House Rules is back

HR chat. I’ll be watching MasterChef first, so please fill me in via the comments. I’ll be hoping (in vain, surely) that Joe Snell and his coloured pants make a comeback.



  1. You’re not missing a huge amount.

    The teams are, so far, mostly bland and likeable enough. Toad from the country (I wasn’t paying enough attention to get his real name) is a bit of a character. Two of the teams know each other from back in the day (when the guy halves of the teamd played AFL together), so I imagine they’re the secret-alliance that the ads have been going on about.

    No sign of either Joe Snell or his brightly-coloured trousers, but the blond judge man is back. Caroline is back too … possibly to her detriment. The major accident in the first episode that was featured heavily in the advertising? That was Caroline. She was talking a team through their choice of dining room chairs when a giant plank of timber swung down from the ceiling and took her out. The ambulance arrived and she seemed quite shaky, but she was recovered and back on-site by the end of the episode, so all’s well that ends well. She made it back just in time to tell the country boys that they’d put some concrete wall paneling on backwards. Good times.

    The fighting couple (who 7 obviously picked for drama sakes) are already a little testing. I imagine they’ll get on all our nerves by the time this is done.

  2. Half way thru the episode, i realised I tuned out. It doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season.
    I liked the idea of all doing a house together first. You get to know teams before you have to do their house etc. the prize money coming from this is a good idea too.

    • Also liked the idea of all of them doing a house together and using the profit from the auction of that house for the prize money. Wonder if the amount they get will be based on their placement on the leader board.
      Overall, though, episode was boring and I fast forwarded through a lot of it.
      Questionable safety with that piece of timber hitting Carolyn quite hard.
      Two teams have to share an area and that’s not working out well. Plants that were purchased are not being shared equitably. Both teams complaining about each other.
      Why do the producers/powers that be have them create a nursery? Think it would have been better to create a study/bedroom combination.

      • Apparently Carolyn fractured her sternum and a couple of ribs (I read an interview with her in the paper this morning), so it wasn’t exactly a minor injury, either.

  3. I have been wondering if I should hop onto MC or HR just to join the gang, but I think I might stick to my other regular programmes and wait for another FWAW or some nonsense like that.

  4. LLB’s worth it but last night was a fail.

    Give me that over the deification of bog standard nonnas any day,

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