1. 🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍾🍾”What does getting an apron mean to you?” Have a drink when someone mentions the sacrifice, the children, the life on hold.

  2. Another drink for hysterical overreaction upon Shannon Bennett entering the kitchen.

    And another for mention for ‘blind’ taste testing. Yeah right.

  3. I’m still excited. I am loving this.
    I am sure they all handed scripts at the beginning. It is not possible that this number of cliches are an accident.

  4. Ben doesn’t know that different ingredients have different cooking times. Even I know that, and I’m the person who put coconut milk in a lasagna. He can’t stay no matter what his backstory is.

    • He is a Queenslander that is enough. The MC ads up there always seem to be parochial.

      Hang on…someone did not get in because they didn’t make rice paper???????

    • I swing into The Voice every now and then. You only need to hear the first five seconds of every singer to know whether they are any good or not. The rest is just padding.

    • The teen in this house specifically wanted to tune in to the voice (which we never watch) because there was some special catch on offer that night. Presumably they talk about it at school, so I imagine there are quite a few teens controlling the remotes. We should look at the demo breakdown for the shows.

  5. That nanny has got to go. Her voice is like nails down a blackboard for me.
    Dear God, I hope she can’t cook.

  6. Jess must get through.

    Red-Hair Sarah is a fake. Who says about a bunch of strangers “I can’t live without any of them now.”

    We would prefer the nanny over the vintage fake.

  7. Armidale girl must get through.Top 10?

    Then again maybe not, she has never made ice cream before.

    • Why would you go on MC without knowing how to make ice cream and practice making ice cream

      • For The Kids
        New Car
        Want to open restaurant
        Pay mortgage
        Can’t be bothered doing apprenticeship
        Want to be famous like Julie Goodwin.
        Dream to have afternoon cooking show.
        Auditioned for all the other rtv shows.
        For Nonna
        The money

    • Yes, meat man was fairly obvious, but the duck did look delicious.
      And they do want people with expressive faces. Makes for good television.

  8. That last one is a pretty dish. Chocolate mousse. Even I took a breathe when he took the lid off. Pretty young Asian girl, so she qualifies on a number of levels.

  9. Aprons awarded to :
    The Butcher
    Qlder Ben
    Lisa (not much air time)
    Jenny (sans Rice Paper girl)
    Jess (You Tuber 19yo)

  10. Naveen & Fiona’s journey has ended.

    Bonnie (Armidale girl) and Michelle get a second chance.

    And we get our first panna cotta and lava cake.

  11. Since I am stuck in Mr 6’s bedroom trying to Vulcan grip him into unconciousness, here’s some unrelated news: American Grant from Bachidise was on the radio today, claiming that HE dumped Ali on her fourth day in LA after he caught her hooking up with another guy at his place. Grant said they had been out clubbing for three nights because that was a big part of his lifestyle (!) and he wanted to introduce Ali to his “scene”. He claims Ali wanted to have a threesome with the other guy. What the hell? Sounds more like Ali got over there and realised Grant was a major party dude – not conducive to the settled down, making babies future she envisioned. How bizarre.

    • That is simply not possible. I admit that she’s not my cup of tea but we have all watched her and, if anything, she veers more to the prudish side.
      Does he really think that there is anyone, apart from his mother, that would believe that for a single moment?

      • Lol BDD – this comment went to my “is this spam folder?” so I had to manually approve it. I guess fire—n and h—e are trigger words!

      • And I think red-h**d, which is going to make the first couple of weeks difficult for you ( or me):

  12. A lot of contestants a little more laid back this year, probably due to a slightly older demographic and some maturity…

    A bit surprised by prawn stuffed jalapeno man… didn’t look that good to me.

    Wonder how many days gap it was between day 1 and day 2 of apron hand outs… people already way too chummy… except for the muslim mum, she didn’t seem to cheery.

    Already these 2 episodes are better than anything MKR last season… (granted not hard to do!), and there are some interesting food ideas.

    • Also surprised that stuffed jalapeno man made it through. Shannon had to advise him on how to cook that dish so that the jalapeno and prawn cooked correctly.
      More ice cream….is that going to be a repeat of last season?
      Red-haired lady screaming and jumping and being irritating.

  13. The 19 year old asian girl probably sees the pastry chef apprenticeship as beneath her, or her parents are pissed she isn’t doing accounting or pharmacy

  14. I’m so behind – only just watched this now. The young dessert girl – Jess ? – is obviously talented but needs to watch her time management. Can’t believe that woman tried to make “flarn”, which cannot be rushed. At least with ice cream they can rush it in the blast chiller

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