1. Always two contestants bitching they can’t cook with the British mystery box. Sob …no spices…no desserts….

  2. It’s a good night tonight. Everybody is being told off … but politely.
    Or maybe the difference is that the contestants are listening for a change.

    • Gordon basically told Aldo how to cook his lamb rack. If Gordontold everyone to use lamb I’d do something different to increase my chances of being tasted. Why is Nonna not just doing an Italianpasta with scallops or cauli? She’s trying to be too gastro pubby

  3. Is it because Gordon is in the kitchen that the judges are more helpful and give advise and suggestion?

  4. Reece’s perfectly cooked raw lamb. I’m speechless. And yet FV’s lamb is inedible because it is overcooked It wasn’t pink but inedible?

  5. Hopefully now Sarah will “rack of lamb “ off. Too much of her shown tonight. “Hydrate brother”, “carrmalisation”I’ve been trying to think of a pun related to her bloody big red bow. All I can think of is “bow out”.

    • You can tell that Sarah is trying to be different with her dressing and looks. She is really eyeing a role on TV

      • But her look is such a gimmick. Plus it’s been “around” for a while now. No offence to anyone overweight but typically the girls that dress like that in everyday life are the fat girls. It’s just true.
        I know I know , how ironic straight after the project and Lisa’s exposay about fat shaming. While we are on the topic I didn’t dare before but perhaps Kirsten /Kristen invites some fat shaming amongst online friends. To hell with the faux self confidence issues.
        P.s I am fat
        P.p.s huge

        • Good for you, Jazzman. I was wondering when (and if) anyone was going to address ‘the elephant in the room.’ No pun intended … well, sort of.

      • I’ll join you in being politically incorrect.
        I think there’s a big difference between someone who is just bigger, a different shape, or just a little overweight (aren’t we all), and someone who is genuinely obese.
        If you are as big as Kirsten, you are fat. It is a noun. And it shouldn’t be sugar-coated (see what I did there?) because it’s a health issue on so many levels.
        And here’s what will get people screaming at me. Perhaps she should stop coooking cakes and start cooking vegetarian/Asian/anything-that’s-good-for-you. I have no sympathy for her self-esteem issues if she clearly won’t help herself.
        And now I move straight into guilt mode. Kids these days can be so incredibly cruel. I can’t imagine what it would be like to grow up with social media hovering everywhere. Thank goodness I was totally oblivious to what others thought about me when I was at school.
        Maybe I do think she’s brave for putting herself on tv. She must have know what she was about to open herself up to and she decided to go ahead anyway. Good on her.
        Okay. There you go. That was a turn around. 😀 I can sit on the fence in any situation.

  6. Who’s the blonde woman? I don’t think I’ve heard a peep out of her since the season started

  7. Reece & Samara are in the immunity challenge.

    Chloe, Ben & Michelle are in the pressure test. Garry was almost in tears announcing Chloe’s name.

  8. How can you have a curry sauce with a burger. Big fail.

    Judges also like Jess. She made brioche again and Gary was tellng Gordon that it is really very good

  9. I missed Samira’s tasting – guessing her homemade bread worked well? Did Hoda even make the edit tonight? Or Loki?

  10. Half an hour in over here, laughing my butt off. Who are these people? Scallops cooked in lamb fat? Scallops slathered in English mustard? Rack of lamb skewers? Ha ha bloody ha, what the hell? Either the contestants are completely intimidated by Gordon Ramsay, or this is the most amateurish bunch of MC contestants ever. I didn’t think scallops were such an unfamiliar ingredient. English mustard says “hot” on the label. Peas are throwing them off kilter. Fuck, just do a traditional roast dinner using the lamb, cauli, and peas, and serve a fricking cup of tea afterward. This should clear out at least one of the contestants who can only do sweets. The name of the show is MasterChef, not MasterPastryChef. I am going to enjoy this week, it will be hilarious. And isn’t Ramsay helpful?

      • This is my first watch of the season. Hate fake 50s retro hipster headscarf girl. Can easily spot gary’s latest crush (Chloe), also saw the favourites of Young Asian professional, single speciality cook (dessert), strong ethnic cooks and token older person who hasn’t been axed yet. Must still be early!

        Off to read earlier comments.

  11. I’m not sure why but Reece really grates on my nerves.
    Did anyone else notice blonde (Jo?) trying to be flirty “Do you want to see my buns?” It fell really flat and even Gordon looked embarrassed.

    • Reece behaves like a 3 years old. The way he claps, jump up and down or when praised is all like how a child behaves.

      • Reece grates on me, too, but then so does Jess, Chloe, Sarah and I don’t remember some of the other names.

    • Reece not only grates on my nerves, he also looks like a creep. Who would look in the mirror and say “yup, that comb-over and these glasses are totally cool”?

      I found it very weird that they didn’t show Chloe’s cook at all, normally the bottom 3 are well telegraphed. She didn’t even get a talking head at the end of the episode, while Ben and Michelle both did. Weird.

  12. Not of fan of foul mouthed misogynist faux persona Gordan Ramsey.

    Anyway, what was the point of the mystery box going on for 40 minutes when they are only going to taste dishes? especially when for the “invention” test, they didnt show all the dishes cooked or tasted?

    it’s weird and uneven.

    And what’s with Aldo’s open mouthed kisses to everybody’s head?

  13. Ghana-in-law looks in danger… she had her head down and was in a bad state (so bad they didn’t even pan to her.. only to Model-mum and Burger-Ben…. maybe building herself up to use I miss my kids excuse. But she may be gone?? she had her time in the sun and since last weeks Brunch challenge she’s been non-existant (weaning us off her).

    Reece, Khanh, Aldo and Jo all need to go soon… just cringeworthy TV.

  14. Khanh’s lobster sandwich did not even meet the brief. It was NOT a burger. Maybe he cooked it well but he just sliced it up instead of creating a burger.
    Reece’s burger looked just as raw as Ben’s burger.
    Gordon is at least trying to be helpful and provide the contestants with constructive criticism although sometimes the look on his face says more than the words that are coming out of his mouth.
    I think mom or Ben will be eliminated.
    I wonder if they will do a restaurant challenge with Gordon. I think that would be very tough and the Hell’s Kitchen side of Gordon will come out.

    • They are doing a service challenge in the MC Kitchen. A bit easier than a restaurant challenge.

  15. Running upstairs, arm in a sling mega stitches, tonight putting one’s hand in a mixer/blender.

    These Ma$terchef manufactured time pressures are taking a bloody toll on these amatas.

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