1. I am late to the party. Here I am.
    Just saw the interview with the nutritionalist with the beautiful children.
    I get the making of the FiL proud when it is a dish of a different ethnicity. Most of these guys are cooking from their childhood. It’s like studying French at Uni when your parents are French and you were born in France. Not that hard.

  2. Very soon, they want to make they children proud, father or mother proud, wife or husband proud, my cat proud, my neighbours proud, the viewers proud

  3. I love the different cuisines in this lot of MC.

    Let see when Jess cooks savoury. She is a dessert queen, her instagram have all the desserts she made.

  4. Hmmmm – what’s the opposite of bitter? Sweet, you silly woman!
    They should bring back the recipe repair challenge. Good way to test palates.

  5. Now that was funny. Judges tutoring the Indian guy on how to play the cliche game. 🤣🤣🤣
    Nice to see that they are not oblivious to how it works.

    • I kinda like that they are showing a bit more “behind the scenes” stuff where the judges are more relaxed. I’m told by friends who have met them that they are all quite lovely in person. I’ve only met Matt – briefly – and yes, he is a giant of a man

  6. Loved: the look of the seafood stew.
    Hated: the look of George snuffling into the food.

    I only saw the seafood and the prawn masala, then switched to Eurovison. I loved that the Indian guy forgot to ride on his back story.

  7. OK gice I’m back for the long haul. Yes i’ve been watching MKR and Survivor but I’m always a day behind. However I couldn’t watch Bastardchef without all of u. And yes I will be a day late with my posts (can’t stand the amount of ads with live TV but I will be here) looking forward to talking to all my ttv mates through this “journey ” that’s going to be a “lifechanger” OR should I say the travesty that’s going to bind us together.😄👍

  8. Not enjoying all the loose hair threatening to fall in the food. Tie it back for goodness sake.
    Poor old Jenene. She reminds me of tall jan

  9. I’ve seen just one episode and already shameful double dipping. What a “surprise”

    Ma$tergrub. Same as it ever was.

  10. – My bet is pork meatball and failed broth lady goes. As we need to keep the pretty young asian dessert queen (who has some talent), and the taco guy as surely this year will be a male winner year.
    – Waiting for the episode where there will be a curry-off elimination between the two curry guys and the Ghana-In-Law
    – Don’t think Nona will last too long.. although her drizzle cakes looked good, just don’t think she’ll have the ability to go from home cooking to masterchef quality.
    – Top 10 certainties; Ghana-In-Law (she’s pretty, she has a unique back story), Muslim mum, Low Self Esteem Girl, Young Asian Dessert Queen, Italian Nonna Gay guy.

  11. Pineapple dessert girl needs to clean up her act. Total mess in her cooking area. She made several cookies but only put one on the plate. Knew her food would be too sweet even if she had put the ginger crumb on the plate.
    Like the Ghana girl. She seems humble and can cook. Judges like her because she is pretty and can cook.
    No…no…no…more Nonna.
    The long hair swinging back and forth over the food continues. One cook scratched the top of her head right over whatever she was cooking.

  12. And here we go again. Trying to do ice cream when time does not permit. It’s a shame her dessert didn’t work out how she wanted as it sounded quite yummy.

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