprise, like animé.

    Woolif and I have been enjoying the English drama, Safe.

  4. I just finished season 2 of 13 Reasons Why… Not as good as the first season, but still pretty good.
    My boyfriend forced me to watch Happy! on Netflix recently. Did not want to watch it at first, but it is really, really good. And also really, really weird.

    And pffff, they cancelled Lucifer. 🙁 I liked watching it on Netflix. And The Expanse is cancelled. That sucks, the books are really good and the show is fantastic! Apparently Amazon wants to continue it though, so keeping my fingers crossed!

    • Noooo. Lucifer? I love Lucifer.
      At some point they are going to cotton on to the fact that our viewing habits have changed and can’t be judged by the instant response.
      If they hadn’t understood that then Seinfield would have been cancelled early. It took until Season 3 before it took off and became one of the most successful shows eva. Not that Lucifer is in the same category; it’s just a lot of fun, and there’s not a lot of that on telly at the moment.

      • The show itself is pretty simple, more or less a cop procedural. But what makes it entertaining is the actor that plays Lucifer and the rest of the cast. They all work well with each other.

        And yeah, the problem is also, they only take into consideration what the US viewers watch. Not, if a show is a success globally. CW does, they have apparently some nice arrangements with Netflix and their shows do really well on it. In France for example, the reboot of Dynasty (it is really awful, really, really, really bad^^) is a huge success, in the US it is pretty much the lowest rated show on TV. And still it was renewed, thanks to the success on Netflix.
        TV channels are smart to put their stuff on Netflix, it is a lot of money, and it seems to be so profitable, that they keep shows alive which otherwise would be cancelled right away. If they realize that there is a huge market in Europa and ANZ, they give shows new life.

        PS: Has anyone watched Bosch on Amazon Prime? I just started it, it is fantastic!

  5. Thanks for the recommendation Juz. I’ll check out 3%. I like both “Handmaid’s Tale” and “Westworld”. Both of them can be very heavy and depressing especially HT. I tried watching “The Crossing” but after 2 episodes I gave up on it.

    Saw “Deadpool 2”. I wasn’t a big fan of the first one. The second one was OK but still not a Deadpool fan. If you are planning on seeing it watch carefully because there are several surprise cameos and be sure to sit through the credit roll.

    • I watched Deadpool 2. I was a big fan of the first one but thought the second one was just okay. I am glad I saw it. It was a laugh but there was something lacking. Another demonstration showing when the main actor shouldn’t take over the scriptwriting. The credit roll was the best thing in the movie.

      • I like Ryan Reynolds and he’s hilarious whenever I see him promoting Deadpool. But the whole big FX blow stuff up vibe/car chase vibe type of movie does nothing for me. If it was just Deadpool’s one liners I would probably love it

  6. Just flicked over to Gem to see the very youthful looking Shatner, Takei and co on the original Star Trek movie and realised the dad from Seventh Heaven is in it

    • Well, he is a pedo as well. 🙁 My sister was a huge fan of 7th Heaven and was totally shocked when she read about him. :S

        • One of my favorites, too. One of my favorite scenes was Scotty talking to the mouse. Then there is the great scene with Spock swimming with and mind melding with the whales.

          • Star Trek 4 was really good. I also really liked Star Trek 6. It was the first Star Trek movie I saw in the cinema with my step sister and my step mom (and she hated Star Trek, will my sister and I loved it).
            In general, Star Trek TNG was the first I saw, my opa watched it with me (and for once, a German translation made more sense than the original, Next Generation was translated into the next century^^). I was soooo scared during the episode in which Tasha died. My opa had me sitting on his lap and snuggle with me. I think I was 6 or so when it aired in Germany. So still young enough to snuggle with my opa. My granny hated the fact that my oma that my opa was so much into watching American TV shows. She always thought, German stuff is better, but he enjoyed all the old stuff like Columbo and Quincy (next to the Star Trek shows his faves), he also liked reading American or British crime novels. We usually did not watch much TV anyway, so watching the stuff with opa was kind of a treat. 😉

          • I was actually glad when they got rid of Tasha. I didn’t like the character and didn’t think the actress did a good job in the role. The black skin thing, though, was super creepy.
            I liked ST VI, too, but my favorite will always be ST IV. Of course ST II “Wrath of Khan” was great, IMO. Having Ricardo Montalban return as Khan was perfect and then Shatner screaming, “Khhhhhhaaaaaaaaannnnn”…LOL.

  7. Ugh, btw, I am soooo annoyed by GDPR. :S Every stupid website throws it at you and then we also deal with it at work as it makes it awfully difficult to work with it. It is no fun if you deal with account details, billing information etc. 🙁

    • I did , Lola. Great .

      Better than The Voice. Poor Janis might not have made it onto the show, one of her imitators won it, in fact.

  8. I saw it Lola. It took me back to my high school years, op shopping and buying good albums. My kid brother used to get 5 finger deals .

    • That’s very sad. I don’t watch soaps, but I’d seen her on various other things over the years. She had a terrific smile.

      I kind of wish her son had kept that last picture of her private, rather than sharing it on social media. Although on the news tonight, she had a tv interview in February, so maybe she wouldn’t have minded. Rest in peace,
      Ms. Frances.

      • That photo was pretty harrowing, hey?
        I remember my unbridled excitement when I ran into her in our local Blockbusters! That dates me, doesn’t it – from a time when you went to the Video Store.

  9. Disappointed that I could no longer find a top quality tea, like an orange pekoe (which btw, isn’t orange fkavoured, but a grade), we resorted to buying a pkt on line from Sri Lanka. After using a large pkt, two or three times the size of a normal pkt of Midura or the like, amazingly my tea pot and cup have no staining. Nada. I drink the tea average strength and I even leave it sitting in the pot all day and top up. So tea drinkers who want your pearly whites glistening, think about that.

    No help for green tea drinkers though. That makes your teeth look like King Neptunes dentures.

    • I got all excited thinking it was some magic tea pot cleaning product!
      We drink organic Black Madura, but golly it stains cups and pot really badly. Hate to think what it does to our insides. . .

      • What the hell is added if it stains like that? If you can buy a tea that leaves no stain, I wonder about the rest of the teas.

  10. Look. After about 3 weeks on that tea, without any bleaching or scrubbing. In fact just toss and rinse for the teapot.

    • Perhaps I could send some dentures of mine to you to further test your claim.

      Just toss them in and wait.

      • Ha ha. I can’t tell you the tea cleans, just doesn’t stain, so hang on to your falsies. 😜

  11. Been flat out teaching. And last night we fought the council and we (our neighbourhoods) won. Haven’t had a sit in like that since we marched on parliament house in the late 60s ( can’t recall why. Perhaps Vietnam war). I was about 16.

  12. The council had put our rates up 26% two years ago, and were planning on another 27% increase, even though none of it will be spent, is spent on the “special rural” areas. Nada. Anyhow, they agreed on 6% after nearly every hayseed hippy, retiree and barefoot exec joined the meeting. Fun.

  13. I’ve been celebrity spotting in my local Foodland. Rebecca Gibney and Geraldine Hakewill from the show “Wanted”, in the wild.

  14. She won’t say it so I will. Can we support Juz, and ttv, by clicking on an ad or two. Maybe, like you need that bunion straightener, or that new home, or a trip tp Bali. Or what about a new bright swimsuit.

    • I’ve been clicking away like a mad thing. Mostly it is old lady clothes but sometimes, oddly enough, I get nothing at all. Go figure.

  15. Anthony Bourdain died. OMG. Another tragedy.
    A lot of celebrities don’t seem to be as happy as we think they should be.

  16. I can recommend Trollied, on Stan. It’s not British comedy at it’s very best, but it’s good and has great characters. It stars Jane Horrocks but my favourite is senior in training; Margaret.

  17. I only know one rtv fan, but I am always looking out for others to invite to ttv.
    My mum watches B&B all the time but my jokes about Brooke might hit a nerve. They are soooo alike with regard to men, ouch. She’s 83 but that still hasn’t stopped her husband snatching. Ouch. Ouch.

    24 people on a pensioner bus tour, 4 men….and she will get one of them. Yeah, She’s still pretty good looking…for 83. Lucky for me, one man is more than enough.

  18. Although we have to suffer through the Badgerlor first, is anyone else gonna tune in to that new WAG-themed “Playing for Keeps” on channel 10 tonight?

    It’ll probably be another one that doesn’t last past a single season, but the ads have intrigued me, I was gonna check it out.

    • I wanted to watch it after the first ad I saw. But now the ads have been played too often, and they are so long, that I feel as though I already know the whole of the story beginning to end.

      There isn’t much on tv on Wednesday night, so I’ll probably watch it anyway.

    • I’d planned to watch it,mainly with a view to laughing at it. It’s whether the actors have the skillz to be as dumb as real WAGs that has me intrigued.

      We’re going to see an awful lot of Cassie on The Bachelor tonight, if you know what I mean. Uncovered meat.

      Ch 10 have timed it to perfection to coincide with the various boofhead sporting awards like Brownlow, Daly(sic?) M etc..

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