MasterChef – Ramsay Week pressure test

With Gordon Week off to a flying start, the bottom three contestants in the invention test roll up to the kitchen ready to cook for their place in the competition with a pressure test.

So that’s Chloe, Ben and Former Model Michelle. Both the girls have a greater grasp of general cooking techniques than Ben, and wider repertoires, so this is his comp to lose.



  1. Chloe (Ghana in Law) needs to go. Talking about your kids with enlarged photos and bitching about missing their first day of schools does not make you a sympathetic character. Chloe comes across as manipulative.

    Ben spoke second. Is his time up?

    • I don’t know why George and Gary son’t just go down and do Chloe’s for her they’re giving her that much help.

  2. Michelle keep saying she does this all the time. Not only today but in previous cook as well. But most of the time she stuffed up

  3. Bens a nice guy. I think I would have told Chloe to f**k off. Again, have these people never watched this show before?
    And she’s not going to season because that would slow her down …. like for 3 seconds.
    She’s too dumb to stay.

    • She is one of those people who bats her eyelashes and has most males doing her bidding. *cough* Garry.

      • Gary and George #1 and #2 of her fan club. Can’t believe all the encouragement they are shouting for her.

  4. Michelle: “It’s important to make the pasta as thin as possible ….. but it can’t be too thin or it will fall apart”
    They’re not even trying to make sense.

  5. Thankfully I missed the part where Chloe rabbited on about missing her kids. It’s so disingenuous when they talk about “the sacrifices” they’ve made to go on the show.
    They go on the show because they want 15 minutes of fame and/or a fast track into a food or media career. I wish they’d be honest and say “Yeah, I’m being totally selfish and I’m totally to this for myself.”

  6. Hahahaha. George tries to find fault with Ben’s dish as he forgot the garnish and Gordon just shut him down.

  7. Gordon didnt fall for it. He said you need to have sacrifices to get what you want. So move on Chloe. Don’t complain

    • His response was perfect. So tired of hearing these contestants talk about their sacrifices when they knew what they were getting into.

  8. Chloe: cue the tears, “It was my first day of school for my child”
    Sorry, you applied to go on MasterChef knowing you would have to leave your family. So disingenuous.

    I’m liking Gordon more and more. He sees through the bullshit.

  9. I don’t remember seeing Gary make any comments about Ben’s dish – his biases are just too obvious.

  10. Michelle needs to go. She keeps saying she can do much more but most of the time, her dishes were not good

    • Missing children or doing it for their dead nonnas. Not sure which is worse!

      Coming to a pop-up near you soon.

  11. Did you see Fake Vintage? First to Hug and wails like she lost her Nonna.

    How many fake people are on this season?

  12. I really felt Gordon was going to save Michelle. Gary and George were dumbfounded when he was criticising Chloe’s dish

  13. Is Michelle the first female to be booted this season?
    i”m glad Ben was safe, he deserved to be but that doesn’t necessarily count in MC.
    Wouldn’t it have been great if they’d said to Chloe “We’re sending you home too because clearly you’re not coping with being away from you children.” They’d only have to do that once and we’d never again be subjected to contestant’s whinging about missing their kids.

    • Forty seven reasons to get rid of Michelle. I thought she was safe.

      Doing it for the kids hysterics are wearing awfully thin. They haven’t been abducted. Too bad if they were, the parental amata is on Ma$terchef getting oxygen for the dream..

  14. Fake Vintage is the worst. She always knows where the cameras are.
    More of cry baby Chloe and her dangling hair !

    • Speaking of hair, I want both programs (MKR and MC) to practise industry-level hygiene with hair/beard nets and gloves. That’ll stop all this dressing-up nonsense for the cameras … remember that bloody hat from MKR?

  15. Most of the contestants have kids. Might as well set up a creche as well in the MC House and Kitchen.

    Many real life people have to leave their families behind to go and work. They have no choice. These contestants have a choice.

    My father left us behind to go to Germany to do a printing course. In those days, no phone. You only write letters. It was hard for my dad but anyone who went overseas to study in a university will spent 3 to 6 years away from home. Most cant afford to fly home for a holiday

    • So true LP. Maybe every contestant should be forced to chant “harden up, buttercup” every time they invoke their spawn.

  16. Maybe sashi should go to Gordon’s house and below “less is more” whilst Gordon is doing his hair

  17. Maybe sashi should go to Gordon’s house and bellow “less is more” whilst Gordon is doing his hair

  18. Couldn’t believe when Matt said that two of the cooks did an incredible job bringing them a sauce that was as good as Gordon’s and then he reveals that he is referring to Chloe and Ben. Gordon stated that Chloe’s sauce was lacking in seasoning and not as flavorful as his so don’t get how her sauce could be equal to Gordon’s.
    Did anyone notice the blue bandage on Gordon’s finger? When did he cut himself?
    Chloe sounds very whiny all the time. Nice of Ben to help her with the claws but this is a competition and she needed to follow along with Gordon and not be helped. Although Gordon did give Michelle a little bit of time to catch up no one went over to her and gave her any help.

    • Yes noticed the blue bandage… wasn’t bothered to rewind and find out when it happened but would laugh if it was on the food processor blade 🙂

      • I think he put his hands in the food processor to get the dough out. Would think people would take the blade out before putting their hands in there or use a spatula or wooden spoon.

    • Also they said MC history. I think 3 pins will be given out tonight. With Gordon mentoring, he will be giving good advice to the contestants.

  19. Again Gary itching for Ben to fail. George and Matt watching on said he was keeping pace well with Gordon easily and Gary crows down ‘long way to go yet Ben c’mon Chloe’ ugh he frustrates me to no end. Thank god Gordon seemed true with his tasting.

  20. It has come to something indeed when Gordon Ramsay is a more likeable chef than the two bozos we have on the masterchef team. Gordon is being fair, gives good advice, mentors appropriately, recognises the important elements rather than the fluff and doesn’t play favourites. What’s this about?

  21. Have to admit that was at least a good challenge..

    Did find it amusing that the gantry had to remind them to say “yes”… but I think Gordon was wanting a “Yes Marco”.. I mean “yes Chef”..

    We were so close to losing Ghana-in-law.. except Model-mum pulls out the undercooked seafood trick again. So close.. could almost taste those tears!

    Tonight looks like someone will get a pin.. must be selling them on e-bay.

  22. Might just be the editing but there seemed to be a weird vibe between the judges and Gordon, especially from Gary (a bit standoffish because its HIS show and Gordon is taking the attention)… who knows. Perhaps the cook with gordon challenge would’ve been good if it wasn’t 2 people that were already struggling.

    • I picked up on the vibe too but more that george was brown-nosing and making sure he was nodding along with anything Gordon says.

  23. What a breath of fresh air Gordon is! After a couple of weeks of platitudes and nothingness, he has livened the joint up. He gives good, practical advice, cuts to the chase and doesn’t get caught up in the soap operas.
    It’s a nice contrast after Nigella, who was disappointing this year – just going through the motions, it seemed.

    I think Ms Ghana doesn’t like her ears, which is why her hair always looks odd. You never see them. And with all the help and ‘protection’ she’s getting, who needs an immunity pin?

  24. I didn’t care one way or the other about Gordon Ramsay, but I kind of like him now. The polite but firm way he shut down that woman who was whining about her kids had me giving him a little cheer. He gives constructive criticism and clear instructions, and did slow down a little when dummy Michelle sliced her fingers on the processor blade. Lesson #1 in kitchen safety, Mich, use a spatula instead of your hand in that situation. And her glove should have stayed on until she was finished handling food.

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