MasterChef – Ramsay Week Immunity Challenge

Shannon Bennett gets the night off … –
Our mystery box winner and the top two dishes from the invention test will have the chance to cook for immunity with Gordon Ramsay as their mentor.

Sashi, Reece and Samira do battle. I have to go for Sashi because he’s from SA and just do darn affable.

And here’s the recipe for Gordon’s marron raviolo, if you fancy a cooking weekend.



    • I think there may be a little bit of play acting involved.
      And then there’s the fear of failing on national tv.

    • Even lovable puppies lose their shit at the worst times.

      How long before Gordon does same on Ma$terchef? Will Gary and George be left to pick up the pieces?

      **** me.

  1. Botanically, tomato is a fruit BUT in 1893 the Supreme Court of the United States that, under U.S. customs regulations, the tomato should be classified as a vegetable rather than a fruit. Huh, what do they know. We, of course, know that it is a vegetable. I wonder if zucchini, cucumbers and anything else with the seed enclosed could be classed as a fruit :))

    • Agree the classification of fruit based on seeds doesn’t work: strawberries have seeds on the outside.

  2. Samira was jibbed… they should have ranked the scores in order overall and if any of the MCs made top 3 they got a pin.

    Sachi doesn’t deserve it for that dish, and should hand it over to Samira.

    Now all MC have to do is bundle all 3 immunity pin hollders into the same group for the group challenge.. have that group lose… and bye bye pins.

  3. Poor Samira, the only one not to get a pin. Was surprised at the low score Sachi got. But knew he would win as soon as the judges commented on the lack of vegetables with the roast beef. He should have put less beef & put the vegetables on top.
    That cucumber ice cream sounded revolting. I HATE cucumber & don’t want it in my dessert.
    Gordon was hilarious last night but looks like he’ll be his true self in tonight’s challenge. Yelling & swearing, Mr nice guy no more.

    • I hate spewcumber, also. The royals can have their over rated cucumber sandwiches….and eat them, too.

  4. Really wish that it wouldn’t have been an open pantry. Just the veggies, staples and the garden. Create a vegan/vegetarian dish although I believe that Gordon is not a fan of vegetarian dishes.
    There are lots of desserts made from vegetables and yet Reece makes food similar to what he has made over and over again. At least chef Jo was inventive.
    Did anyone notice Aldo with his arm around contestant Jo?

  5. Aldo has always been touchy feely when on the gantry. Few episodes ago, he was hugging Gina all the time. I know he is gay and planning his wedding but I thought it was too much touching with some of the other contestants

    • For a gay man, has really poor fashion sense… first thought he had sweaty underarms when he raised his arms yelling… just his horrible yellow monstrousity he was wearing.

  6. Terrible immunity challenge. Sashi didn’t win the pin, he was gifted it by that incompetent chef. Felt bad for Samira. Gordon was at least entertaining.

  7. Just lip reading Gordon in a promo. Pretty sure he yells “crap” at the amatas tonight. He looks as if he’s just warming up to the task. See Gordon Bray.

      • But he won’t reach MPW level “four fish – where’s my fish? Where’s my fish?”. “Two minutes, Marco.” Ten seconds later. “Where’s my fish?”

        • Noticed Gary recycling MPW’s “Time is not your friend” last week. Get a life, Gary.

          I believe MPW has uttered “less is more “, too.

  8. One of the alleged “diners ” is wearing thongs, if I’m not mistaken.

    Another “surprise” from Ma$terbogan

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