1. I gotta say, my general cynicism regarding this show steadily melted, tonight, because Josh and Brandon are such adorable, sweet, country-boys.

    And Brandon is *fine*. Just throwing that out there.

    • And yes, their grammar could use some work because there were far too many “Youse” for anybody’s liking, on tonight’s episode, but personally, it just made them more charming.

    • Funny, I was just thinking last night that out of the three-in-a-row country boy pairs we have had, these two are just irritating me. They are nice enough, but IMO lacking the charm of the other two.

      I can’t help but feel that there is now a sweet country brother edit, which they are applying, but underneath these two are not quite as genuinely sweet as the others.

  2. Highlight of the night so far … Jo wishes everybody good luck, and adds (seemingly as an after-thought), “Oh, the area is renowned for dangerous snakes. When you’re in the backyard, try not to die. Have fun!”

    • If the producers are fair dinkum, the girls should be ditching the short shorts , long trousers being the best defence against snakes.

  3. Did anyone else suspect that there wasn’t really an approaching rain storm or snake threat (forcing Mel and the suddenly-attractive Dave to evacuate the tent), but channel 7 just wanted to throw in a plug for Hotels Combined?

    Meanwhile, we’re 29 minutes into the reno, and David’s thrown a tantrum and stormed off. Who had 29 minutes?

    Jess was right. It seems like a weird house. From the outside, and all the wide camera pans, it looks like a sizeable building. So why is there no room for anybody to have their own space? Also, Michelle’s sister asked for “cozy industrial”. That seems to be two things that are polar opposites of each other. Good luck boys.

    Oh, and I could’ve lived without knowing that Kim was a “50 Shades” fan. Anyone installs chains in the master bedroom, and I’m not watching.

    • Absolutely Windsong, couldn’t agree more. It all felt a little too set up for my liking. The hotwls combined section was all too well rehearsed. Why do they always have to tamper? There may well have been some rain but when there have been serious storms, the following day the whole site is waterlogged and unusable. I got the feeling like they deliberately told them to go to a hotel just so they could play out the fake drama of everyone believing they were still in the tent. As if they wouldn’t have twigged. The piece where Chiara is asking if they zip the tent up and can we see it her eyes kept darting over like she was reading an autocue or getting encouragement from the producers. The MKR-esque ads of ‘what have they done?’ puts me off completely.

  4. And now having taken on 4 rooms who has time to look for tents? Which makes me wonder how many days the reno really takes, and how much money is spent. I’d say $100k could easily be spent between the teams so all this increase in value is not accurate either. Alas, I continue to watch…

  5. Mel and Dave are the snakes i think. Low act not just admitting to it. Especially as was ‘forced’ and not them requesting. Interesting that despite the rainstorms predicted when the camera panned to the teams in their hotels it was a clear night. Poor editing. 7 people in one home must be so hard, especially spread over the 3 generations.

  6. So, David’s just thrown a tantrum and stormed off swearing. For the 500th time this season.

    Does he actually do anything else? Because it’s really starting to get on my nerves.

    I also don’t quite buy their reason for taking on the bonus room (and giving themselves four rooms to deal with), to spare Mel and Dave some stress. Why couldn’t they give it to one of the teams that only have two rooms. That would’ve left them with only 3 rooms, spared Mel and Dave (regardless of their circumstances) and evened it up a bit.

      • You could set your watch by David swearing at the people around him and storming off. It’s like an hourly event.

          • I gotta admit, the most giggle-part of the episode (for me, at least) was seeing David and Chiara install a swing, into the kids’ playroom … and then remembering how Kim was a “50 Shades” fan, I couldn’t help but think, when those kids aren’t home, that swing is going to be used for things it wasn’t intended for, no.

            Meanwhile, was it me, or was Jo weirdly fixated on Toad and Mandy’s love-life, tonight? Let it go, Jo.

          • My exact thought when they showed the swing was please tell me that’s not in Kim’s room.

          • Seems to me that they are setting the whole week up to be “romance” (well, physical anyway) themed.

  7. I didn’t read it that the bonus room was kept just to save Mel and Dave. I thought it was pretty clear that Chiara was dying to get her hands on a children’s playroom and that the consideration of giving it away was just the usual fake-out. Just trying to set up the storm in a teacup issue of Mel and Dave not sharing that the producers moved them out of the tent.

    (apologies for late posting, still trying to catch up on recordings)

  8. Interesting that there is almost no discussion in this thread or the last of the actual results of the renovation – no interest anymore?

    Personally, I thought the boys house was a bit meh. Quite a hotch potch of styles, and for my taste, too many novelty items and too much wallpaper. Agreed with the judges that the kitchen was very generic.

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