1. J and J love the crusty beams. Unbelievable. They could be full of borers etc.

    “An idiotically dull space” from LLB.

    “Oh my God” and “Awesome” comprise J and J’s vocabulary. We talk like Americans.

  2. This is going to be a long drawn out season. The entire episode was the homeowners’ comments and scores and then the added surprise of an appraiser valuating how much the house was worth after the reno.
    Surprised at some of the things the homeowners liked such as the dirty, dusty beams and the light fixture made from wood from the pallet. Those wood pieces were not cleaned and I don’t think they were even sealed.
    Also surprised that they gave the movie room a pass. I wouldn’t have. The light fixture was horrible, the poster wasn’t hung well and there was nowhere to place snacks and drinks.
    I have a feeling the other contestants are going to be more picky.
    As for any of the beams being NY warehouse, they seem more rustic and country to me. Metal beams are more appropriate.

  3. The house had improved in value by $160K – but they don’t tell us how much was spent on the renovations (perhaps it would’ve been more than $160K)

  4. “We just wanna make it functionable”

    “This is no time for theatricals”

    These people are not rocket scientists.

  5. I’m not sure why they needed the extended sequence of Jared taking his shirt off and jumping in the pool, but it was the highlight of an otherwise pretty-forgettable episode, so I doubt anyone really minded.

    • I was embarrassed by it. I am usually anti-feminist stuff, but on this one I agree with them – if it wouldn’t be appropriate to have one of the girls do it, then why goggle over a man doing it? Besides all footy players in every code look like that (not to mention most other professional sports). Jared just looks like someone whose physical fitness is a part of their career.

  6. This show used to be one of my faves but honestly I watch it whilst doing other things now. I can’t even put my finger on why I’ve gone off it. I keep hoping I will start loving it again but unlikely.

    • Same here. Too much that is not related to the reno. Don’t like the bonus room idea and taking two episodes to reveal the scores.

      • Right. They didn’t listen last year when the viewers said that they don’t like the bonus room or the two-episode reveal. Not good market research. The only thing I notice that has changed that was complained about last year is that the zone allocation is back to being decided by the producers, not the contestants.
        And I agree, too much filler, and repetitive references to the labels they have put on the couples – “Hotheads”, “go-getters”, “competitive”. Just let us get to know them and make up our own minds, please.

        If we are mentioning labels, Mel has become Cavewoman to me after the outfit they put her in for the reveal.

      • Yeah, it’s kind of a dull season, to be honest. It’s better than the histrionics of MKR, but no, it hasn’t exactly been the most exciting season.

        • I guess it becomes more difficult each year to find genuine, willing (and able) contestants now that we all know what the show involves (a bunch of people who have never used a hammer ripping your place to shreds and attempting to patch over the holes they create, fighting over 5 square cms of space plus long hours filming away from home etc, etc.).

  7. Chiara can throw a good meltdown over a laundry tiling “crisis”. Can’t avoid the criers , whichever show one chooses. Bonus points for crying in the car,criticising partner’s driving whilst doing so.

    Laurence is missing in a action.

    Dave reckons something’s wrong with Caroline’s “prospective”. Tonight’s another grammar train wreck.

    This Toad lives on “cheesenbiccies”

    • See, I don’t know, I kind of like Toad. He’s refreshingly honest. I feel like what you see is what you get, like, there’s no pretense at all.

        • 😂 Love your work Dave. I’m sure you were as relieved as I was when they moved onto Mel and Dave’s and we could stop hearing from Jarrod about ‘Jess and I’s place’.

          • Thanks CL. J&J went for love nest over language nest. “Love is bloind, yeh, awesome”

            Is acupuncture that good? Some sensitivity from the camera operator would have helped, those close up the shorts view of the knee lady were like something from MAFS. Jess’s mega shorts are getting a thrashing from camera.

          • I’ve had acupuncture once for my back and it hardly made a scrap of difference. I do find it hard to believe that she was fixed after one session but everyone is different. Lol on the mega shorts.

      • Toad and Mandy are my favourite team by a long way. Really genuine country people. And they are so appreciative of each other – Toad can’t believe his luck in attracting Mandy, but he undersells himself as just a really nice man who seems to know how to cherish a girl.

  8. I can’t believe how stupid those two boys were for purchasing the sewing machine from Leigh and Kristie, but LK were absolute jerks for even doing that. They should be ashamed of themselves whereas it was obvious that they were pleased with what they did. The boys should be ashamed of themselves, too, for not making a better effort to find or possibly make a statement piece. The sewing machine was Mel’s and Dave’s and not something that should have been sold. Producers/show staff should not have allowed that.
    Glad that LK’s piece was not liked by Mel and Dave.

    • I don’t know, I find the whole ‘statement piece’ thing to be indicative of problems with the format, and how odd the entire field of interior design.

      “We picked a shelf for our statement piece!” and the statement is you can … put things on it? What else is a shelf supposed to do? Quote Shakespeare? Figure out world peace? Just hurry up and remodel the house belonging to good-looking strangers.

      No, it’s not my fault that I giggle every time Jared smiles.

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