1. This looks mind-numbingly awful … yet I’m totally objectifying the guy in the blue speedos, right now.

    I haven’t been out of the house lately.

  2. Apparently even Georgia Love tweeted last night that “Love Island” was “… absolutely abhorrent.”

    I mean, if you’re being judged by a Bachelorette, then you’ve got problems.

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  3. Not possible. There was too much on last night. I had The Voice, some crime shows, Janice Joplin, and I have been watching the 3part Agatha Christie on ABC which is actually quite good, (not the usual melodrama).

    • Why *wouldn’t* they hide it on one of their lesser digital channels? Even channel 9 thinks this is a stinker, but they sunk money into it, so they gotta at least air it sometime. I imagine it’ll be quickly disappearing to another timeslot soon.

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