MasterChef – Ramsay Week service challenge

The contestants enter the kitchen only to find Gordon Ramsay, who is already yelling at them to hurry up. Divided into two teams, they prepare a three-course meal for 50 diners.



  1. Brendan is a social worker and hence the captain of the red team. WTF🤷‍♂️
    Chloe is captain of the blue team as the contestants know she is the judges’ pet.

    • They should put a limit on the number of times the same contestant can cook the same dish.
      Otherwise I could just come into the competition with my excellent chocolate rice-crispies, and my dead nonna, and skate straight through to the semi-final.
      And if I could cook a raviolo, and was doe-eyed, I might be straight through to the final.

    • Tuned in late but immediately twigged that Chloe is not leadership material, though with her whiny little voice she’s up against it in a busy kitchen.

  2. Less is more…take a drink.
    At least Gordon tells the contestant what is wrong and how to fix it instead of the usual mindf*cking of the judges.

    The blue team better sleep with one eye open as Gina looks like she could kill half of them.

      • Three cheers for Gina – she had her act together and had to watch the others faffing around. (And Chloe is bloody hopeless)

        • Weren’t we ALL Gina watching the idiots combine both completely patronising AND dumb-arsed hopeless in one horrible blancmange of mediocrity?
          Deeply ordinary.

    • Who made the absolutely stupid decision to make Chloe captain? She has no idea and if it wasn’t for Gina they’d have no entree.

  3. Who made the absolutely stupid decision to make Chloe captain? She has no idea and if it wasn’t for Gina they’d have no entree.

  4. Gordon is so helpful with the teams. Even though he is shouting, he helped them out with constructive advice

  5. Kristen almost twirled her plait up with the spaghetti. Tie it back please. There is nothing worse than anonymous hair in a meal you’ve gone out for.

  6. What I’m finding most annoying about Chloe is she’s acting like it is her team’s fault that they’re stuffing up and yet it is so clearly her inability to think on her feet and take charge.

      • I agree, however she’ll soon learns that what women far prettier have learned – pretty is fleeting and life is long.

  7. Classic Gordon on holding the piece of raw salmon, ” I could put it back in the f*cking sea and it would start swimming.”

    Chloe can’t flirt her way out of this one.

  8. Suddenly quiet Kristen is in charge of the plating.

    What happened to the sample dish they prepared for Gordon.

    At service, Chloe just said she doesn’t know what go with the salmon.

  9. Judges trying to make us think it will be close.

    One reporter who was there said you know which team was in trouble.

    • There is no way that even the stooges could have made it seem as if the blue team did a better job …… but without Gordon they may have tried.

  10. On the downside, it will probably be Gina who gets eliminated.

    Loki would be an idiot to play the pin now as the odds (if he is a good cook) would be in his favour at this stage of the competition.

    • Its all depend what they are cooking. Loki is only good with Indian cuisine. If he cant cook Indian, he will be in trouble.

    • The previews for tomorrow have given the game away. Definitely Loki, making MC history.
      I’m not going to bother watching. It will be a train wreck.

  11. Oh, that was so painful to watch. Both teams crowded into the coolroom and stared blankly at the ingredients. At least one team got it together enough to start preparing. I wouldn’t have Chloe captain my tiddly winks team, what a bimbo. Doesn’t matter how loudly you yell “push, push”, that does not get the food ready. Have none of these people ever had to work in a team situation before? I’m surprised Gina didn’t deck anyone.

    Gordon is a saint, sort of. Mostly keeping his temper in control with those worse-than-usual amateurs was impressive.

  12. Once again, in the interests of yelling at them to go faster, they sacrificed any possibility of us seeing some different food than the usual. We keep seeing pannacotta and pasta because those who have studied the show have a list of foods you can make quickly in bulk. I am so tired of fried salmon and a bit of shredded green stuff. They may as well make a lamb chop and three vegies. There is more effort in that because you would normally have mashed potato.

  13. Ghana-in-law not only missed her boys first day of school, she missed out on getting a clue. When Grodon Ramsey blatantly is telling you what to do, listen… even though Reece irritates me to death he listened and took on board everything Gordon said and put together an improved dessert.

    Miss-Low-Self-Esteem is all for show… the bit where Gordon got the group together and was asking where is your dessert for him to taste she tried to give him excuses and he brushed her off.

    I was waiting for the stooges to go… “Panacotta… AGAIN??” Odds that Big-Ass-Aldo releases a line of panacotta’s.

    For a group of 18 masterchefs… all dishes honestly were underwhelming.. beige.. boring.

    ps: I hope they cleaned up that piece of undercooked Salmon that Gordon chucked and founds it’s way under a fridge/shelf… might still be there for next season.

  14. Wow, Chloe was a real bitch last night. Asking what do you think when asked a question. I would have said back to here I don’t know that’s why I asked. Blue team were really bad, they just couldn’t get their act together. Gordon was hilarious. But no masterclass tonight, he’s gone already.

  15. Thought it was funny when Brendan asked Gordon where he should plate the sample main and Gordon told him in the ladies’ room.
    Blue team was a mess. Chloe has no leadership skills. Most of the blue team looked lost.
    Why did both teams choose prawns? Takes time to peel and clean. Why pork when it needed more time and Khanh knew that? Why salmon, just because Ben knows how to filet fish?? They were crunched for time. There were probably better choices but these contestants seem to be very limited.
    I imagine we will see more pasta, panna cottas and ice cream. Surprised Chloe didn’t suggest soba noodles and a broth.
    This group of contestants seems very underwhelming.

  16. One interesting observation initially was from Chloe… can’t do fish as we have no Sous Vide’s…sounds like producers were hoping for inconsistencies on the protein.

    Yes Ghana-In-Laws line to Miss-Low-Self-Esteem when asked what are we serving the fish with.. “What do you think”… Perfect moment for a cage match!

  17. Chloe is unbearable. She thinks “franticness” is a word. “Surprise!”

    Her nasally voice will need some coaching before she gets an afternoon cooking show.

    Poor Gina, all hands on deck on the culinary Titanic that was the Blue team.

  18. How come they don’t have any token ‘baddies’ in the Aussie Masterchef? (they do in the US version, coincidentally Season 9 started yesterday for anyone interested) I recall smug Leslie from US season 5 a rich stay at home middle age Dad whose wife probably wore the pants.

    • Back in the day they used to edit some contestants to make them appear smug or overconfident but they have moved away from that. It’s one of the reasons the show is so well regarded worldwide

  19. There are no token ‘baddies in Aus MC because they want to avoid bullying, as it was deemed (like with Lego Head, can’t remember her name). It’s so PC now, with no individual personalities evident – just one big, nice group-think … with lotsa hugs. Blandness is encouraged.

    Soba Ghana was useless, but so was Jo, whose idea was used for the entree. Trouble was she couldn’t make the filling, which was a tad awkward for the waiting pasta. Then she blended herself into the group, trying to hide as though it wasn’t her fault. She’s my tip to go … but I’m usually wrong.

    Loki was promo’d as being in big trouble – so he’s 100% safe.

  20. I finally watched it. Notice how everyone looked at Aldo when the call for captains was made, as he’d done well previously. But fair enough, time for someone else to step up. They were doomed the minute they picked seafood over the wish of pasta expert Gina. Why not just ask her for her fastest yet a bit fancy pasta? Plus they took Ben off the sauce he is a wiz at. Brendan was a great captain. Wish they’d had more time to cook the pork properly. I wish they could give them more realistic timeframes. Judges faked their uncertainty. Team Asian Flavours did a much more ambitious menu. Reece did well with a complex dessert and kept Jess calm. Those dumplings looked lovely. Kristen and Aldo’s dessert looked yum but it was far more simple

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