MasterChef – Nigella’s chocolate test

The bottom three contestants from the previous invention test will face off in this episode’s pressure test. The contestants have 75 minutes to complete four of Nigella Lawson’s favourite chocolate dishes.

We all know Nigella does not do dishes with 1001 steps, so the idea to create a series of her desserts is a good one. Do they let the contestants on the gantry lick the spoon afterwards? There has to be some reward for all the hollering they are asked to do.

And here’s an interesting article –
I did not know that the Hello Fresh founder was on MasterChef.
Where are they now?



  1. Adele was featured second. If the editing is consistent, it is she who will be eliminated.

    Adele’s sob story is infertility issues.

  2. Saw Gary on The Project earlier and he hinted Chloe would be safe. I agree with Maz – Adele will fail.

    • Chloe’s hair was touching the bowls and the food. Don’t know why they can’t stop filming for a few minutes to allow her to tie her hair back. It was very unhygenic. Watching her cook I wouldn’t want to eat any of those desserts.

      • Watching the encore yesterday, I was thrilled to see amatas wearing gloves. But how soon the gloves are off, and we’re back to sweat, hair and fingers that have been where they shouldn’t.

    • I have just started watching with Mr Juz. He is not an MC fan but was lured in by the sight of the four desserts. After watching 10 mins, I told him someone on here would be complaining about Chloe’s hair, so thank you for proving me right, Lola!

  3. Chloe turns on the waterworks just in case. I’m not sure why (other than the hair) but I find her annoying.

  4. I can’t stand a cry baby. Chloe cries at the drop of a hat.
    I think Adele was hard done by. They really wanted to get rid of her. Jenny only had one decent dish up.

    • I think both the chocolate brownies were on par. Missing the white chocolate in the white chocolate pudding was her downfall.

      But I dont think Adele should have been chosen to the Top 24

      • Adele can start a pop up Corn Fritter stand. I’d wait 75 minutes for a Corn Fritter as seen on Ma$terchef.

  5. All these contestants repeatedly state they what to win but every time the odds improve in their favour (i.e. someone bites the dust) they cry like they have lost their Nonna.

    • I just looked up MC 2018 contestants to see who Adele is. Her face is already blanked out in the line up, so it must be she who leaves.

      Guess I don’t need to watch tonight.

  6. Lasts night challenge made sense why Nigella was brought in so early, surely couldn’t have those 4 simple quick mix desserts at the tail end of Masterchef when it’s all about gourmet, big plates and truffles and gold.

    The Ruby chocolate, thankfully Nestle’s 6 month australian licensing of it dies shortly so better suppliers will be able to let us get it come July. But what a waste of good chocolate on a cheesecake.

    Chloe’s learnt quickly… cry.. make my kids proud… want to be here.. etc etc.. Adele’s big mistake initially was she seemed really happy to be there, no tears until it was too late. But she did deserve to go… no more than a home cook.

    And Jenny realised she has been terrible so far… so now for her to soar soar soar… an underdog blossoming to Masterchef.

    • Oh I didn’t know that about the ruby chocolate. I’ve been wanting to try it as I love berries but figured it would be expensive. So I’ll wait till July then. I agree it was a waste to use it in a cheesecake. I would have been eating it instead.

      • A friend was sent some as a promo. She does not usually like sweets so I will try and nick some. George made olive oil choc mousse a few years back in masterclass – I wonder if it’s the same recipe?

      • At the moment the Ruby Kitkat only available at Kitkat store in Melbourne. $5 for 4 fingers and $20 for the Black label.

        The supplies are so limited that I don’t think you will get them after 6 months when Nestle contract is over. All the pastry shops will be getting their hands on this special chocolate.

  7. I was excited about the sound of the ruby chocolate until I saw Adele chopping it and to me it looked like ham so I dunno it just put me off hahaha. I must have been the minority – i quite liked Adele – she seemed to have fun and tried to listen to the 3 buffoons when they criticised her dishes.

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