MasterChef – Mon, Maggie Beer pressure test

The bottom three contestants from the Invention Test face a Pressure Test set by Maggie Beer.
I’m guessing verjuice will be involved. Although, Maggie has been doing work to promote the need for better food in aged care facilities, so I’d love to see them do a challenge based around that.



    • I took my Mum to Maggie’s farm shop, where you get to taste all the condiments. She took a sip of verjuice, not knowing what it was, then loudly proclaimed “Urgh – what is that?”. There were many people around. I had to explain it’s not really for swigging – and, yes, I did buy a bottle for cooking.

      • Juz – you posted that recipe for crack, didn’t you? I made it while not watching Masterchef last night. I took it in to work, and it was completely demolished – by all the same people that say “oh, I don’t eat sugar” –with their mouths full. Ty

      • Is that crack the same crack that Annabelle Crabb talks about on Chat10Looks3? THey, and all the Chatterers are pretty enamoured. If I wasn’t desperately trying to lose 5 kgs I would have tried it.

  1. Metter is getting very little air-time. That does not bode well for him.
    It’s not just the judges that don’t seem to like him. Let’s add producers and editors to that mix.

  2. According to Facebook, it’s her tarte tatin. I looked up her recipe for it; yes, there is verjuice in it and it calls for one sheet of puff pastry, thawed. Assume that the pressure comes from contestants having to make their own pastry, and having enough time to rest the tart before inverting it onto a plate. Also, tonight’s tart has rosemary in it. Apples, verjuice, and rosemary doesn’t appeal to me as a flavour combo. Of course, I’m not Maggie Beer. I think verjuice is nasty.

  3. Serious??? “We watch Masterchef all the time with my daughters…blah, blah…I am such a big fan..” But Michelle does not know what a cartouche is? Or what burning caramel smells like.

  4. I really dont understand why these people who apply to go on MC dont have a practice or rough idea of how to prepare certain components or dishes.

    Ice cream, shortcrust and rough puff pastry. Cooking pork belly, cracking skin etc etc

    • And there are a range of dishes that they should have understand at a chemical level: cake, biscuits, sauce, roast meat …. pannacotta.
      That would mean they could than cook anything that’s a derivative from that. It wouldn’t necessarily mean that they could do it well, but it would mean that they wouldn’t look silly.

  5. Metter just reminded me of my uncles and brother. They are all bald! Similar features but they are all taller

  6. Honestly the smug look on Gary’s face as he crowed ‘oooh raw pastry’ and the exaggerated force he took to cut into his apple. If metter was female blonde and 24 gary would love raw pastry and apples.

  7. One positive tonight was the pressure test was achievable. I hated in previous years when they are 1587 pages long and take 72 hours to cook and basically noone came close to the original so they had to just pick the closest – oh you’ve done nothing else right but we wanted green icing and you’ve made a green icing so you are safe

    • Remember the year they did Maggie’s Ballontine chicken and all three were raw? It’s no fun if they can’t even get an edible dish up

  8. Hey look at me… I’m going on a cooking competition and don’t know the fundamentals of pastry, or even understand the concept of folding puff pastry.

    You’re about to do an elimination challenge and prob about 70% of them are dessert…

    Watching all 3 surprised even Samira’s puff turned out ok… her foldings and rollings were uneven.

    And folks up on the gantry STFU….

  9. “When I first came to Australia, I didn’t know anyone and couldn’t speak the language. What saved me was watching Maggie Beer on TV.”
    Yeah right, Samira. Playin’ the game well.

    And is Michelle still there so we can keep seeing her soft-porn modelling shots, lying on the rocks? Maybe Metter could’ve gone the Full Monty, and the raw apples would’ve been forgiven.

    • If true, all Samira knew as a child was how to decapitate pheasants and say “verjuice”.

  10. I was sorry, but not surprised, to see Metter eliminated. None of the three looked at all familiar with making pastry. I wonder how they would have done if they’d been given enough time to actually make it without having to rush, since it needed umpteen rollings, foldings, and resting periods – all while being warned not to handle it too much.

    I know it’s too late to change, but I sincerely hope that the camera finds someone else to focus on besides what’s-her-name, the redhead whose persona last night was Jessica Rabbit.

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