1. This looks mind-numbingly awful … yet I’m totally objectifying the guy in the blue speedos, right now.

    I haven’t been out of the house lately.

  2. The first five minutes are excruciating. Are they going to wear bikinis and heels the whole season? Looks so uncomfortable

    • Oh gosh, I didn’t even watch it.

      I’ll bet a lot of money that very few people did, to be honest.

      • There are a lot of camera shots of wiggling bums as the bikini chicks strut. Majorca does not look that pretty after the beautiful islands of Fiji on Bachidise

  3. Apparently even Georgia Love tweeted last night that “Love Island” was “… absolutely abhorrent.”

    I mean, if you’re being judged by a Bachelorette, then you’ve got problems.

  4. Not possible. There was too much on last night. I had The Voice, some crime shows, Janice Joplin, and I have been watching the 3part Agatha Christie on ABC which is actually quite good, (not the usual melodrama).

    • Why *wouldn’t* they hide it on one of their lesser digital channels? Even channel 9 thinks this is a stinker, but they sunk money into it, so they gotta at least air it sometime. I imagine it’ll be quickly disappearing to another timeslot soon.

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