MasterChef – Ramsay Week elimination challenge

It’s the last day of Gordon week. The team who lost the service challenge will have to cook for their lives.

No mention of a masterclass in the TV guide.



  1. Do these people not know this is an elimination? Samira should not help the “shy and retiring Kristen”.

  2. Garry is rubbing everyone s face in his love of Chloe.
    Brendan seems genuinely pleased Chloe is falling behind. I’m with you Brendan. Except we need to talk about that dreadful parachute material jacket.

    • I literally just winced at the sight of that before reading your comment. Are parachute tracked back “in”? They need to stay in the 80s unless you are at a Kath and Kim themed party

      • I had a pink and purple one late eighties early nineties. That’s what it looks like doesn’t it!

    • I did feel sorry for her when she burnt her arm yesterday. The nurses are being kept busy this episode

      • Oh I wanted to fucking punch him. Well of course he’s panicking with him screaming at him like that. Where’s Gordon when we need him? He would have been supportive & given constructive advice.

    • The way George spoke to Loki was terrible. Loki was already stressed and panicking and George made it worse. I kept thinking that he was rattling Loki so that Loki would fail. It worked…shame on George.

      • Whatever tiny, tiny bit of time I may have had left for George quickly evaporated after his performance last night. He was unprofessional, unkind, and mean-spirited in his behavior toward Loki. Of course, the best way to calm a stressed person is to yell “stop panicking”, George, you asshole.

        I’m finding it really difficult to care about any of the contestants this season. Maybe Gina, maybe the young man from WA and Ben, but really no one so far.

        All the fake devastation and heartbreak when someone is eliminated is pissing me off. There are other ways to show you’re upset than by covering your mouth with your hands. Some of the contestants have been taking cues from performances on MKR and it needs to stop now.

  3. I’m finding Jo painful during this pressure test.
    The judges are truly mean with trying to put Loki off.
    The gantry yelling like nuts really pisses me off.
    Please send stupid Chloe home.

    • According to the judges she has ‘peaked’. Coupled with the fact she is over 40 she will be eliminated within the fortnight.

  4. Does the guest chef look like he has been glassed (in the face)in a previous life?

    Christ, Garry is an arsehole to Jo, “Are you sure it is yours?” Would he say that to Chloe???????

    • I didn’t want to comment on that. I thought maybe a cleft palate or hair lip?his eye is damaged too though

  5. Tears well in Chloe’s eyes as she assesses which of the judges will fall her feminine charms as she bemoans of missing her children (again).

  6. and here comes the tears accompanied by “I’m not ready to leave” “doing it for my kids” “you haven’t seen my best”

  7. As a redhead I get cross to see such awfulness as wotshername, with her hair almost in the food.🦊

    • He was hoping it would save him but wouldn’t work when Chloe’s a$$ was on the line and she already whined and cried for the judges.

  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣These are the most insincere group of contestants pretending to be upset as the eliminated contestant is announced. a) You survived to play another day and b) an immunity pin is out of play c) this is a COMPETITION

  9. Loki is a just a stubborn c#w. What is this rubbish about backing yourself. If that is the case he should not have accepted the immunity pin. Just back yourself all the way through.

    • It’s unfair manipulation by Gary – use the pin or “back yourself” implying of course that you’re a cop out if you use the pin.
      In future any contestant that is giving this drivel should respond “I’m backing myself by using the pin.”

  10. Yes all that fake shock and sadness by all and sundry was hard to watch. Stop with all the hugging , crying and kissing please.

    Loki is the unlocki loser! Shoulda coulda woulda

    George and Gary are so biased and love to create drama.
    Don’t really like any of the contestants this year for some reason.

    • The contestants are presenting the #blessed #instagram version of themselves. They are inauthentic and are all angling for an afternoon cooking show.

      • No regrets?

        In a few years Loki’s son will be watching his father bawling and whimpering to stay on Ma$terchef , not to mention tolerating a psychotic bollocking from George without ironing him out.

  11. I think if all three serve sub standard dishes, they should all go. Stop dragging it out. Sarah and Chloe are equally hopeless and won’t make it to finals week .

    • On MC US they always state that they are going to eliminate at least one contestant so they have the option of eliminating more and they have done that. All 3 dishes were lacking and agree that all three “cooks” should have been eliminated.

  12. Loki was a pinhead not to play his pin. Too late for tears.

    The light in the kitchen is a crack in the sky
    A stairway to darkness in the blink of an eye
    A levee of tears to learn he’ll never be coming back
    The chef in the dark will bring another attack

    Your Nonna told you that you’re not supposed to cook with strangers
    Look in the mirror and tell me do you think your pin’s in danger here

    No more tears, tears, tears
    No more tears, tears, tears
    No more tears, tears, tears
    No more tears, tears, tears

    Another day passes as the night closes in
    The red light goes on to say it’s time to begin

    I see the man around the corner waiting, can he see me?
    I close my eyes and wait to hear the sound of someone screaming here

    No more tears, tears, tears
    No more tears, tears, tears
    No more tears, tears, tears
    No more tears, tears, tears

    It’s just a sign of the times
    Going forward in reverse
    Still, these were our first
    Its just a hand in the bush
    A hand in the bush

    So now that it’s over can’t we just say good-bye? (bye-bye, bye-bye)
    I’d like to move on and make the most of the night
    Maybe a kiss before I leave you this way
    Your food is so cold I don’t know what else to say

    I never wanted it to end this way my love, my Loki
    Believe me when I say to you in love I think
    You’re going home

    No more tears, tears, tears
    No more tears, tears, tears
    No more tears, tears, tears
    No more tears, tears, tears

    It’s just a hand in the bush
    (In the bush, in the bush, in the bush)

    Ozzy Osbourne

    • I actually have that album on CD, BDD, but as I haven’t owned a CD player for years it never gets an airing.

      • I play CD’s on a DVD player from Harvey Norman about $50 and have to absolutely flog it because I have tinnitus 24/7, but enough of my sob story. I want to save that.

        And on crying, Pauline Hanson gave a Ma$terclass on it earlier today.

        • I am taking a punt that your Nonna/Nanna/Gran is dead, so as long as she had some kind of tree she picked fruit from you already have a leg up for 2019 casting

        • Oh my God Pauline is the biggest fucking fraud. Says she for the battlers & always passes the Libs Legislation that hurts them the most. She’s really a Lib & always has been. It’s the battlers who have been betrayed not her.

  13. Anyone who was confident breaking down the chicken did well tonight – as they should have. I once tried to do a similar technique with a chicken and it is hard to know what bits to grab, and you really have to yank hard (that’s what she said). Well done to Jo and Ben. They obviously practised a lot of the basic techniques that are often seen on the show. George yelling at Loki not to panic was extremely irritating. Why not just start chanting “lose, lose”…

    • George and Gary: The Smarmy Army

      ” Loki’s a wanker!”
      (clap, clap ,clap, clap,clap)
      ” Loki’s a wanker”
      (clap, clap ,clap, clap,clap)


      ” Chloe, Chloe Chloe

      Oi! Oi! Oi !”

  14. Am I right in thinking Sarah has not had a single successful dish so far? That eggplant breakfast was praised for flavour but needed rice and was unsuitable for the theme. I had to look at my premiere recap to remind me why she made it through auditions. I wrote:
    Sarah with the red hair gets high praise for her wallaby dish that has that cheffy forest floor look.
    She could be one of those people who can cook at home but not under the pressure of TV

  15. i didn’t watch most of it as the ads gave away the ending but i can’t help wishing Loki had played his pin – he is less annoying than either Chloe or Sarah.

  16. Loki was interesting on Studio 10 this morning.
    He said he didn’t use his pin because he wanted to show his kids that there are no short cuts in life (good message for future MC contestants) and even better, when the panel asked him what he had learned from the experience, he said “Nothing”. Delightfully honest. Maybe he’s the cook they bring back when they do that bit.
    Probably not. They will probably wait until Chloe is eliminated and then bring her back.
    What a shame that this show is not filmed in real time. George would be embarrassed by the overwhelming disparaging feedback at his nauseating fawning.

  17. So when they have the eliminated contestants come back for their second chance & if Loki gets back in can he still use his pin?
    I was happy to see Chloe struggling to skin her chicken & put too little mousse in, but unfortunately she was saved.
    Was really happy for Jo getting the dish of the day. Her excited jump was so cute.

  18. Loki has pissed me off to no end.

    1. Stupid didn’t use his pin. (Gordon inspired challenge was not going to ever be easy)
    2. He prevented us from losing one of Ghana-in-law or FV

    Ghana in law is falling over fast…. from initial promise to sh!t… judges can’t save her for too much longer.

    If I was a contestant and Aldo went to pash me with his moist open mouthed kiss.. I’m sorry I’d have to deck him.

  19. MC US has changed its format. There are 24 aprons to give out and each of the three judges is given 8 aprons. The 8 “cooks” chosen by each judge will be mentored by that judge. If one judge says “yes” that person gets into the competition. If more than one judge chooses someone then that person can decide which judge they want to be mentored by.
    In addition to the contestants competing against one another the judges are competing to have one of their team members become MC 2018.
    After two episodes they still haven’t chosen all 24 contestants.

  20. Well, Loki scored an internship at Gaggan, which is easily one of Bangkok’s best (and most expensive) restaurants. Good for him. Bad for us, because we have to keep on watching hopeless Chloe and Big Red. But I guess he thought with 9 people, SOMEBODY would mess up worse than him. He clearly didn’t count G&G’s pets in.

    I still don’t get why they keep George (and Garry, for that matter). I was really hoping after all the bad press George got they’d boot him. He has no manners, he is mean and he eats like a freaking pig.

    • Pitchfork…. I hate it when people eat like that. 🙁 My nieces are 2 and 4 and they have better table manners than little Georgie…
      I was hoping as well that they get rid of George. And Gary. Cannot stand either of them. So, for next year, get a female judge ffs. Just so she can drool over the good looking guys. If the Gs can, so can she. Get Gordon (I dislike him, but at least he is giving the guys direct feedback and how to change things. He might be mean, but with a touch of “I actually care”). They can keep Matt, I am not too bothered by him. At least he has that funny/weird suit thing going for him.

  21. Jo has ‘peaked?’ Does that mean compared with stuffing up the team challenge, because we’ve barely seen her at all.
    Ghana is getting protection because she’s the only youngish Anglo chick in the comp., and we know how much G&G love those. Trouble is, she’s pretty incompetent and morose most of the time, tears at the ready.
    Pull your hair back and show us your ears, Chloe!

    I don’t think it would’ve mattered who got eliminated – they had their reactions down pat. The faux tears, hysterics and drama (did someone faint?) was ridiculous. I guess Loki’s departure was the end of the world as we know it.
    For the next elimination, they’ll have to call in the ambos and therapists.

  22. Loki wouldn’t have lasted very long even if he had played the pin because he can only cook Indian. Still it was brave of him to make that decision at the risk of looking like an idiot.
    Chloe should be going soon, she’s been in so many eliminations and the judges can’t save her much longer.

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